Car Safety: Security Tips for Your Vehicle

Thief stealing a carThe technology used in vehicle systems has advanced over the years. Unfortunately, car thieves have also become smarter. There is a high rate of car theft the world over, as burglars also keep up with emerging trends, from a passive immobilizer system to GPS-based tracking systems.

Having your car stolen or vandalized can come with a host of inconveniences. New technology can be pricey to install in your car and keep it away from jackers. But you do have other options that don’t require you to spend too much. For the most part, these only call for making smarter choices and practicing caution.

Install anti-smash and tinting film on your car windows

Installing window tint is simple way of protecting your car. In areas like Arizona, window tints are essential. The film not only blocks harmful UV rays but also keeps your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Vehicle privacy is crucial whether you’re on the road or parked somewhere.

Certain tinting films can hinder the visibility of your car’s interior, allowing you to protect valuables inside from attracting unwarranted attention. A tint can be dark from the outside and lighter from the inside so that you’re able to sVehiee everything.

In addition, car windows with tint are harder to break; the film can hold the glass together, preventing anyone from smashing your windows and getting at your valuables. The tint film could also give you enough time to act if someone tries to break your window while you’re stuck in traffic.

But before you get tint film installation, make sure you’re following the law. Car window tint laws call for a certain percent of visible light to pass through your vehicle. For front side windows on sedans, for example, Arizona requires 33 percent of visible light transmission.

Always remember to lock your car

Car locked by the ownerThieves are always ready to act in a split second. Always double check to ensure you have locked your car doors, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes. Close all windows and the sun roof, and don’t leave the key in ignition.

Cars get stolen because owners tend to leave their keys in the vehicle. A study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that most cars are broken into because they were unlocked or the keys were left inside.

Park securely

Avoid parking in remote and poorly lit areas that encourage thieves. Find well-lit areas and, if possible, park in areas with security cameras or security officers. At home, install security cameras in your parking space ad keep monitoring activities around the parking lot.

Install a car immobilizer

car immobilizer deters the car from starting if the wrong key is used. It may not stop a burglar from breaking in, but it will prevent a thief from getting away because it would take a long time to start the vehicle. Most cars come with installed immobilizers, but some models may not. If yours isn’t, consider having it installed.

You can also install anti-theft devices to help recover you car in case it is stolen.

Anyone can be a victim of car theft. Take the initiative to keep your car safe by tinting windows, locking your car, parking safely, and installing extra security systems.