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Paralegal Career

The Role of a Family Paralegal

Paralegal CareerFamily law offices are often fast-paced and busy. The four corners of each office deal with constant deadlines and emotionally-charged clients pursuing divorces and child custody battles. From the initial interview with clients to court proceedings, family law paralegals face numerous responsibilities.

Family law is one of the most complex and emotionally-infused areas in law, as it deals with family relationships. It is the paralegal’s job to support the lawyers specializing in domestic issues involving divorce, custody, property rights and child welfare.

Educational requirement

According to, individuals aspiring to become family law paralegals must receive proper training and certification first before pursuing this career path. The American Bar Association states that numerous educational paths are available for aspiring paralegals.

Students can choose to seek associate’s or bachelor’s degree programs for accredited learning. Others can also obtain certificates in paralegal studies or professional certification through certified training providers.

Set of responsibilities

Family law paralegals assist attorneys with documents, pleadings and other motion practices. They also attend to client queries and ensure documents are filed before deadlines. Apart from these responsibilities, family law paralegals also take charge of petition preparations, witness locations and investigation tasks.

Other family law paralegal responsibilities include:

• Creation of case files – once a client hires an attorney, the paralegal opens a case file through the client intake form. During the court proceedings, paralegals ensure proper documentation for quick references
• Drafting the paperwork – paralegals jot down all vital information from the client and create paperwork required for the client’s court proceedings.
• Maintain close contact with the court – paralegals are in charge of maintaining relevant correspondence between the court, the client and his attorney

Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), paralegals make an estimated salary of $51, 170 annually. Yearly salaries range from $29,740 to $ 76.960. The BLS also noted that training, education and experience level play a vital role in a paralegal’s expected wage.

Last 2012, the BLS projected an employment growth of 17{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} for this career path. This increase was attributed to law offices’ desire to increase workforce efficiency and economic decisions by hiring paralegals.

Family law paralegals are convenient additions to law firms. With their training and expertise, they help attorneys take care of clients dealing with the most emotionally turbulent chapter in their lives.

Tree Handling Needs

3 Professional Services for All Your Tree Handling Needs

Tree Handling NeedsThe continued urban progress of the city of Perth goes hand in hand with its nature preservation. In fact, tourists visiting Perth can see diverse flora and fauna and enjoy the beaches and islands. Perth also has an abundance of trees within its boundaries.

They may be beautiful and ecologically advantageous, but there are cases when trees need to be removed, loped and pruned, especially if they are a hazard to the community. For these instances, professional tree removal companies offer the following services:

  • Tree Removal

There are general rules in removing or felling a tree in Perth. Get council approval and secure the required licenses before cutting down a tree. Make sure you have a reason to remove it.

Remove trees that are diseased, dying or dead. When a tree is in an unsuitable location, or if it is a danger to property and individuals, you may also remove it. In most cases, tree removal may require equipment such as an axe or a chainsaw.

The complete removal of the tree, including its roots, will require more machinery, processes and time.

  • Tree Lopping

Trees may grow beyond boundaries and can be problematic. With tree lopping, trim certain parts, especially if they are a nuisance and are a safety hazard. Some homeowners also hire tree lopping experts in Perth to improve their landscaping and teach the tree to grow in a certain direction.

Proper lopping follows a certain process. Mishandled tree lopping can cause diseases and pest problems, reduce the life span of the tree or lead to death or overgrowth of root networks.

  • Tree Stump Removal

Unless you can think of a creative way to carve the tree stump to be part of any wood furniture, the best way to deal with it is to remove it. Otherwise, it could get in the way or even be a safety hazard. There are many ways to remove the stump, but you will need the right equipment and materials.

There are several reasons why you want to have a tree removed or lopped. Make sure you deal with the trees properly to avoid issues with the government or ruin your landscaping.


Reinventing Denim for Summer

DenimDenim can get quite hot, which is why man have always associated it with layering and for cooler days. Now that summer is right around the corner, now is the time to reinvent your denim pieces into a proper summer attire that spells lux and leisure.

More than a traditional top layer, denim can be worn many different ways. Here’s what you can do:

Denim Jacket

Although usually a layering piece, denim jackets can be worn in more unique and unconventional ways. High-end brands are reinventing the classic denim jacket into thinner and more casual denim bombers, over shirts and gilets.

These reinvented pieces are making a buzz in the current market as perfect transitional wardrobe items. While the high-end versions of denim jackets are tempting, stores such as and other online shops offer alternatives to these expensive pieces that are just as stunning.

