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It’s So Hot: The Irony of Air Conditioning

Global Warming in ArkansasWhen you feel hot and start cursing the weather and feel thankful for the godsend invention called the air conditioner, do you suddenly stop to think how weird that line of thought is? Air conditioning has been known to contribute to climate change for a long time now, but many people complain about the rising temperatures.

What was that? Climate change is a myth and global warming is a conspiracy? Well, you’re about to read a fairy tale then.

The Myth and the Conspiracy

There’s one thing you need to know about before you move forward, though. Global warming and climate change are not the same. Rather, climate change is a is the result of the former. There are a lot of times when people mix this up, don’t be one of them.

Before, there were also a lot people who are skeptical about these two concepts and there has been several movements to make them realize that it is, indeed, reality. Today, however, the signs are more noticeable and getting hard to deny the fact. The rising temperature, the more frequent floods, droughts, and weirdly intense heatwaves are just some of the few signs you’ve experienced. You may have heard that the polar bears are losing their homes and that is also a symptom of global warming.

The rising heat is mainly caused by human activities and it affects the whole planet. The simple act of using your air conditioner and getting juice from your refrigerator contributes to the greenhouse gases that prevents heat from escaping Earth. But your air conditioner and refrigerator are tiny contributions, so you shouldn’t worry.

This Is The Punchline

As the heat rises, of course, the natural tendency today is to turn on your air conditioner. Even when the weather is mild and pleasant, you still tend to turn it on. So it releases those tiny amounts greenhouse gases, but you’re not the only one doing this. Around the globe, there are millions of places that uses air conditioners and there are even other human activities that contribute to this.

The result can be easily summarized as “it’s bad.”

The Twist Ending

If you’ve only realized the horror of these tiny actions, not to worry, there are important people who have already noticed before you and have started taking action.

You still can’t be guilt-free with turning on your air conditioning unit in, for example, Arkansas’ mild climate. But, manufacturers of newer units today have adjusted the amount greenhouse gases the units release. Meanwhile, you can do to help by not using your unit when you can bear the humidity and by keeping your air conditioner well-maintained. And if you want to throw your air conditioner or refrigerator away, you should do it properly.

Complete Healthcare Checks: How Ultrasounds Keep You Safe and Sound

Ultrasound in ChicagoUltrasounds are most commonly associated with pregnancy. As it uses sound waves instead of radiation, it’s a safe and effective way to check on the developing fetus. This is only scratching the surface, however. Here are some of its other uses:

For Your Reproductive Health

You don’t have to be pregnant to get an ultrasound. If your periods are irregular or you report an unusual pain in your abdominal area, your gynecologist may order an ultrasound. Women’s Aid Center noted that undergoing ultrasound during these times can help your doctor determine the cause of your problem.

There are two ways to get a good look: a transabdominal ultrasound or a transvaginal ultrasound. Depending on the initial diagnosis, only one or the other might be used.

A Picture of the Inside

If you experience pain or swelling in any other part of your body, an ultrasound may also be used to assess what is going on. This includes organs like the liver, kidneys, and the bladder. Depending on what they need to look at, your doctor or the sonologist may give you instructions on whether or not to eat or drink before your examination. Heart conditions may also be checked using an ultrasound, especially after a heart attack.

More than Just a Picture

Beyond allowing doctors to take a look at your internal organs, ultrasounds can be used for guiding a doctor’s hand during specific procedures like a needle biopsy. Assessment for procedures like an angioplasty is also done via ultrasound. Because ultrasounds can give a good idea of how blood vessels look and the way blood flows through them, physicians can easily gather information on the presences of tumors and some types of infection.

It has been generally determined that ultrasounds are safe for adults, children, and fetuses. If you are still worried, have an honest discussion with your physician. Clinics in major cities like Chicago will have experts on hand who can help ease your mind about your check-up orders.

Lies Are Never Tiny: The Dangers of Falsifying Your CV

False CV After graduating from college or university, one of the first things you do is to look for a job by submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the companies you would like to work for. says that your CV has one purpose: to earn you an interview with your prospective employer.

When you submit your CV, it must be truthful. While a few people get away with brandishing false information on their CV, lying is dishonest and not worth the risk. You can expect the following consequences if you lie on your CV.

Be Disqualified from the Applicant Pool

Potential employers can easily check the information you provide on your CV by verifying past employment dates, graduation dates and references. They can take you out of the recruitment process if they find that you have falsified any part of your CV. Thus, you can expect fewer interview invitations if you continue to lie.

