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Types of Modifiers in Epoxy Resins Used for Concrete Repairs

concrete crackMost property owners disregard the formation of cracks in their concrete structures. They assume that these will not impact their structure’s integrity, much owing to the sheer strength of concrete. In most cases, however, the cracks keep expanding and over time can bring down your entire structure.

Prompt repair of concrete cracks regardless of their location and magnitude is hence essential. There exist different concrete floor repair products you could use to repair concrete cracks. One of the commonly used products is epoxy.

Epoxy has a low risk of shrinking when curing, does not melt and is highly resistant to chemicals and harsh environmental conditions. It is also known for its high adhesive strength and flexibility since some of its chemical and physical properties can be modified to suit your application.

Here are some of the modifiers you can pick for your concrete repair epoxy.

Rubber Additives

These are primarily used to increase the fatigue and crack resistance of your epoxy. Rubber additives will also boost your epoxy’s flexibility and energy absorption. The additives are polymers, which can be particulate, solid or liquid components.


These are used to reduce your epoxy resin’s viscosity and hence improve its handling characteristics. Diluents are further grouped into non-reactive and reactive. Reactive epoxy diluents have glycidyl ethers, which have low molecular weight and viscosity.

They are primarily used to reduce cross-links in your epoxy resin. Non-reactive diluents, including xylene, toluene, and other aromatic hydrocarbons will reduce the thickness of your epoxy more than the reactive ones.

Flame Retardants

concrete crack

Most epoxy resins have a high hydrogen and carbon content, which makes them highly flammable. In applications where fires are a risk, you could add a flame retardant to the epoxy to minimise this risk. The flame retardant could be a filler and introduce halogens in the epoxy, which reduces flammability.

Dyes and Pigments

Concrete repair does not necessarily mean the introduction of ugly marks in your concrete structures. If a high aesthetic appeal is a concern for you, you could add dyes and pigments to the epoxy resin.

Pigments are insoluble particles, which will disperse the resin and form colour. Dyes, on the other hand, are soluble organic molecules. They are unfortunately unsuitable for composite applications since they react differently depending in the temperature.

Non-Reactive Fillers

These include metals, ceramics, minerals, glass, fibres and carbon, among other miscellaneous organic compounds, which confer different properties for your epoxy. Metallic fillers, for instance, enhance the epoxy’s corrosion resistance, while ceramic fillers boost its chemical resistance and enhance its compressive strength. Non-reactive fillers are available as short fibres, whiskers, powders, flakes, micro-balloons, and spheres.

Epoxy is primarily used for concrete crack repair through injection. It will efficiently seal cracks as narrow as 0.05mm in bridges, dams and buildings. The resins are also used for the restoration of concrete structures that have eroded, grouting of cracks and correction of cracked concrete beams and columns. With the modifiers mentioned here, you can choose the epoxy that meets all your application’s needs.

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How to Ensure Efficiency in Your Company

Team having a meeting

In today’s tumultuous workplace, downsizing and rising workloads have forced people to find ways to work intelligently. Using the right blend of time-management methods can reduce stress and help you save lots of time.

Keeping a company in top efficiency is a desire for many leaders worldwide. Whether your company is product or service-based, profitability remains a crucial line to success. However, many things hamper efficiency or reduce production. Here are some practical ways to ensure that your company is productive:

Track and Limit the Time Spent on Activities

You might think that your workers are fast in completing certain activities. However, with a simple task evaluation, you will realise that some processes are lagging. It is, therefore, vital that you track how the task is handled and set time limits for completion. If possible, automation is the best way to go if you can significantly save on the time taken to carry out a task. For example, you can choose to invest in a system that allows the faster loading and unloading of containers.

