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Applying for a Mortgage

Applying for a Mortgage? Improve Your Credit Score First

Applying for a MortgageA good credit score is one important requirement in a home loan application. This is especially true if you want to qualify for a low mortgage rate and save more money over the life of the loan. The best way to do is to pay your bills on time, but be sure not to miss other strategies or moves that can hurt or improve affect your score.

Don’t Apply for New Cards

Six months before your loan application, avoid opening or applying for new credit cards. Note that for lenders, a new card means taking on a new debt, which will make it harder for you to pay other bills on time. If other lenders have asked for your credit report within the past few months, your mortgage lender would think that you’ve taken a new debt that hasn’t been recorded yet.

Check Your Credit Report

Mortgage companies in Utah suggest ordering your credit report from major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and checking it for errors. Even if reports from other bureaus are accurate, errors on one report can affect the interest rate you would qualify for. You can resolve errors within 30 to 60 days, but it is best to have enough time before applying for a loan.

Don’t Close Cards

If you keep the balance same on other cards, but close one with a high credit limit, it would seem like you’re maxing out your available credit. This can negatively affect your score. If you want to close the cards that you’re not using or to avoid an annual fee, it is best to do it more than six months before applying for a mortgage.

Apart from these three suggestions, don’t forget to pay your balances two months before you apply. This is because low balances don’t often reflect in the report immediately. It can take about two months before your credit report can update the account and show a new or a zero-dollar balance.

Web Design in 2017: Design Ideas to Watch Out for

2017 Web Design Ideas in Utah From virtual reality and wearables to material design-lite, these are just some of the most common web design ideas that would surely be big this year.

The Rise of Virtual Reality

You won’t need fancy virtual reality equipment in order to reproduce its immersive and realistic functions because as early as last year, desktop and mobile devices were being tweaked to make them capable of offering some of the benefits of virtual reality through websites.

More and More Video

Video would remain popular this year, both as backgrounds in hero sizes and content. However, what’s new this year is the quality. While videos styles taken from unexpected angles would still rule, web developers would now be looking to create a more interactive storytelling approach using videos.

Hidden Menus and Navigation

Hiding menus and features when they’re not needed effectively frees up valuable screen real estate for more videos or images and creates a more minimalist and clearer design to make it easier on users to focus. These elements likewise enhance the user experience for devices with bigger screens. Hiding menus also lends more stress to navigation since users could easily focus certain elements at a given time, explains an expert web developer from Concept Marketing.

Split Screens

Using split screens makes a website more open with its use of two, self-contained and separate cards, one of the screens usually having more traditional and smaller cards. Split screens enable optimized content diversity, with one-half perhaps bearing a navigation menu, and the other, a hero-sized photo. This layout embodies an eye-pleasing, natural visual hierarchy.

MDL or Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite optimizes the web’s paper-like design language. With plenty of open source components, templates, and guidebooks, it’s very accessible to web app and site developers. The interface is still the same; practical use of shading, motions, and layers to display usability in a manner that imitates how users interact in real life.

With all these web design ideas, it’s up to you to decide which ones would most suit your overall website’s theme, keeping in mind its purpose, and of course, your audience.

Capture Your Audience at Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade ShowTrade shows offer a great opportunity for businesses that want to market their products or services. They are perfect for unveiling new products and features, and increasing your visibility. There are times, however, that trade shows are not successful. Understand how to market to your audience and capture their attention.

Some companies, like, offer workshops that will help companies gain success at their trade shows. It is all about knowing how to market your brand and standing out from the competition.

Understand Your Audience

When it comes to trade shows, you are competing with other companies for the same audiences. To get out on top, you will have to understand your audience and cater to their needs and wants.

You will need a strong promotional plan that is divided into three tiers:

  • Pre-show — Pre-show marketing creates awareness for your brand. You will have to draw in your customers and convince them to look forward to the trade show and visit your booth.
  • At-show — At-show advertising includes your actual booth during the event, your marketing materials, and the products you wish to exhibit.
  • Post-show — Post-show advertising is about following up with your clients in a timely manner. Your exhibit generates interest, but it is crucial that you follow up with your clients to convert.

