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Car Troubles: Know Your Rights and Be Wise

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According to Statistics New Zealand data, families spend 14.1 per cent of their household income for transport. That was in 2013. What more in 2014 or 2015? Another fact: most of that money is spent on cars.

Aside from the costs, there is also the hassle of buying a damaged vehicle, whether it’s brand new or used. Know how to cope with car buying and maintenance problems before you spend money.

You Have the Rights

Find answers to your (broken) vehicle purchase from the Consumer Guarantees Act. As long as you got your automobile from a business enterprise, this law can protect you.

First, you must know when you started noticing the flaw and how bad it is. It is natural for you to be worried if you bought it at a high price. Worse, it could have put your life at risk.

Get your car examined by a reliable repair shop. Show the report and repair quote to the vehicle sales owners to avoid disagreement on the degree of damage. When the problem is minor, the proprietor can choose to give you a refund, provide you with another car of the same model or simply shoulder the repair expenses. For serious defects, you have the option to get a refund or a substitute.

Going for New or Used Vehicles

When buying a used car, it cannot be helped that it might have some flaws. You may choose to purchase a car with minor flaws and find good parts to improve its performance.

In buying used parts, do not be hesitant in asking for more information. Ask questions from the dealer. Bring the part you would like to order to be sure of the right size. Try going online or searching in exchange assemblies. Online shops, auto wreckers and spare part providers like may have the second hand Nissan parts you need.

Straighten out your finances: Start by making wise decisions with your car expenses. Make an inventory of the parts of your vehicle that are still in good shape, need a tune-up or require replacement. This way, you know all the parts you need.


No Clog, No Stress: Keeping Your Drainage System Clear

plumbingDrainage problems bring more than just inconvenience – especially if the damage is extensive. Nonetheless, you can turn to other solutions to prevent future problems with your drainage system. Simple habits and regular maintenance can go a long way in keeping your drain clog-free.

The plumbing team of shares some of the practices that every homeowner should be doing to prevent these problems:

1. Remove hair from the drain after showering

Develop the habit of removing hair from your shower drain. This will prevent the strands from clogging the drainage system of your bathroom. To reduce the hair strands that fall while taking a bath, use a shower cap.

2. Always have a plunger on stand by

There are times when clogs are unavoidable, and you might not have the time to call for an emergency plumbing service. The good news is you can do the work yourself—you just need a plunger to make the job easier. Avoid using chemical solutions, as these can corrode metal pipes.

3. Use mesh screen

Apply mesh screen in every drain to reduce the frequency of blockage. Pay attention to your bathroom, shower area and kitchen sink, as clogs often occur in these areas.

4. Do maintenance regularly

Do drainage maintenance every week or once a month. Pull out the pop-up stoppers and remove any debris. Clear out the debris from the shower drainage using a bent wire.

5. Don’t let these materials go down the drain

Some materials can increase the likelihood of clogs, whether in your kitchen sink or bathroom drains. Don’t let the following slip through your drainage:

  • Oil
  • Gum
  • Paper towels, napkins and baby wipes
  • Egg shells, fish bones or meat
  • Coffee grounds

Keeping your drainage clog-free should be a part of your regular home maintenance routine. Practice these drain blockage solutions and see the difference.

Pest Control Services

Keeping Your Property Away from Pests

Pest Control ServicesSomehow, no matter how hard you try to keep pests out of your home, they seem to just find a way to get into your property. So, to protect your loved ones and your investment from these critters, it is important to get a regular pest control service Austin homeowners highly recommend. Here are some of the reasons you need to hire an experienced pest management team.

Help You Save Money

There are pests, like termites and bed bugs, which are extremely resistant to pesticides. That is why, instead of spending a lot of money on chemicals which can cause more harm to you than the pests, it is better to let a professional handle the job. Since they are experts, they know which method will be the most effective in eliminating these critters.

Understands the Risks and Hazards

Performing a complete pest control service is a more complex job than what you think it is. For example, removing a swarm and hive of killer bees requires a totally different method in exterminating termites in your house. Thus, the wrong pest control method can bring health risks to your family, as well as to the overall condition of your home.