You do not have to do everything in the office. Other people can handle some of the tasks that you usually reserve for yourself. Hence, consider which tasks you should delegate, then slowly start parcelling out some of those duties. Doing so will help you concentrate on your high-priority matters while giving your peers an opportunity to develop and shine.​

Reduce the Wastage of Materials

You cannot be productive or efficient if you’re disorganised. With that in mind, do not surround yourself with clutter. You need to dispose of those piles of paper and sticky notes. If you want to have a cleaner space, you can use an uncomplicated electronic filing system.​

Many computer programs can enable you to organise an extensive collection of customer and product details, allowing fast and secure access. Also, you can consider using a personal scheduling program that will enable you to keep to-do lists, work plans, and a directory of connections.

If you run a manufacturing company, wastage is one of the problems that stem inefficiency. Wasting is a broad term that can refer to efforts, material, or energy. Material wastage can cost a lot if not managed. To increase the efficiency in the use of materials, you can do the following:

  1. Reuse and recycle materials for similar or other uses
  2. Optimise the use of materials before you discard them.

Train Your Employees

Manager training an employee
The best way to boost efficiency in your company is by training your employees. Real, hands-on training enables them to appreciate the value of saving and utilising materials and time. With the proper training, they can identify and resolve efficiency problems on their own.

In the end, efficiency, if well harnessed, can lead to a significant decline in wastage and sharply increase the productivity and profitability of your company. This will, in return, lead to improved working conditions and remunerations. If you are not sure about how to proceed, feel free to seek the aid of business experts or professionals.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Automotive Equipment

Man looking for spares at a warehouse

If you want to boost production and expand your business, you ought to buy quality automotive equipment. However, some of the most critical aspects of making equipment purchases are the financial decisions that you make. Here are crucial financial mistakes that you must avoid when buying your equipment:

1. Failure to do comparison shopping

Buying automotive paint booths for sale from the first shop that you come across can be a costly mistake. Always take time to research and shop around. Consider reading online reviews. Get to know different dealerships and their reputation. The most appropriate supplier is one who sells equipment that doesn’t just address current auto service needs but ones that can be upgraded to suit future demands better. Another advantage of comparison-shopping is that you are likely to get a better deal regarding pricing and save some money at the end of the day.

2. Failure to arrange for financing

When you don’t have sufficient funds, your focus will be on pricing alone. Therefore, it’s essential that you arrange for financing even before you make buying decisions. Remember that many banks are willing to support your investment projects. All you have to do is select your lender with due diligence. Private investments are general purpose loans. You can regularly use the money at your discretion, but some banks will limit what you do with the cash. They are usually more challenging to get compared to credit cards. Sometimes, they come with complicated qualifications or requirements. Avoid looking at the rates only. Consider other aspects. For instance, get to know if they can cover the entire cost of purchase, which might include shipping and installation.

3. Buying equipment for a one-time project

Man buying auto parts

Another essential thing to look into before you buy automotive equipment is the purpose for which you want to buy it. For entrepreneurs running businesses round the clock, the best option is buying new equipment. Otherwise, it won’t be a prudent idea to buy one only to damage it a few days later. If you want it for a short-term project, the most informed option is to hire, as it’s cheaper compared to buying a new one.

A cost-benefit examination is an essential decision-making tool that can help you decide whether a proposed action or investment is worth the cost. The study can be used to help determine almost any course of action. However, its most common use is to decide whether to progress with a significant investment. This tool is also known as “running the numbers” because it involves combining positive factors and deducting negative ones to get a net result.

In the end, buying automotive equipment for your business or project needs is a significant undertaking. However, it can prove to be a nightmare, given the fact that there are so many dealerships and brands to choose from. Fortunately, the tips above can help you narrow down your choices. If you still feel unsure about what to do, you should feel free to seek the advice of business professionals or experts.

Thief stealing a car

Car Safety: Security Tips for Your Vehicle

Thief stealing a carThe technology used in vehicle systems has advanced over the years. Unfortunately, car thieves have also become smarter. There is a high rate of car theft the world over, as burglars also keep up with emerging trends, from a passive immobilizer system to GPS-based tracking systems.