Denim Shirt

The 1990s-esque chambray shirts have never been as fashionable as they are today. These denim shirts make an excellent casual leisurewear especially during warmer days. Tuck it into a pair of washed jeans or accent it with a charming straw hat and you will look like the best summer has to offer.

While it can exude an effortless vibe, pairing it with a suede jacket can make you formal event ready in an instant. Summer weddings are popular on this side of town and you would not want to be sweating underneath a suit. Find the perfect denim shirt and accent it with a neatly positioned neck scarf instead.


Chinos during summer is so five years ago. Jeans are the new trousers and it has been dominating the Spring/Summer 2015 market. It can look smart and dressed-up with the right items, or look dressed down and casual.

Slim jeans are everywhere. You can wear it with practically anything and everything.

Denim is extremely versatile and eye-catching. It just takes a bit of tweaking and a bit of hunting down so you can find the perfect denim jacket or chambray shirt or faded jeans and wear, layer and reinvent these all year round.

Biker in Manila

Living an Active Lifestyle in Manila

Biker in ManilaLiving in a busy city, such as Manila, is incomparable but consuming.

Busy streets, pollution-filled air, non-stop work, and late night outs consisting of beer and dancing are a common sight in the heart of the city. Amidst all the hustle and bustle that gives your life excitement, your body is incurring all the negative effects of your habits.

How can you possibly squeeze in some time for a healthy lifestyle to counter your unhealthy ones?

The answer: Time Management.

Once you have that down, you can freely choose what activity you want to spend your time on. Lucky for you, Metro Manila is home to a variety of verdant landscapes that are conducive to exercise and adventure.


Get on those two wheels and pedal your way to a great escape. Aside from seeing breathtaking sites transition right before your eyes, you also get your heart pumping and thumping as it triggers adrenaline in your system. Why is this good? A good amount of adrenaline produces endorphins—a hormone that makes you feel happy.

On top of that, you get to use your leg muscles as you pedal, and your core muscles as you keep yourself securely mounted on your bike.

Let’s not forget the places you get to visit. There are scenic bike tours you shouldn’t miss from that offer exciting ways to keep an active lifestyle during your days off from work.


This is not for the faint of heart, but for those who like a good challenge. As opposed to biking, which you can start on your own, hiking requires professional guidance.

You have probably heard of testimonies as to how fulfilling it feels to get to the peak of famous mountains, like Mt. Pulag, Batolusong, Batulao, Lobo, and Maculot.

As hiking takes hours, you can set your own pace and level your strength. Slowly but surely, you get to exercise your body and behold beautiful views without being pressured to go faster.

It’s all essentially up to you. Should you choose to get on two wheels or on your two feet—make time for activities that can give you an active and healthy lifestyle.

Divorce Family

Divorce and Family Law Mediation: What Most Couples Do Not Know

Divorce FamilyNo two divorce cases are alike. As a matter of fact, those who are planning to separate have several options to consider on how to make it happen. One of them is mediation, where a couple will work with a legal professional to come up with an arrangement. Both parties have to consult with each other regarding the settlement before signing an agreement. The mediator will only help when it comes to communicating and negotiating.

Sometimes, believe it or not, the decision to separate is mutual. There are divorcing couples who don’t want to deal with the stress, not to mention go through the hassle and the drama. This is the reason they resort to mediation. After all, a number of studies indicate that this process can reduce expenses, help everyone involved stay in control, and lead to better long-term relationship with the ex-spouse.

Mediation is a great alternative to fighting in court. But, there’s more to it than that.

Saying No to Reconciliation

Separating couples who no longer have a desire to reconcile ever can benefit from mediation, as long as both are ready to resolve disputes and move on with their lives after the process. Sometimes, in the first stage of divorce, emotions hinder people from making smart decisions. The role of a mediator is to minimize the tension present during settlement conversations.

Staying in Good Terms

Legal professionals, like Miller & Steiert, P.C., explain that mediation is for couples who cannot resolve their differences, or those who don’t want to ruin their relationship for the sake of their kids. It helps people to present their concerns and thoughts well.

Before undergoing divorce mediation couples must figure out if it will work for their situation. It’s important to know when the process is likely to succeed or when it may not.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The 5 Largest Steel Structures in America

Walt Disney Concert HallSteel structures have been popular especially in the previous century. And while pretty much any type of steel item can be produced by metal fabricators, there are certain things, such as colossal structures, that you cannot easily have custom-made., a metal fabricator in Salt Lake City, urges you to check this list out for size:

1. Los Angeles – Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is one of the halls of the Los Angeles Music Center, inaugurated in October 2003. This hall has one of the best acoustics in the world, which, coupled with the unforgettable matte stainless steel exterior, truly makes it an awe-inspiring work of art.