If you are a recent graduate, never lie about your Grade Point Average (GPA). Human Resources regularly call colleges and universities to verify not only applicants’ course details but also relevant information about their grades. The company would be entitled to discard your CV should they discover falsified grades.

Be Fired

Even if you manage to secure employment, having lied on your CV, employers have every right to fire you if they discover the misleading information (and they are likely to find out eventually). Scott Thompson, the former CEO of Yahoo!, for example, was fired for lying about a degree he did not earn.

Feel Guilty

Never underestimate the powerful effect that guilt can have on you. When you are offered a job having used a falsified CV, you will have to live with that lie for the rest of your life. You will not be able to tell anyone about it, as to do so would risk your position in the company.  It is not easy to live with the remorse that comes from an avoidable lie.

Honesty is the best policy, especially in documents such as CVs. Instead of providing false information, set out the facts in your CV and write a persuasive and concise covering letter to the hiring manager. This is the best way to ensure your CV is noticed for all the right reasons.


Top 3 Dating Ideas in Cleveland Qld

Dating in Cleveland, Queensland Dating is always a challenge, anywhere in the world you may be. You always need to find something exciting to do or a new place to go to in order to not fall into a routine. The dating phase is fun and exciting and couples do try to surprise one another every so often.

This is how things are here in Cleveland, Queensland too. If you’re running out of ideas, why not try these:

1. Go to a Jazz Club

Not all couples want the fancy date experience. Some of them just want to unwind and hang loose with a different crowd. Jazz clubs let you listen to the blues and jazz music and enjoy a great night without any pretensions. If you’re going on a date, there’s less pressure to impress since there aren’t a dozen forks and knives. You can wear distressed jeans and concentrate on having fun with your partner or spouse.

2. Lunch by the Bay

A Cleveland lunch, according to is characterised by mountains of fresh seafood, a great view of the Raby Bay Harbour and lots of good beer. You can go to a good hotel and book for a lunch date to break the monotony of the work week. It will be a good time to touch base with your date or spouse and enjoy a leisurely lunch together before you go back to your respective careers.

3. Dinner at a Yacht

Special occasions call for the heavy artillery. If you’re celebrating an anniversary or are planning to propose, you can book a dinner at a yacht. The setting here is romantic, elegant and private. If you’re willing to spend good money for one night, you are in for a memorable experience.

Dates in Cleveland are pretty straightforward. You can go to fancy places and get Michelin-star rated meals or go to pubs and casual places for a more relaxed vibe.

Muslimah Wear

Muslimah Wear: Igniting Your Fashion Creativity

Muslimah WearMuslimahs, or Muslim women, may have fewer options when it comes to fashion, but one can benefit from several fashion opportunities that Muslim outfits presents. Non-Muslimahs are already appropriating Muslim outfits as fashionable wear such as the kaftan dress which was worn by a known singer a few months ago. Western designers have also seen the fashion opportunities the hijab has and have innovated upon the hijab.

Modesty and Fashion

Now, you can purchase abayas, outerwear, travel wear, and kaftan dresses at online stores like, but it is what apparel you pick that will determine your look. Of course, as a Muslimah, you always have to think about modesty.

Patterns and Prints

One simple fashion trick is to explore patterns and prints with your hijab. Hijabs are usually plainly coloured, which is fine, but you can be even more beautiful with patterns and prints that bring out who you are. You can have floral patterns or iconic prints on your hijab. To pick a perfect pattern, you can choose one simple print detail, a neutral background colour, and classic shapes.

Inner and Outer Layers

Abayas and kaftans are fashionable and beautiful outfits to wear in themselves, but what do you do when you want to wear shorter or revealing outfits. One way you can work around such a dilemma is to wear longer garments underneath as you wear the short or revealing outfit on top.

Cardigans and Dresses

During colder seasons, you can wear a long, slim-fit cardigan to match with an abaya or kaftan. The cardigan gives your outfit variety at the same time as providing you with warmth. You can even experiment with different cardigans and dresses.

You can still be creative in your outfits even as a Muslimah. Perhaps you can think of ideas and innovations yourself. You can express yourself better if you become creative in your outfits.

Hope at the End of the Tunnel: Combating the Effects of Radiation

Nuclear Power PlantThe working environment at a nuclear power plant is very strict. A watchful eye always observes and questions what the personnel are doing. The management imposes rules and makes sure everyone stays compliant. There’s a good reason behind all of these.