Having your car stolen or vandalized can come with a host of inconveniences. New technology can be pricey to install in your car and keep it away from jackers. But you do have other options that don’t require you to spend too much. For the most part, these only call for making smarter choices and practicing caution.

Install anti-smash and tinting film on your car windows

Installing window tint is simple way of protecting your car. In areas like Arizona, window tints are essential. The film not only blocks harmful UV rays but also keeps your valuables hidden from prying eyes. Vehicle privacy is crucial whether you’re on the road or parked somewhere.

Certain tinting films can hinder the visibility of your car’s interior, allowing you to protect valuables inside from attracting unwarranted attention. A tint can be dark from the outside and lighter from the inside so that you’re able to sVehiee everything.

In addition, car windows with tint are harder to break; the film can hold the glass together, preventing anyone from smashing your windows and getting at your valuables. The tint film could also give you enough time to act if someone tries to break your window while you’re stuck in traffic.

But before you get tint film installation, make sure you’re following the law. Car window tint laws call for a certain percent of visible light to pass through your vehicle. For front side windows on sedans, for example, Arizona requires 33 percent of visible light transmission.

Always remember to lock your car

Car locked by the ownerThieves are always ready to act in a split second. Always double check to ensure you have locked your car doors, even if you are only leaving for a few minutes. Close all windows and the sun roof, and don’t leave the key in ignition.

Cars get stolen because owners tend to leave their keys in the vehicle. A study from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveals that most cars are broken into because they were unlocked or the keys were left inside.

Park securely

Avoid parking in remote and poorly lit areas that encourage thieves. Find well-lit areas and, if possible, park in areas with security cameras or security officers. At home, install security cameras in your parking space ad keep monitoring activities around the parking lot.

Install a car immobilizer

car immobilizer deters the car from starting if the wrong key is used. It may not stop a burglar from breaking in, but it will prevent a thief from getting away because it would take a long time to start the vehicle. Most cars come with installed immobilizers, but some models may not. If yours isn’t, consider having it installed.

You can also install anti-theft devices to help recover you car in case it is stolen.

Anyone can be a victim of car theft. Take the initiative to keep your car safe by tinting windows, locking your car, parking safely, and installing extra security systems.

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3 Practical Ways of Increasing Your Car’s Safety and Comfort

Husband handing keys to wifeThe safety of a car is determined by two broad factors: the condition of the car and the comfort of the driver. That means that a car ride may not be safe if either of the factors is compromised. Before you go on a ride, check the condition of the tires, brakes, and even the driver’s protection against direct sunlight. Below are some ways to care for your car. As a result, you, as the driver, and other people who ride with you are also cared for and safe.

Window film

There are various auto shops in Arizona that install car window tints. Window films are essential for both your car’s safety and privacy. Safety-wise, they protect the driver’s eyes against direct sunlight, which tends to obscure his or her sight, making him or her susceptible to accidents. On the other hand, these window films limit outsiders’ ability to pry on your private matters and belongings. Window tints may, in fact, reduce your vehicle’s vulnerability to burglary since burglars cannot clearly see what is inside. Just look for a trusted provider to give you very useful tints that can give you both comfort and safety.

Dealing with rain

Rainy weather while drivingThe two notable components are the condition of the wipers and fenders. The former help clear rainwater from the windshield, improving the driver’s vision. They also work with the washer system to clean off any dirt such as mud particles that are adhered to the windshield. Fenders, on the other hand, play an essential role in protecting both the car they are fitted on and the car behind it. They prevent the launching of mud or tarmac chippings. These two are needed because for the driver’s safety. Accidents can happen just because the cars involved do not have working wipers and fenders. Before you hit the road to go on a long journey, check for any damage in these parts of the car or if they are working properly. Otherwise, you cannot go and risk your safety on the road.