Schedule Service at the Most Convenient Time

A pest control company understands how important your time is. That is why, there are pest control teams who are willing to work based on the schedule you want. This gives you the freedom to take advantage of their service at the most convenient time. Whether it’s on midweek or on weekends, they can always arrange the time of visit for you.

Getting rid of unwanted visitors in your home is not an easy task to do. You can go buy and try a bulk of hazardous pest control sprays, but hiring a professional pest management team can help you ensure the full extermination of bugs in your area all-year round.

car maintenance

Keep Those Wheels Turning: The Basics of Car Maintenance

car maintenanceWhether you’re a first-time car owner or a seasoned driver, car maintenance is a must. This isn’t done just because you want your car to look good; car maintenance ensures your safety, as well as the safety of the people you’ll be riding with.

Keep in mind the following tips from Richard’s Tyrepower on what things to check in each of your car’s essential components.

  • Battery. This is what powers your car, and is one part that you’ll certainly have to check if it needs replacing already.
  • Belts and hoses. Damaged belts and hoses (cracks showing, frayed, wear and tear due to prolonged use, a general brittle quality) could spell disaster for your road trips. Check regularly to ensure that your car’s belts and hoses are still in top working form.
  • Brakes. Defective brakes are one of the most common causes of vehicular accidents. Once a year, have your brake linings, rotors and drums checked, and make sure to have damaged or malfunctioning brakes replaced immediately.
  • Car fluids. Engine oil, brake, power steering, transmission, coolant and even your window washer solvent should all be checked regularly.
  • Exhaust system. Yet another critical part of your car, the exhaust system must be completely free from damage or leaks, and must not emit any strange and irregular sounds.
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilating and air conditioning system). While air conditioning is not really that high on the list of absolute essentials, it still pays to have it checked and replaced when necessary.
  • Lights and wipers. Check them for functionality; the former ensures that you’ll be seen by other vehicles, while the latter allows you to see even in horrid weather.
  • Steering and suspension system. Have your shock absorbers, struts and chassis parts checked at least once a year.
  • Check for unevenness, tread and wear. If signs point to danger, go to a tyre shop immediately and replace your tyres.

Schedule a tune-up session every once in a while to ensure that your car’s engine continues to perform at peak efficiency. With careful maintenance, regular checking and a good sense of prioritisation, car safety and efficiency will never be a problem for you.

Online Business

Virtual Workplace: Invading the Business Scene

Online BusinessThe Internet has significantly changed the way people do leisure, business, and work. Many researches say it is now replacing traditional media. In fact, some 300 million Americans spend more than a quarter of their time on social media alone.

The business community benefits more in this online technology. Today, there is a growing rise of virtual organizations. These refer to a group of entities that interact and conduct business electronically. It may also refer to teams with members in dispersed locations. These teams have interdependent job assignments where the virtual workplace is in. Technology made this new paradigm of work possible, thanks to the development of smart devices and cloud computing. They made employees do their tasks anywhere, anytime.

How do leaders manage their virtual teams? Below, Loadspring offers a few ideas:

  • Build the Team

It is not just forming the crew. It is more about building a relationship among the members. This starts with some ‘getting to know you’. Organize a physical meeting if it is possible. This will help build trust, form rapport and a shared vision.

  • Job Expectation Setting

Clarify the expectations. Make sure that what the designated tasks entail is clear. Also, each member of the team should know the details of his jobs. Clear all vague areas if there is any.

  • The Power of Communication

Communication plays a significant role. Open and regular meeting with all members build trust. It lifts people’s confidence.

  • Power Shift

Encourage leadership. This is one of the calls of this new work model. Trust breeds when power to lead shifts from to one to another.

Task Management

It will not be a problem once trust and expectations are all set. It is now easy to keep track of members’ output. With technologies like Autodesk, people now seem to work side by side, even if they’re actually miles away from one another.