Working in a nuclear power plant does have financial benefits that could help you in terms of meeting your monetary obligations and daily needs. But the unspoken truth is nuclear power plant personnel may be at a greater risk than they know. Leaks have been known to occur in such facilities and although the seepage may have been manageable, you can never tell how much radiation you have been exposed to.

Radiation is Everywhere

According to a presentation published by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, radiation exists in the subsurface soil, the atmosphere, and even in your concrete walls. But they are at safe levels, so you need not worry. And yes, you can dismiss the myth that there is no safe level when it comes to radiation.

Your Job at a Nuclear Facility

How does this relate to your work at the nuclear power plant? Consider this: while radiation levels may be safe outside, the same may not hold true inside a nuclear power plant. Organizations such as Nuclear Care Partners suggest that if you work in a nuclear power plant and your boss tells you to put on a radiation suit, you must follow.

What can unsafe levels of radiation do to your body?

Radiation is measured using the unit “rem”. While 1 rem may not be that dangerous, 10 rem may slightly increase your risk of getting cancer. A dose of 100 rem and above can cause nausea, vomiting, and even death.

Are you in immediate danger?

This does not mean you are always exposed to high levels of radiation when working at a nuclear power plant. But it’s important that you receive energy worker benefits and premium home health care just in case anything bad happens.

Most nuclear power plants have their own fail-safe devices that can detect even the smallest problem, such as leakage or an impending meltdown. While this means you’re not in immediate danger, it would be prudent if you undergo regular medical examination just to make sure everything is okay. After all, you have special worker benefits that can cover the expenses.

Sandblasting Your Way to a Sleek and Smooth Paint Job

Sandblasting in ChristchurchAbrasive blasting or sandblasting is a special kind of surface treatment that uses various materials to strip imperfections, paint, rust and other contaminants, such as rust, on a surface. It creates a surface that will hold a protective coating by cleaning a substrate, which makes it a very important step in the preparation of surface coating.

Aside from its excellent damage restoration, it’s also a very efficient and cost-effective alternative to wire brushing or sanding.

Advantages of Sandblasting

  • Cost: Sandblasting is generally very economical as many types are reusable and it cleans surfaces better and faster than other more traditional procedures.
  • Surface profiles: Sandblasting is ideal when a metal component needs to be profiled so that the finished coating can stick.
  • Effective: Surface contaminants, such as paint, other coatings, and stains due to weathering that have been accumulated over time can be easily removed with sandblasting.
  • Nontoxic and eco-friendly: Rest assured that you will not be adding to the already polluted environment as many of the mediums used for sandblasting is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Some of the mediums utilised for this are non-toxic by inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion.
  • Inhibits rust build up: Sandblasting can eliminate the need to coat exposed metals immediately as it inhibits the formation of flash rusting, which occurs when metal is exposed to air, by leaving a powdery film on the surface.

Drawbacks of Sandblasting

  • Abrasive: The process involves wearing the surface contaminants away. If improperly done by an inexperienced contractor, the substrate of the object may be damaged due to careless sandblasting. Getting the services of sandblasting specialists such as Euro-Blast NZ Ltd is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary damages to your property.
  • Can cause lung disease: Most mediums used are nontoxic, but when wet sandblasting is not followed or water is not added to the medium, it can be inhaled. When inhaled, it can cause major damages to the lungs. It is recommended that a tent be used in these situations to help with the dust control. Furthermore, some other mediums used contain silica. Continued exposure to this can cause the development of a lung disease called silicosis, which is often fatal. Extreme caution and proper gear are necessary when dealing with these mediums.
  • Heat generation: Extra safety precautions need to be followed in order to avoid igniting a fire as the action of propelling abrasive particles against a substrate can generate heat, sparking, and even static electricity.

These are the pros and cons of using sandblasting. Remember to take the necessary precautions if you decide to apply it during your paint job, in order to avoid possible danger to your health.

Here’s Why You Should Transfer Your Family Footage to Modern Media

Modern Media in MinnesotaWhenever there’s an old family video played in a movie, it’s almost certainly on a reel of film. That kind of footage has its own appeal. It’s grainy and shaky and it shows whoever the character misses dressed in some old-fashioned swimsuit. The dark room and the spotlight quality of the projector, plus the silhouette of the character’s head or shoulder, make it all the more cinematic.