2. St. Louis – Gateway Arch

Also known as the “Gate to the West”, this 192-meter wide structure is within the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. It reaches a height as great as its width, and considered the tallest monument ever made in the country, as well as the tallest habitable structure in all of Missouri. Completed in October 1965, it consumed over 900 tons of steel.

3. New York – Brooklyn Bridge

The oldest suspension bridge in the country and one of the most famous landmarks of the Big Apple, this bridge served the city for 127 years. It was the first in the world to utilize steel wires for the suspension structure.

4. Chicago – Willis Tower

Leaping to fame as the former Sears Tower, this is the tallest building in the country and the sixth tallest of its kind on the planet. Standing at 442 meters, its huge steel columns supported its frame, and featured nine square steel tubes clustered in a three-by-three matrix.

5. Pittsburgh – U.S. Steel Tower

Known simply as the “Steel Tower”, this is Pittsburgh’s tallest structure standing at 256 meters high. Unique for its triangular shape, the main frame of the building consists of steel. This is also evident in the huge CorTen steel columns on the building’s exterior, resisting the elements’ corrosive effects.

These wonderful structures all bear compliment to the useful and enduring nature of steel. There are plenty more around the world, tempered to withstand the years. It is then such a wonder that steel fabricators have kept up with the demand in making these colossi!


Why Orthodontics and Having Straighter Teeth is Important

OrthodonticsEveryone wants a beautiful smile, but some people simply do not have the choppers that fit the standard definition. With orthodontics, patients can straighten their teeth, correct a bad bite, and generally make their appearance better.

Orthodontics is a special field of dentistry, which concentrates specifically on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities, such as crowded, crooked, and protruding teeth, as well as poor jaw alignment.

So why is orthodontics so important? The dental treatment itself is expensive—so why do patients bother to spend money on it?

Straight Teeth are More Attractive

You are more likely to be proud of your smile when your teeth are evenly spaced and perfectly straight. Pride in your appearance can give you more confidence and encourage you to speak up and be more social, which is particularly important for teenagers.

In addition, an important component of your overall health is your mental health—which means having a better looking smile with the help of a dental team increases the frequency of you smiling, which leads to various health benefits like lower stress levels.

It is Easier to Maintain Oral Health

Brushing and flossing are two basic components of a proper oral health routine. Crowded teeth are much more difficult to brush and floss, which can lead to plaque build-up, and eventually, tooth decay. That means caring for your mouth is easier when your teeth are straight.

When your teeth are straight, the toothbrush and dental floss can reach every nook and cranny of the teeth. Being able to brush and floss your teeth efficiently can help you avoid gum disease, tooth loss, dental caries, impaired speech, and worn out tooth enamel.

The Treatment Helps Improve Nutrition

Crooked and poorly aligned teeth, as well as a bad bite can greatly reduce your ability to chew properly. It can make certain types of food more difficult to eat. Many of these types of food are healthy (e.g. nuts, fruits, etc.), and avoiding them can limit your diet to softer and often less nutritious foods like soup and ice cream.

When you have straighter teeth with the help of orthodontic appliances like braces or Invisalign aligners, you also gain improved ability to chew and eat apples, carrots, chicken, asparagus, and raisins.

With its ability to straighten teeth, boost confidence, and promote nutrition, orthodontics certainly has an important place in dentistry and society in general.

food poisoned

Food Not Fun: Main Reasons Behind Food Poisoning

food poisonedEating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It helps you regain energy and explore other customs and traditions. Still, there are some instances that give food and eating a bad reputation. Such is the illness called food poisoning.

Whilst many think food poisoning as a mild illness, it can actually be deadly depending on what is ingested. In most cases, this occurs when you eat food or drink beverages that are contaminated with microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, and toxins. If you have acquired the illness from restaurant food, Perth lawyers handling car accidents, food poisoning and other personal injury cases note that you can file a claim, provided that the reasons are valid.

Below are some of the reasons behind food poisoning:

Incorrect Food Storage

The way you store food can affect its quality. If you keep food at a room temperature, chances are microbes will multiply. The risks become greater if they are meats, soups, or stews. Salads, which often contain eggs and cream, are susceptible to microbes when left at a warmer temperature.

