Be a Better Driver: The Keys to Defensive Driving

truck driver

There are a few skills in life that you need to acquire in order to survive. Unless the place you live in provides an efficient transportation system like buses and subways, driving a car would be considered as one of those few necessary skills. From having the comfort of the space of your own car, and the benefit of not waiting for the next train to come or for the next bus, driving could be a really useful skill especially when you are in a rush.

But just like any other skill, it requires proper training and practice. Once you start to drive, it is important to know that you are not alone on the road so being extra cautious is a must. Road safety solutions are everywhere, yet even those who have been routinely driving all their lives are still prone to any type of accidents. Thankfully, there are a few ways that could be prevented.

Keep your emotions in check

Once you start to drive, you must know that you are not alone on the road. This means that traffic would be inevitable and sudden bursts of anger are bound to happen, but it is a must to keep it in check. Road rage would not help anyone in any way. It certainly would not make the cars go faster, so having patience is a must when you start to drive.

Be a defensive driver

Some common causes of road accidents are road aggression, driving faster than the speed limit, not following traffic rules and swerving lanes in heavy traffic that prevents other drivers from merging. A good, defensive driver would be observant of other aggressive drivers or any other potential hazards on the road and ultimately avoid those hazards and drivers to avoid any potential accidents from happening.

Stay away from distractions

driver drinking beer while driving

If you are driving, make sure that your focus is on driving only and not elsewhere. It is prohibited by the law to drive under any influence of drugs or alcohol or anything that could potentially harm your focus and put your life (and others’) in danger. Although, focus is not only limited to these prohibited substances.

It is also heavily advised for a driver to stay off his phone while driving, and as much as possible do not answer any unnecessary calls or texts while on the road. If it is really urgent though, you may stop and step aside for a while. The road is constantly bustling, and even the slightest focus away from it could cause dangerous accidents.

Follow traffic rules

It should be obvious that a good driver follows traffic rules. Even as simple as following the speed limit and wearing seat belts ultimately amount to being a good driver since it lessens the probability of road accidents. If you are not familiar with some traffic rules, take the time to study them around your area to become a more self-aware driver. It could be really helpful.

While it is fun to drive nice cars that often appear in rap songs, it would not mean anything if the driver is reckless. None of it would remain as nice anymore if the driver would not be careful.