Are You Using the Right Thermostat for Your Home?

Man adjusting thermostat

Thermostats are simple tools, but they go a long way in enhancing anyone’s quality of life. In Greek, the word “thermostat” can be broken into “thermo” and “statos”, meaning “heat” and “static” respectively. The thermostat was created to help a house maintain a warm temperature during the winter. For a zoned system, this device works together with the HVAC system and thermometer. In Knoxville, many HVAC companies offer energy-efficient thermostats that you could install in your home.

Efficient Heating Can Save Money

A thermostat is significant in any modern HVAC system. If installed correctly and used properly, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that househols could make savings of up to 15{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} provided the thermostat setting is lowered by 15 degrees for about eight hours.

Old thermostats are often controlled manually, and they are suitable for people who always stay at home. But if you choose a programmable thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature by presetting a schedule. The EPA explains that it can help you save $180 every year.

But if you purchase a smart thermostat, you can set the thermostat to an energy-saving setting. But this thermostat is suited for people who spend most of the time outside of their home.

Features of a Reliable Thermostat

Even if you buy a manual, programmable or smart thermostats, they all maintain your home’s temperature. But they have different features. if you choose a mechanical or programmable device, there are interfaces that could help you set the temperature. Manual thermostats have an accuracy of about two degrees.

But a modern programmable thermostat can achieve an accuracy of 0.5 degrees, which is quite impressive. A programmable thermostat may be small, but it can help you maintain your home’s temperature. It comes with simple features that would make your house comfortable and help increase its value.

These programmable thermostats have the following benefits and features:

1. Compact size
2. Energy efficient
3. Provides weather data
4. System alerts and reminders
5.Time scheduling

Smart thermostats could also have the same features, but they have a remote control feature that can help people control their home’s temperature even if they are on vacation. These devices come with interfaces, enabling superior performance. One of the best features is enhanced user control or a remote thermostat. You can access the device remotely, which means you could control the temperature through your mobile phone or tablet.

Zoning and Thermostat

Woman setting the thermostat of the houseHVAC zoning is a concept that is gaining acceptance in Knoxville, Tennessee. It allows the homeowner to set different temperatures in different areas of the house. Each zone in the home is assigned a programmable thermostat for damper control. Dampers are located along the ductwork. This way, energy efficiency in the home increases and the owner enjoys substantial savings.

The good thing with zoning is that you can integrate it with your thermostat. With the help of an HVAC professional, the installation of a thermostat can be easy. Choose the right manufacturers so you could find the best unit for your home.