A Guide on Hand to Navigate the Immigration System

immigration visaWhen thinking about setting up home and business in the UK, there’s so much to consider: which area will be the best place to live, how to find a new home, whether to bring the family and if so, where are the best schools and where will be the most suitable spot for a new business venture?

Alongside this, there’s the immigration system to navigate and visas to apply for. And while it isn’t legally necessary to employ the services of an immigration solicitor in London, it makes good sense. For entrepreneurs who are coming to the UK to create a new company, there will already be a million and one things on the to do list. Applying for the right visa is something that can be easily delegated to an immigration expert, such as Saracens Solicitors, based in the West End of the capital.

The benefit of using an immigration solicitor in London is that it will save time, money and hassle. Although the UK government is keen to attract overseas investment and is open to high net worth individuals setting up home here, the immigration system is complex and ever-changing. For a non-legal mind to dive in and extract the required information represents quite a learning curve.

For an immigration solicitor in London who works with the Home Office day in, day out, however, it’s a simple task. They know the right forms to use, the visa that will have the best chance of success, and, which evidence to supply to help the process go smoothly. This is often a sticking point for the uninitiated. They may send in the correct forms, but not enough supporting evidence, and get asked by the Home Office to send in more, or the visa may be flat out refused. This means going through an appeal process that can add weeks and even months to the procedure, which may even delay the company launch.

Business owners have enough to attend to without the visa application process adding to their workload. Having an expert guide on hand to go through it step-by-step saves time, money and a lot of headaches.