Video Formats of the Past

In reality, it’s not as vintage as a film reel. You probably have some old family footage on Video 8, VHS or some other early format, harking back to a time when video cameras were bulky and heavy, and the quality of the video left much to be desired. If you were lucky, you had a camera that used the clearer and more resilient MiniDV or DVC.

The sad reality of these early formats is that they don’t last long. The tapes, especially VHS, are bulky. And of course, you cannot ignore the absence of means to play them now. They’re obsolete media.

Modern, More Resilient Media

To make sure you can preserve your family videos, the wise thing to do is to transfer them to more relevant media. Video to DVD transfer in Minnesota, for instance, is not expensive. And you’ll be saving your video in a format that’s proven to be resilient both in its shelf life and its continued use. Millions of computers these days still have DVD drives, and households often keep a DVD player even today. DVDs are also compatible with the more recent Blu-Ray players.

It is a lot easier to copy videos when they are on DVD. You can make more DVDs for safekeeping or distribution to family members, and you can even convert them to formats you can save easily in hard drives and USB thumb drives. You can even upload a copy to the cloud so you can access your video just about anywhere you can access the Internet.

It may seem nostalgic, even romantic, to watch a video on an open reel projector, but if you want to keep that footage, transfer it to a modern format.

Is Your Storage Tank Fabrication in Compliance with the API-650 Standard?

Storage TanksIn some cases, ready-built storage tanks might not be ideal for your project. Good thing, you can have them fabricated to meet your specific requirements. The disadvantage, however, with customizations is that there’s a room for possible violations of several quality standards, such as the API-650 Standard. Read on to know why you need to make sure your storage tank fabrication comply with the API-650 Standard.

Based on Engineering Principles to Build a Safe Tank

Initially, the American Petroleum Institute developed the API-650 Standard to provide a quality benchmark so all manufacturers construct tanks of adequate safety. The standard mainly focuses on the ability of the constructed tank to store a particular type of liquid. In addition, it addresses the structural needs of tanks constructed in locations prone to earthquakes, extreme temperatures, and high winds.

With the help of the most prominent structural engineers in the world, the organization continuously revises the API-650 Standard to make sure it’s up-to-date with the current developments in the industry. This means that by complying alone with the said standard, you ensure safety for your fabricated tanks to use.

Right to Ask the Builder to Comply with API-650 Standard

The American Petroleum Institute does not grant certifications to tanks, as well as builders that meet the API-650 Standard. But instead, the association provides customers with the rights to ask the manufacturers for all the documentation that may demonstrate that their tanks adhere to the said standard. These customer rights cover tank fabrications, too. The organization even encourages customers to reject certain fabrication materials that do not meet the standard, as well.

As a tank buyer, it is your right to purchase a safe storage tank — even if you request for a number of fabrications.

Children Want Braces More Than We Think They Do

Braces for Kids in Newport BeachBrace-face, magnet-lover, tin-teeth, train-tracks, metal-mouth – the mockery towards those who have braces may put off any kid from wearing them. Despite all the names thrown at them, however, children still demand that they have it done.


Bree La Riche, a 12-year-old, was excited to get her braces and said that she “wanted [them] so bad.” Her confidence suffered because of her twisted and misplaced teeth for years, but once she had her braces, she became a lot more comfortable about her appearance.

According to a recent study from the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO), 94{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} of orthodontists said that they had experienced consultations wherein the children wanted the braces more than their parents did, and that there was a big number of children who would get upset when they were told they didn’t need it.

“There’s no denying that braces can be one of the best things you can do for your child and no one’s questioning the benefits,” said orthodontist Dr. David Mastroianni, “but it’s our responsibility, as specialist orthodontists, to distinguish the need from the want to determine the best course of action.”

The Earlier, the Better

Children are recommended by their dentist to visit an orthodontist when most of their permanent teeth have grown in, usually between ages eight and 14. The orthodontists then observe their patient’s teeth and evaluate whether or not braces are needed in the long run. In Newport Beach, orthodontists also suggest the type of braces which best suit the current dental condition of a child.

Ages 10 to 12 are the perfect years to begin attaching the braces for easy completion of the three-year timeframe. This period is also the age when kids begin to mature. Teaching them how to properly maintain their own dental hygiene wouldn’t be such a chore.

The stigma around braces is slowly starting to dissipate now that it’s clear that the results are worth the years of wearing them. Getting your kids to do the right thing is easy as long as you remind them about the outcome of their choices.