Be a Fashion Lover, Not a Compulsive Hoarder

FashionFashion lovers make it their job to collect items that express their aesthetic. When this collection, however, evolves from ten items to a hundred that seems impossible to trim down, dealing with compulsive hoarding becomes a must.

Sell Some, Trade Some

Hardcore fashionistas in the most chic American states need to dispose even of some quality fashion items. The need to let go benefits them not only financially, but also emotionally. As one quality item after another takes up room in jewelry boxes and closets, they intensify the owners’ struggle in choosing outfits and therefore cause stress.

Letting go of some of them through selling or trading creates financial margin to purchase a more favorable item. Optimize results by seeking the help of professionals, especially those who endeavor to sell jewelry Utah fashionistas absolutely love. Appraisals and repairs make it easier to sell jewelry at a higher price; hence making selling a memorable experience.

Give Some, Share Some

Items that people find difficult to let go of because of sentimental value don’t need to be sold. This, however, exempts no one and no item in remedying compulsive hoarding. They should prioritize their collection by identifying which items hardly see the light of day and present them as gifts to loved ones instead. Unloading treasure chests of clothes, shoes, and accessories rarely relieves people instantly; hence doing so gradually by making deals with loved ones to share the item makes this decision easier to cope with.

Buy Some, Spare Some

Shopping for specific pieces of clothing and accessories spares fashion lovers from unnecessary purchases. Being intentional also helps them enjoy their hunt for the pieces they need and to enjoy them once found. Other attractive pieces should wait patiently in to-buy lists. Returning to the shop with the intention of buying those merchandizes makes for a more rewarding shopping experience.

Remedying compulsive hoarding for fashion lovers poses plenty of challenges. Practicing self-restraint and orderliness, nevertheless, makes exploring the world of clothes and accessories more enjoyable.


A House is Not a Home, But You can Hardly Have a Home Without a House

houseEver since primeval man sought caves, he has always valued a shelter to protect his loved ones from the wild. And yet today, with all the advances in architecture, there’s just so many designs available for the wannabe homemaker that narrowing your choices could be a bit challenging.

Houses have evolved from being so grand, such those owned by royalty during  medieval times, to the minimalist houses of today. And yet, no matter how well you choose your dwelling place, there are certain things that make the task daunting. You can have the most expensive mansion, but still fail to call it a home.

Of Makeshift Homes

A closer look into homeless people can be quite revealing. For one, it’s amazing how homeless people can be so crafty in making temporary shelters to get by.

One report from Marketplace titled “Making a Home Without a House” detailed how these nowhere-to-go people in Los Angeles County have made the most of makeshift houses.

But, one thing is clear. Even with their strong determination, it’s just a matter of time before they realize the real situation they are in.

One Hope Hunter, 18, a lady who lives under a bridge, says, “I just found out I’m pregnant. It’s really stressful for me, because I can’t take my baby home without having an address.”

Houses that Fail to be Homes

On the other end of the spectrum are people who can build the houses of their dreams. Start with a much-coveted design,  buy the best materials – from steel pipes to top-of- the-line bricks and cement – and still fail to make a home.

All the jaw-dropping design will come to naught, if your house fails to meet the emotional needs of its residents.

Yes, it’s a house, but never a home.

split system air conditioner

Keeping Your Home Cool and Airy Without Overspending

split system air conditionerThe size of your home is irrelevant when it comes to the indoor temperature. Even if the weather is scalding hot outside, your home can keep being in its comfortable temperature if you do things right. Even with a tight budget, revamping your home and keeping it cool can still be made possible with enough research, patience and some work. Here are the three inexpensive ways to keep your home cool and comfortable despite the summer heat.

Revamp Your Space and Widen Your Window Space

Revamping your space is not only an endeavor for style and aesthetics, it is also something that you can do to improve your home’s temperature. If you have been dying to get a new color for your walls, opt for a cooler palette. Not only will it be lighter to your eyes, it will also be cooler. Another trick is to remove your clutter and make things spacious. The more leg room you have, the more the air will circulate.