General safety

This refers to the overall condition of a car. A driver is expected to inspect his or her vehicle every day before embarking on his or her journey. Important things to check include the level of the car engine oil, engine coolant, tire pressure, and fuel level. You do not want to be on a highway only to realize that your car’s braking system is faulty. Similarly, overheating your car engine may result in high repair expenses. Make sure to check everything before leaving your home. Prevention is always much better than repair.

Car owners have a personal responsibility to ensure their safety on the road. That may be achieved by not only maintaining their car in good condition but also by actively observing the traffic rules. It is also their responsibility to keep themselves and other passengers comfortable and safe on the road. As a car owner, you can do this as simply as installing car tints on your car.

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A Good Clean, Scale and Polish

Baby boy brushing his teethSome people are afraid to visit the dentist for their regular check-ups and cleanings; the reasons are varied, from a bad childhood experience to fear of dental pain, even with routine procedures such as a clean, scale and polish. However, modern dentistry has evolved and dental cleanings are no longer a thing to dread. As a matter of fact, the best way for someone to avoid any dental discomfort is to visit the dentist routinely for a good deep clean.

Waiting too long between check-ups and cleanings allows the build-up of plaque and tartar, a hardened form of plaque. Tartar, in particular, is difficult to remove from the teeth and can only be done at a dentist in Erskineville, such as Healthy Smile Centre.

Continuity is key

Patients who wait along time between dental visits (sometimes even years) are more likely to develop tartar on their teeth and gums, even if they brush and floss every day. Some areas in the mouth are hard to reach and bacteria tend to settle down into them and can only be effectively removed with the help of a dentist in Erskineville.

Failure to remove plaque can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. For this reason, regular dental cleanings are a must. Cleanings tend to be more uncomfortable when they are postponed because tartar will have had more time to build up on the teeth and around the gum line. This also means it will take longer to complete cleaning of the teeth and patients may have to return for another visit to do so.

Is it possible to make teeth cleanings a positive experience?

The short answer: yes. Patients who are afraid of the dentist in Erskineville should consider talking about their fears in advance. People with sensitive gums can have the option of topical anaesthesia to numb any pain. This can make their teeth cleaning a far more comfortable experience. Patients can also talk to the dentist about how to deal with any sensitivity of their teeth as well as how to improve their oral hygiene routine, so their next scheduled cleaning will go by even faster.

Sun protection spray

Be Sun-Smart: Here Are Sun Protection Myths You Must Stop Believing Now

Sun protection sprayEverybody’s obsessed with sun protection these days as skincare routine tips bombard digital screens, news feeds and video platforms. Even though sun protection is a hot topic recently, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it.

Unfortunately, there is just a lot of information out there, but not always the correct information — some of them posing more danger than others. With that said, here are the sun protection myths you need to stop believing right now:

1. You are safe when you are indoors

It is true that you are at risk of developing sun damage when you’re outdoors and under the heat of the sun, but it is not a guarantee you’re safe and well once you are inside your home or your car. The sun’s UV rays can still reach your skin through your windows.

If you do not have much protection from the harmful effects of the sun, you are more susceptible to premature skin aging. As such, slather up some sunscreen even when you are staying indoors all day.

Give your house some sun shield as well. Call up Arizona (AZ) residential window tint installation specialists so you can have treatments guaranteed to block off UV light.

2. You’re good as long as you have sunscreen

Woman applying sunscreenThis is only partially true. Not all sunscreens are created equal, though. They contain different ingredients, which protect against different levels of exposure. Active ingredients, such as zinc oxide, ecamsule and titanium dioxide block UVA and UVB rays — and they block it in different ways.

What’s more, sun protection factor (SPF) also determines the level of protection you will get, so you will need to pay attention to this as well. If you’re going to be outdoors more, under the direct heat of the sun, you should choose a sunscreen that has an SPF level higher than 15.