By covering all of the three tiers, you can greatly improve the success of your trade show exhibit.

Use Press Relations to Your Advantage

Trade shows give you the opportunity to work with the press and increase your media presence. By exhibiting something new and interesting, you can encourage others to share your brand. This will often include sending out press releases to publications who are in attendance, and putting together press kits and promotional items.

Your trade show booth is a tool for you to exhibit new innovations and to increase your profits. Maximize the opportunities available to you.

The Truth About Women’s ‘Monopoly’ On Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders When talking about eating disorders, it seems like women are almost always at the forefront, despite treatment centers such as EDCare dealing with men and women alike. Perhaps science can explain or determine a link between women and eating disorder vulnerability.

The Current Situation

It’s not wrong to assume that women are somehow “predisposed” to suffer from eating disorders. According to data from the National Eating Disorders Association, 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from the condition at some point in their lives. That’s a 50 percent difference. It includes important conditions like bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, and even binge eating. Furthermore, many cases go unresolved until much later in life, and that it begins as early as one’s childhood years.

There are various explanations for this divide. While women and men aren’t entirely different from each other regarding psychological characteristics and other factors, they often face various social pressures and expectations. For instance, it’s worth noting that young girls start expressing body image concerns as early as age 6. Societal pressures are obviously to blame for this and nothing more: be it from their families or popular media tropes.

Scientific Backing

Both women and men suffer from eating disorders. The only difference concerns the nature of these conditions. A study backed by the US National Institutes of Health provides insight. The researchers observed 3,714 women and 1,808 men ages 18 to 35, all taken by random sample.

Results show that among the women and men who responded, the latter are more prone to overeating, whereas the women are more likely to endorse a loss of control while eating. Perhaps the biggest highlights of the results are as follows: females are more likely to report weight dissatisfaction and tackling such via dieting, while males are likely to report binge-eating and controlling their weight via too much exercise.

Final Thoughts

Eating disorders are rarely women-exclusive. Still, the biggest problem with this stems from society’s extremely skewed (and downright disadvantageous) view of an ‘ideal’ body image. Unless this perception is curbed and corrected, the issue will persist.

Garage Door Problems Solved

a sturdy garage door in Salt Lake CityCommercial garage doors are an important investment when building your house, especially if you have vehicles. Garage doors can be controlled manually or with a push of a button, but the option all depends on you and your budget.

However, their function relies on an intricate system of cables, rollers, springs and transmitters. Even when only one of them goes out of sync, the whole door mechanism shuts down. In Salt Lake City, commercial garage door specialists can help you fix them in no time.

If you find yourself in this tricky situation, you don’t have to sort it out yourself. Call an expert to put your garage door in working order again.

When should I fix it on my own?

Sometimes, if you are not able to open or close the garage door while sitting in the car, it may be because your transmitter batteries are dead. You can check it by pressing the button on the transmitter fixed onto the garage wall. If it works, then just change the batteries.

Additionally, you should also check whether the disconnect switch is on. This switch enables the manual opening of the door when the power is out, so check this switch first.

Who should I call?

You can contact garage door specialists who will assist you when your garage door won’t let you in (or out.) These professionals can fix any problem that your garage door may have, from changing the torsion springs, rollers or cables, aligning the metal tracks, to fixing the transmitters if it’s a remotely operated garage door.

Don’t let your garage door worries get the best of you. Find professionals who can install the kind of garage you want. They’re also the best people to help you out if you find yourself stuck with a malfunctioning garage door system.

From Ear to Foot: Are Musical Dancers Born or Made?

musical dancersDancers have the talent to synchronize and improvise their movements with music. Their sensitivity to music beats gives them a somewhat natural control over the quality of their performance. People who have this unique musical talent can make the body, mind, and soul dance to the music, even in spontaneous situations. But the question is: are people born with this talent or can it be learned?

