Are dental implants a good option?

Dental implants are a good alternative to dentures for many people. Implants that are tailored to the individual are fitted to the teeth on a permanent basis, which means that they can be maintained and cared for just like natural teeth. A good dentist gives patients an in depth consultation to ascertain whether or not this is the most appropriate option for improving the appearance and health of the teeth.

Confidence and youthfulness

In days gone by, if a patient’s teeth were beyond repair, the only option was dentures. Dentures are teeth that can be removed for cleaning or any other purpose, and can be source of embarrassment for some. People who feel self-conscious about wearing dentures may be good candidates for dental implants. Since they are permanent, they can offer an increased sense of confidence in the appearance for the individual.

When this kind of treatment is done well, it can give a much more natural appearance than that of dentures. When the teeth look naturally straight and white, the patient can gain a more youthful look – and this can have a significant impact on how good a person feels about themselves.

Get better teeth without orthodontics

If orthodontic treatment isn’t appropriate, but the patient wants to achieve the look of even, straight and white teeth – dental implants can be the best solution. Although the results are not instant; the process is faster than getting braces fitted, having them adjusted, and waiting the prescribed period of time for specific results.

Better speech

Some patients who wear dentures can find that their speech is affected by slight movement of the fixtures within the mouth. This can cause a person to lose confidence and feel anxious about talking. Getting dental implants is a means of resolving this issue, as they are a permanent fixture which means that patients can communicate with ease.

More comfortable

Dental implants are designed on an individual basis to fit each patient perfectly. As a result of this, they become a permanent part of a person’s mouth that is fixed. Dentures that can be taken out of the mouth can often cause discomfort and even pain, making implants the logical choice for people who want to minimise this.

Easier eating

Happy senior woman cooking healthy food

Patients who choose dentures rather than dental implants often have difficulty when eating, as the teeth can tend to slide around. This can mean that the patient has to restrict their diet or deny themselves their favourite foods in order to minimise this problem. Dental implants can prevent this issue, and allow people to eat normally without any restrictions on the kinds of foods they can eat.

An individual matter

The matter of whether or not dental implants are the best option is very much dependent on the individual. People considering this option should make an appointment with a dentist who accepts medical card patients to find out more, discuss their requirements; and find out what is realistic in terms of expectations regarding results.