Appealing a Negative Immigration Decision: Should I Get an Immigration Attorney?


AttorneyGetting a negative immigration ruling in your immigration application must be taken seriously. When you have the means to get yourself an immigration lawyer, do it.

Why were you Denied?

When you’re denied through a court proceeding by a Judge, you must definitely engage the help of a legal representative to help you in appealing your case. When you were denied during an interview by an immigration official, you should also get help from an immigration attorney in Utah like, or have your case re-evaluated by a lawyer prior to appealing the decision by yourself.

How Can an Immigration Attorney Help You?

An immigration attorney can help appeal an immigration decision in several ways:

  • Show you the legal ropes.

Know that there are very particular evidentiary and procedural rules, as well as strict deadlines regarding appeals. If you don’t follow these specific rules or miss your deadline, you may lose the opportunity to submit more evidence to support your appeal or lose the chance to make a case for an appeal at all.

  • Assess and rebuild your case.

While there are cases that have been denied simply due to errors made by immigration officials, most cases have been denied due to issues with submitted evidence or because of an applicant’s lack of qualifications to be awarded a visa or green card. An immigration official may or may not include your application issues in the ruling. Because of this, overcoming a ruling will require significantly more than just restating your case and resubmitting the same evidence.

  • Keep you from Making the Wrong Moves and getting into Legal Trouble.

You should know that failing to accurately or timely appeal a negative immigration decision can have serious consequences. In some instances, if you’ve been denied, you’re more than welcome to re-appeal your case. However, it is critical to note that the factual and legal conclusions in a ruling may be held against you if you decide to apply again and can even hinder you from reapplying for the same benefit or for other available benefits.

It’s then best to invest your resources in getting an immigration attorney to help you appeal a negative immigration ruling, or advise you at least, so you’ll have a better chance of getting a positive ruling the next time around.