Deconstructing the Song

Usually, choreographers deconstruct the song or musical score to execute movements and body placement. Depending on the genre or style, the choreographer uses his or her judgment to create materials based on the movements of dancers. notes that it’s also the choreographer’s task to interpret the nuances of the musical score, and combine all the athletic and artistic elements of the specific genre.

By deconstructing all elements of the music, including percussion instruments, bass, or lyrics, the choreographer can create different combinations and a layered interpretation of ensemble works. Not all dancers can do this. Like the musical conductor, the choreographer draws from years of studying the form and variations of rhythm, mood, and so on.

Born or Innate?

While researchers agree that musicality has its biological and cognitive underpinnings, our understanding of natural mechanisms that make up musicality is inadequate. Nonetheless, people can improve their musicality, for sure, but not as effortlessly as those who were actually born with it. But musicality is not the only element of dance. Body coordination and athleticism are complex skills that are just as important as a dancer’s sensitivity to music.

However, it’s important to note that dance is always influenced by music. Even without real music playing in the background, dancers find the rhythm in their minds; either by imagining a song, counting, or humming a beat. Simply put, musicality can be natural and developed through practice but can be dependent on the individual’s cognitive and biological system. Cultural and environmental factors may also come into play, from an evolutionary point of view.

Perhaps, this explains why the skill level of musicians comes in different varieties. Likewise, a dancers’ music cognition may vary, depending on certain mechanisms, such as footwork, tempo, or even song structure.

Keep Your Home’s Plumbing System In Excellent Shape With 3 Simple Steps

Home PlumbingPeople are just too busy with daily tasks to mind the home and its facilities. For example, a number neglect their plumbing systems; when they do, they experience trouble, in the end.

Neglecting the plumbing system at home can be costly, but many do so because the effects or signs of wear-and-tear aren’t immediately evident. In most cases, systems can go for years without an inspection or a routine check. That is where the problem lies.

With age and constant use, your home’s plumbing systems will develop problems. Wear-and-tear, compounded by negligence, brings your plumbing system to the point of breaking down.

Luckily, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your house and property.

Evaluate your plumbing system

Homeowners are ignorant of the plumbing system’s health. In most cases, good systems last for two decades, after which you need to replace it. According to Action Plumbing, modern technology makes it easy to perform an overhaul without poking holes in your wallet. For instance, using trenchless sewer lines in Salt Lake City lowers the cost. It also eliminates the laborious process of digging up the lawn.

Watch what goes down the drain

Improper waste disposal is the leading cause of blocked drains in the house. Dumping food and liquid fats down the kitchen sink leads to the formation of clogs. The hair from showering only increases the size of such clogs. With the time, these obstructions grow and block the smooth flow of water in the drains.

Be mindful of the things that go down your drain. Home improvement shops offer strainers to easily remove obstructive materials, such as hair and food particles.

Repair small damages

Ignoring the small leaks in your piping system only sets you up for further losses. It results in expensive water bills and puts your system at risk of mould infestation. Additionally, the small leak could create a bigger hole and leave your house flooded in water.

Tending to the plumbing system in the home is a sure way of safeguarding it from harm. It saves you from water damage and expensive repairs.

3 Most Captivating Glass Buildings in the World

Creative Glass BuildingWhat do you get when you marry glass and design? Of course, fascinating and gorgeous glass buildings!

Indeed, the affair between these two has never been this intense, but that works to everyone’s advantage. Not only do people get to enjoy jaw-dropping structures that deserve to be on the list of iconic buildings, but they also learn to understand the benefits of using glass.

Here are some of the breathtaking glass structures in the world:

1. Botanical Garden of Curitiba (Brazil)

The 59-acre botanical garden in Curitiba, Brazil, attracts thousands of visitors each year not just because of its extensive collections of plants and sculptures but primarily because of its gigantic steel-and-glass greenhouse inspired by London’s Crystal Palace. The glass provides a great contrast to steel at the same time helps regulate the temperature to grow tropical vegetation.