Poor Hygiene

Chefs and handlers who do not wash their hands before working can transfer bacteria and viruses into the ingredients. Germs can be transmitted through utensils and spills. The worst-case scenario is when the handler who has an untreated wound and infection still decides to proceed with the food preparation.

Cross Contamination

Cross contamination happens when bacteria or other microbes are transferred into unadulterated ingredients. For instance, slicing the bread with a knife you used to slice meats can cause bacterial transfer. Unsafe preparation, such as incorporating expired canned ingredients into the food, is another example.

These are only some of the main reasons behind food contamination. If you spot signs of poisoning, perform first-aid procedures immediately. You can also get in touch with an injury lawyer if you are thinking of filing a claim.


Hope for a Google Penalty Recovery: Tips on Getting Your Law Website Back on Track

GoogleIf your law website received a Google penalty, you’ll be missing potential leads and traffic that could translate to new clients. That’s not the end of all the hard work you’ve put into your site, though.

There’s still a way to right your mistakes and get back on the good side of Google; it just requires a bit of patience, time, and collaboration with a reliable SEO agency. If your agency is on the right track, you can bring back those lost traffic and ensure your law firm’s website is back to answering the needs of your clients.

As an industry authority, the suggests these google penalty recovery strategies for lawyers:

Disavowing Bad Links

Through trial and error, you can pinpoint the reasons Google penalized your website and find ways to recover. Part of this process is identifying the low quality links pointing to your website.

To deal with bad links, search marketers use Google’s new disavow tool. This helps websites request search engines to ignore bad or suspicious links. Note that disavowing is different from removing unnatural links.

Removing Spam Keywords

After cleaning up your link profile, your SEO team will likely check and remove spam keywords on your site. The era of stuffing pages with as many links as possible is over. If your webpage has a high keyword density, search marketers recommend tweaking the content and removing the unnecessary key terms to make it more natural.

Aim for Quality

The reason websites receive penalties is because they violated Google’s quality guidelines. While some site owners are not entirely at fault for the penalty, there are those who are implementing bad practices just to stay on top of the SERPs. To avoid the risk of a Google penalty, always aim for quality. Work with your SEO agency to develop the right strategy that will focus on your target.

The time needed to get your website back up in search results may depend on the penalty you’re dealing with. As the legal industry can be a highly competitive niche, you need to be more thorough with your strategies. Don’t just rely on quick fixes; go for long-term solutions.


Guidelines on Finding a Wonderful Neighborhood

neighborhoodYou can always renovate a flawed property, but there is nothing you can do about a bad neighborhood. Many homebuyers focus too much on finding the perfect house, and forget that the surroundings are just as important. Whether you feel safe letting your children ride their bikes around town and how well you get along with the neighbors depends a lot on where you choose to settle down.

California has no shortage of excellent neighborhoods, but there are many you would want to steer clear of as well. How do you find a community that is a joy to live in, and will likely keep its value over the next few decades?

Creating a Profile of Your Perfect Neighborhood

Everyone has their own dream neighborhood, which is why you need to examine your needs and preferences first. Do you have children? If so, a calm, family centric gated community near great schools is going to be quite attractive. Meanwhile, young couples may want to live in a lively college town where they can easily meet new people, and will always have something fun to do.

You should think about the general makeup of the population, and try to find a neighborhood with people that closely match you. For instance, Gates Estates says that Oakville has a relatively small population with a median age of 50, and high household incomes. This makes it ideal for investors, families, and retirees.

Afterwards, think about how the local facilities will accommodate your lifestyle. Active couples will love communities with a nearby park, bike trails, and roads safe enough to jog on every day. Those with an appreciation for fine food and coffee will definitely want to look at restaurants and cafés in the area.

Doing Your Research

There are multiple ways to find out how well a neighborhood suits you. The easiest is to just ask your real estate agent; they likely have a better understanding of each location’s appeal than anyone else. Of course, you should also do your own research.

• Drive around town, and look for clues. Are there many buildings with foreclosure notices or for sale signs? Do you see local stores going out of business? What about vandalism?

• Examine crime rates and other relevant statistics. There are many things that you cannot tell at a glance, but numbers will give you the whole story.

• Have a chat with your potential neighbors, and get their opinions. Find out what they like about the place, and what they wish they could change.

A good home in a great neighborhood will always be better than a perfect home in a terrible area. Whenever possible, you should always start the home buying process by prequalifying a list of neighborhoods first, and only then begin looking at properties.