Keep Indoor Plants

Another trick is to keep indoor plants at home. Not only do these indoor plants make for great decoration, they also help in purifying the air and improve the overall air quality of your home. It also reduces the carbon dioxide which contributes greatly to the heat of your home.

Invest in Good Vents and Air Conditioning Systems

Install larger but more durable vents to keep the cool air circulating all over the house. You can also invest in a good split type air conditioning system. All you need to do is to compare and contrast the available split system air conditioner prices online to see if you can land a good unit. says since these split system air conditioner prices are widely available, you wouldn’t really have a hard time choosing.

Remember that investing in a high quality one helps improve air quality in an energy-efficient manner.

Follow these tips and you will surely be able to find the best option for your home.

Solution to Your Excavation Needs

The Cost-Effective Solution to Your Excavation Needs

Solution to Your Excavation NeedsThrough the help of an excavator, each construction job is performed easily. In fact, with more infrastructure projects, the excavator rental industry is booming. No matter how costly this equipment might be, it still makes sense to rent one for future residential or commercial use.

The key to an effective excavation service is choosing the most suitable equipment. Here are the advantages of using a high-quality 5 tonne excavator:

• Completing the Job in a Timely Manner

It is difficult to perform a construction job without the right tools. As a company that needs heavy-duty excavators, you need to invest in it.

Once you made a deal with your clients, you have also made a promise to finish the job promptly and professionally. With this, it is very important to execute your job impressively and completely.

• Saving Money through Rental Services

This equipment is expensive; save money by renting one from a reputable company. You just have to ensure that the company you deal with is credible and has the right equipment that meets all of your needs.

McFadyen Group lists the 5 tonne excavator for hire along with other equipment with different capacities, giving you the option to choose the most appropriate tool. Since money is involved, find a good deal and ensure that you maintain quality of service by using the right equipment.

• Seasoned & Well-Trained Excavation Experts

No matter how advanced your machinery is, without the supervision and expertise of the highly skilled excavation experts, it won’t work. You need to hire an expert in this field to operate a first-class excavator. This is also to carry out the job safely and effectively.

Ensure smooth on-site operations and avoid accidents with the use of the right equipment.


On Emotions and Impressions: Sure-Fire Emotional Branding Tactics

“People will forget what you said, but [they] will never forget how you made them feel.”

brandingThis famous quote by Maya Angelou isn’t just a lesson on kindness, but actually the very mantra of the popular advertising tactic called emotional branding. Advertisers know that brands aren’t just supposed to sell products and services; they should also make people feel certain emotions.

How are you ‘moving’ people to action? Here are strategies that experts from LEVEL Brand suggest for you to nail an effective emotional branding strategy:

See Customers as People

Most businesses see customers as mere users of their products or services. This mindset throws off opportunities to develop a meaningful relationship with clients. Moreover, customers sense if the business is just pitching a product or making them buy something.

Emotional branding starts with changing your mindset. Customers don’t want brands shoving products down their throats; before making a purchase decision, they will first look for someone whom they can trust with their purchase. Your goal is to be that someone.

Don’t focus on products or services—that will come later. Look at who your customers are. Interact as if they’re your friends, not leads. Even if they won’t buy now, you know you’ve won their hearts and that’s enough reason for them to come back.

Harness the Power of Storytelling

The most effective way of captivating the hearts of your customers is to tell a story. Stories are filled with opportunities for emotional connection, so if you want customers to feel something about your brand, sharing a story is the way to do it.

Choose an emotional trigger in your stories. Do you want to share happiness, love, nostalgia, passion? Determine what your brand really represents, so you can ensure that the emotional trigger you’re creating matches the the value your business upholds.

Create Emotionally Compelling Content

People like to share emotionally compelling content. Capitalize on this fact so you can increase your brand’s exposure. See what’s working in the media today—cheesy videos, memes, or humorous blogs—and adapt your message to that tone and approach. That way, your brand will be more relatable to your audience.

Emotional branding is effective because it creates a lasting impression. Remember these strategies and make emotional branding work for you.