4 Possible Reasons Your Face is Swollen All the Time

Swollen FaceOftentimes, people blame weight gain and alcohol for having consistently swollen faces. But there are many more reasons that could explain the puffer fish face and some of them can be really alarming. Here are four:


Mumps can cause swollen faces, particularly in the jaw area, which require treatment. Some cases can be mild but there are also severe cases and those that do not carry symptoms at all.

Abscessed Tooth

Bacteria can easily get into the tooth pulp through cracked teeth or cavities left untreated. The infection results in not just a major toothache but also a swollen tooth, gums and jaw. Depending on the severity of the infection, most dentists will perform root canal treatment and prescribe antibiotics to handle the infection.

Many people are turned off by the treatment because of the perceived high costs but there are many dental care providers, such as scottwgrantdmd.com, that offer affordable root canal treatments, should you need the dental procedure.

Anaphylaxis (Serious Allergic Reaction)

This is the most severe type of allergic reaction, which a variety of factors, including food, can trigger. Anaphylaxis symptoms may include hives, skin swelling and rashes, coughing, wheezing, nausea, vomiting, weak pulse, dizziness and anxiety. The first line of defense involves a drug called epinephrine, which an attending healthcare professional will administer immediately to treat the severe reaction.


This is a type of bacterial skin infection that causes facial swelling, which sometimes manifests in other symptoms, like facial tenderness, warmth and redness. Cellulitis can also be a result of a dental abscess, which calls for a visit to the dentist for a potential root canal before the bacterial infection worsens.

There are other possible reasons that could explain the puffiness in your face. Seeing a medical professional is advised if your facial swelling continues or reoccurs.