Be a Smart Homeowner: How to Lower Maintenance Costs

woman calculating her billsThe last thing you need after buying a home is additional expenses popping up unexpectedly. Surprise bills not only eat into your budget but can also cause you to fall behind on your mortgage. Avoid such nasty surprises to enjoy your home owning experience.

Lower Utility Bills

Water and electricity make up the bulk of your utility bills. A plumbing repair expert from Woodbridge, VA can help you keep these bills low and affordable. For starters, they can ensure that your pipes are free of leaks, which translate into a considerable waste of water. A dripping faucet, for example, could waste up to 7 to 10 gallons a day; that’s 3,600 gallons in a year.

A faulty air conditioning system, meanwhile, could also drive up your bill for consuming a lot of electricity. The same applies when your house is poorly insulated or has lots of heat sinks, such as gaps beneath doors and windows. Stemming the loss of heated air from the house reduces the amount of work the furnace has to do to keep your home warm.

Plumbers are skilled in handling both plumbing and heating problems in the home. They will help you eliminate any water leaks and ensure that your piping systems operate efficiently. They will also help you improve the insulation in your house and reduce energy loss.

Enjoy Your Creature Comforts

woman sitting in her sofaAt the end of a long day at the office, you’re no doubt craving a hot shower before curling up with your current read or significant other. Now, imagine getting home to find that you can’t have a warm bath because your hot water system isn’t working. Or worse still, having to turn down the thermostat in the dead of winter to save on electricity bills. These are some of the problems you’re likely to encounter if you neglect your plumbing and heating systems.

Surprisingly, these systems require little in the form of maintenance to operate at their optimum levels. Instead of waiting until something breaks down, call a plumber to carry a routine check at least once a year. Preventive maintenance increases the lifespan of your home systems. It also saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Lower Maintenance Costs

With proper usage, most components of a plumbing system can last years without breaking down. Supply pipes, which are often made of galvanized steel, brass, or copper, have a life expectancy of between 40 and 70 years. Drain lines, usually made of cast iron or PVC, have a life span of 50 to 100 years. Fixtures such as faucets and water softeners will last up to 20 years.

Pipes that are often under a constant amount of pressure are likely to spring a leak, burst, and cause water damage in the home. Having a plumbing expert check your system annually keeps them in great shape while limiting the wear and tear.

Keeping your home’s plumbing and heating systems in great shape is an incredible way to ensure a great home owning experience. It lets you create a lovely and comfortable home environment all year round without saddling you with huge bills.