3. You don’t need sun protection during winter

While this misconception might seem logical, it is totally false. In fact, you could be more at risk during winter. For example, when you go up to a ski resort, the snow reflects the sun. If you’re going on a long trip to a ski resort, make sure your cars are adequately tinted as well.

The same concept also applies to gloomy, rainy days. Just because you do not see any sunshine doesn’t mean there’s no sun and no UV light peering through clouds. So, during winter or rainy days, wear your sunscreen just the same.

While it’s easy to understand why people would hold on to things they have thought to be true for most of their lives, it is more important to correct the ones that are not only false but also cause them harm. More importantly, sticking to misinformation also poses the risk of further spreading wrong beliefs.

When it comes to health, therefore, you should stop believing the misconceptions about sun protection mentioned here. Only with the right information are you able to take a better charge of your health and mitigate risks.

Cars with tints

Auto Window Films: The Different Types in the Market

Cars with tintsDid you know most adults consider cars the second most important investment after buying a home? If you are looking to get long service from your car, you ought to protect it from damages that might come from scratches and weather elements.

One of the ways to protect your car from the sun’s harmful rays is to get auto window tinting services in Arizona (AZ). Car window films fall into low- and high-quality-film types.

Below is an insight into the different types of window films in the market to guide you in buying window films that will offer you the best service for your investment:

High-Quality Films

High-quality films offer more protection from infrared and UV rays and can last between 30 years and a lifetime. These window films include carbon films, which offer a black and a matte finish to your car’s windows, which help in blocking a lot of heat from the sun to ensure that your car remains cool regardless of how high the temperatures might be.

Crystalline films also fall under this category as they are metal-free, thus ideal when you need mobile tint because the film offers aesthetic appearance. Ceramic films close this category of high-quality films. And just like the previous two, ceramic films block infrared and UV rays.

The films minimize the heat from the sun and yet remains clear even after years of installation. Also, these films do not reflect light, thus minimize glare — a safety feature for driving purposes.

Low-Quality Films

Worker applying tint on the windowUnlike the high-quality window films, low-quality films are not long-lasting and require replacements once in a while to continue protecting the car. Upon long exposure to the sun, the films start fading and eventually fade. Low-quality films include:

Dyed Films

These window films are common in many applications due to the low cost. The films add color, which looks different from various sides.

For example, the film may look dark from the inside and opaque from outside. Although these films offer protection, they tend to fade fast.

Metalized Films

These films contain tiny particles that add different colors to the car’s windows. The particles add strength to the windows and transform them to be shatterproof. These films are strong, but they can limit the reception of cellphone, GPS, and radio in the car.

Besides the quality, there are a couple of other factors that affect the longevity of your window film. The factors include the normal wear, weather conditions, and the curing time of the tilt after installation.

You also want to ensure that you use the right products when cleaning your car. Cleaning products that have acid or ammonia as ingredients will cause the film to peel and decrease the service life of your film.

However, when you have quality window film from a reputable company and auto window tinting services, you can be sure that your window tint will last as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and that will ensure you protect your car and extend its life.

Bedroom of a luxurious house

What You Should Consider When Remodeling Your Bedroom

Bedroom of a luxurious houseThere might have been instances when you wake up feeling uninspired and tired. You look around to (hopefully) feel good, but everything is just drab and dirty, which doesn’t help with the situation. If this is what you constantly see every time you wake up, it may be high time to change the look of your bedroom.

A remodeling project may be something that your bedroom needs, and you might want to do it now. A newly designed bedroom will surely make you feel like you have a new bedroom even without moving out.

This project may feel complicated at first, but you could make things easier if you know what to prioritize and how to go about it. Here are some of the things you may want to do:

A New Paint Color

If you want a new look in your bedroom, it pays to change its color, as it could instantly give it a new vibe. This time around, you should lean towards lighter and brighter choices, such as white, beige, and even pastels, like blue and pink. Moreover, your new furniture pieces or fixtures should complement the room’s dominant and thematic colors.