2. National Centre for Performing Arts (China)

More popularly known as the Egg Building because of its shape, the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing, China, stands out for many reasons. It looks futuristic but is within historical landmarks such as Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. It has an underwater corridor for an entrance, whose glass ceiling allows light to pass through and make the underwater lake shimmer.

3. Sky Tower (New Zealand)

One doesn’t have to go far to find a beautiful glass structure. Standing a bit more than a thousand feet tall, the Sky Tower in Auckland is one of the iconic and premier landmarks in the country. Although it’s not entirely made of glass, the upper levels including the observation deck are. In fact, some floors use thick glass sections to enhance viewing experience especially down below.

Would you like your building to stand out and even become green? All you need to do is to incorporate glass into your design. Glass companies like Auckland Glass Ltd can supply, install, and provide sound advice so you can make the most of the material.

Success: Efficient Management of Big and Small Projects

project management discussionProject management is a task that everyone in any company is familiar with. Most of the time, the stress of managing one project is enough to develop illness in several people, let alone multiple projects. Here are some ways to promote effective project management:

Keep yourself motivated

Frustration with project management tasks is but a staple existence. In fact, the stress of thinking about the things you need to finish is the type of pressure you shouldn’t tolerate for a long time. When you feel demotivated, stay away from the project and do something enjoyable for a while. You would be surprised at how this can make you feel refreshed and be ready to take on your remaining tasks.

Make the most of technology

Using a software can help you plan and execute multiple projects at a time. This can calculate the amount of time you want for a given project and will also provide you with a bird’s eye view of how much work is required on multiple projects for easier management.

lean project management software, for instance, can help with workforce allocation, especially when assigning tasks to staff and employees. It is also a good way to monitor the project’s progress without having to talk to an assigned staff. This way, you maximize time on other projects and following up on staff members who are behind schedule.

Check your goals and re-develop your plans

There are instances when additional project aspects can affect your timeline. When this happens, you should reconsider your goals and re-develop your plan accordingly. Consult your team and know how much time is needed to accommodate the project owner’s request. Do not forget to have a contingency plan should your expectations on project completion fails.

For someone who has been in the project management work for a long time, the above-mentioned guidelines will become second nature to them. However, for the newbie, developing that second nature will take time and practice. Patience, collaboration, and an efficient project management software are the keys to complete projects efficiently.

The Science Behind Learning to Dance by Simply Watching Others Do It

people dancingDancers learn by watching others do it. No wonder dance studios are always full of mirrors. But, are there other ways dancers can learn new moves? Or is observing fellow dancers the only way to hone their skills?

Action Observation Network

Several studies have explored on how people learn to perform movements, such as dancing. One research revealed that whenever a person watches someone else’s motions, either in a Dance Network TV show or a group on stage, a part of their brain that controls physical movements gets activated. Scott Grafton, a psychology professor at the University of California, further investigated this particular brain process. In his study, he mentioned a circuit in the brain, which he called “action observation network,” which gets stimulated by a demonstration of a movement, making the observers feel like they’re the ones performing the moves.

Observe and Learn Better

While the findings above say a lot about the importance of watching a movement, it doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you’ll have to do to learn dancing or other motor movements. In 2006, University of Oregon conducted a study in two groups of subjects; one merely watched a tutorial video on toy assembly while the other one was aware that they had to perform the actions they viewed. Both groups underwent brain scans, but the second group showed stronger stimulation in the so-called “action observation network.” Simply knowing that you’ll perform after watching a demonstration can motivate your brain to learn better.

With all these studies, it’s safe to say that observation plays a huge role in learning to dance. While in the learning period, spend a lot of time watching dance performances as it could help you learn better and quicker. However, it is still best if you incorporate physical practice with watching dance demos. After all, you still need to get up and dance to be great at dancing!