Benefits of Organic Fertilisers: Great for Plants and your Body

Organic fertilisers in New Zealand

Organic fertilisers in New ZealandVegetable, fruit and other products derived or grown from the soil often need fertilisers to boost their growth. Though both organic and chemical fertilisers provide such nutrients, the use of organic kinds is safer for the plant itself and for your health, as well. It is also better for the soil quality and is likewise easier on the pocket.

Organic fertilisers are those that do not contain chemicals and are produced mainly from natural sources like vegetable matter and even from animal matter. These provide far more benefits than their synthetically produced counterparts; some of which include:

Soil Fertility

Organic fertilisers maintain the fertility and richness of the soil for an extended period of time. It keeps the soil healthy by allowing microorganisms and earthworms to thrive in the soil. These microorganisms and earthworms, in turn, are a great help in increasing the amount of air and water that gets into the soil. Organic fertilisers also provide essential elements like calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Improved Plant Growth

Organic fertilisers provide the plants with nitrogen, phosphorous, and phosphate. These are the common nutrients that are needed in order for plants to grow. Since fertilisers provide the plants with the useable forms of these nutrients, plants are able to fight off diseases.

Low Cost

Chemical fertilisers are far more expensive. Organic variants can be produced on your farm or even in your backyard. Costs are also cut down because organic matter is more readily absorbed by the soil, where it stays for a longer time. That means that you don’t need to buy too much fertiliser, which is more practical and friendlier on the budget.


Organic fertilisers are bio-degradable and are good for the environment. What more can be environment-friendly than bio-degradable products?

More and more people or farmers are now shifting from chemical to organic fertilisers. It is available almost everywhere: at the farm, in stores, or you can buy it online and have it delivered by a reliable haulage and cartage company in New Zealand. Don’t worry if you only wish to have a smaller amount hauled; companies like Cates Brothers offer their hauling and earthmoving services, regardless of the size of the job.

So, if you are still using synthetically produced fertiliser, it may be time for you to shift to the good (and good for you) stuff. Think about its benefits for the environment, the plants and for your health too.