Remember the effectiveness of color psychology: blue means relaxation, green means the soothing effect of nature, yellow means energy, gray means elegance and sophistication, and white means peace and simplicity. Apart from your personal preferences, the color of your bedroom should reflect what you want it to achieve.

Keeping the Glare Out

Simple bedroom designIf you have large windows and it is quite a problem to face the sunlight every time you wake up, you can control the amount of light coming into your room by using a window film. It could also help in keeping your room’s privacy, especially those with a darker tint, while still allowing you to see what’s outside without obstruction. You can get one of these by visiting a residential window film store in Arizona or anywhere in your area.

Curtains and drapes are a good idea, but these could accumulate dirt and dust over time, which isn’t ideal if you have allergies or asthma. If you don’t find it a chore to wash them regularly, then that wouldn’t be a problem. In addition, you have to make sure that their color will complement the theme in each room. It could be the deal breaker if you don’t choose it right.

New Shelves

The clutter in your bedroom, especially if you’re the type to put things on the floor, can easily make your personal space look dirty and disorganized. Moreover, you’re not giving yourself enough area to walk on. What’s worse is you could trip and even suffer from an injury.

What you should do is to sell, donate, or throw out some items you do not need, such as old clothes and books. Replace your old, bulky shelves with streamlined ones. You can even put new shelves under the bed or install floating shelves to achieve neatness.

Remodeling your room should not be complicated. It can be streamlined by focusing on the essentials and basics.


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Driving in Daylight: Ways to Reduce Sun Glare

Family on a roadtripIf you’re always driving at times when there is plenty of sunshine, its bright glare is likely to impede your vision. Whether you’re driving at dawn or dusk, the sun can be distracting and may sometimes cause you to squint.

Extremely bright light, furthermore, can cause temporary blindness, making it much harder to see the vehicles around you and other road hazards. If driving during very sunny times of the day is unavoidable for you, it only makes sense to take extra measures to protect yourself.

Here are a few things that can help you stay safe while overcoming the sun glare.

1. Tint your car’s windows

The first and most obvious solution to problems related to sun glare is tinting your windows. Quality window tinting can greatly improve driving comfort by reducing or in some cases completely eliminating sun glare and enhancing driving visibility.

Arizona car tint experts note that this offers a host of other benefits, such as preventing the leather from fading, concealing valuables, and offering skin protection to the people inside the car against the harmful UV rays.

2. Wear polarized sunglassesDriver wearing polaroid sunglasses

These sunglasses are made with a special filter can block reflected light and help reduce sun glare. Polarized sunglasses are also helpful when you’re out in the sun, especially during outdoor activities. They can also prevent you from squinting, so you can drive with ease and see the road the ahead.

3. Leave more room between other vehicles

It pays to take extra cautionary measures when the sun glare is at its worst. When the sun is shining bright, it can be a little hard to see what the vehicle in front of you is doing. This is why it makes sense to leave more room between you and the other cars.

In the event that a car in front of you reverses without warning, or makes sudden turns, you have extra safe space in between you and them and hence avoid incidents.

4. Use your sun visor

Sometimes, the tools you need are already right in front of you. The built-in sun visor in your car helps block out direct sunlight and reduce the glare effect of the sun. Other benefits of using your sun visor include lowering heat buildup inside the car and protecting your electronics and car’s interior.

If your sun visor, however, obstructs your view, it is better to invest in a new one or try other sun glare protection tips.

5. Keep your windshield clean

Dirt and dust on your windshield can scatter light and compromise your visibility. Be sure to clean your windshield (inside and out) before your head out and don’t forget to get it checked for pitting and cracks.

Sometimes, it is you can’t avoid driving during the sun’s glare is its most unforgiving. Luckily, you can minimize the risks associated with sun glare by keeping mind the tips mentioned above. It also makes sense to drive a bit slower and use more caution when the sun glare is causing visibility issues.