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Look Smashing on Your Wedding Day! Tips for Working with Makeup Artists

bridal hairNow that you’ve finally chosen a dress, it’s time to choose your bridal makeup. Deciding on your makeup for the big day is tricky – especially if you’re not really a makeup person to begin with. Your makeup must reflect your personal style, yet complement your dress and your wedding theme.

Here are simple guidelines to do it.
Should You DIY Your Bridal Makeup?

When choosing your bridal makeup, keep in mind that what you see in real life will be different on camera. Too little makeup will make you look washed out, but too much makeup will highlight flaws and make you look like a circus performer.

Because of this, consider getting a professional, like Perth-based, for your bridal hair and makeup on your wedding day to ensure that you’ll look your very best on and off cam.

Working with Professionals

Once you’ve decided on a makeup artist, scour the Internet and magazines for makeup looks that you’re drawn to. Trial runs for makeup consultations are not free but necessary, so to get the most out of your money, try to schedule them on days where you’re going somewhere dressed up to get a feel for each makeup look and who they look in photos. During trial runs, check your makeup after several hours if it still looks good and check if you have allergic reactions of any kind.

Budget and Fees

It is very important that you ask for fees regarding house calls, if you don’t want to have your makeup done at the salon, wedding packages, and other expenses you’ll need to save up on especially if you’re having a destination wedding. In addition, ask if there’s a backup plan in the event that the makeup artist can’t make it to your wedding day.

While it is true that all brides look their best on their wedding day — keep in mind that you must still look like you. So if ever you have an issue during your bridal hair and makeup trial runs, don’t be afraid to speak up.

After all, your wedding will be immortalised in your wedding photos, so you don’t want your makeup to be something you’ll cringe at when you view your photos ten years from now

IT for small businesses

Harnessing the Power of IT in Small Businesses

IT for small businessesAround the world, there are an estimated 600 million small businesses. Around 29 million are in the US. All these have the potential to succeed and expand or, like the 90 percent, fail and fold.

Many problems can occur to a starting business. With the competition out there, day-to-day transactions and major business operations may benefit from tools and services provided by information technology.

Here are some ways small businesses can benefit from IT services:

Financial Management

Financial management is the center for business cloud. Owners tend to spend four hours a day online running their business. Some of the online activities they do are bookkeeping and accounting, generating invoices and accepting payments, and managing existing customer relationships. Companies like has services that can ensure financial management in small businesses is well operated with intermittent internet access, for example.

Time Saving

In business, time is equivalent to money. Time is the most precious resource for anyone or any business. Every minute and hour that passes are transferable into expenditure or earnings. Small businesses have no time to lose and software or technology downtimes can harm the business more than its face value. A day of inoperable invoicing can hurt the payment processes and affect earnings.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most valuable operations in a small business. Small businesses tend to put more funds in their customer service department than bigger and established companies would. In some studies, small business owners would spend more just to get an app or software that can help engaging to customers more productive, easier and manageable.

The right IT solution can boost a small business and help it get the stability it needs. By having better financial management, time saving and customer service tools, the small business can grow better, more powerful and more equipped.


Breaking Freon: A Deal Too Good to be True

FreonBefore the world discovered that it was an ozone depleter, Freon-12 was a gift from heaven. It’s a chemical that air conditioners and other cooling systems used as the main temperature catalyst to bring things down a few degrees. Similar to asbestos, Freon was a miracle that could do everything people asked of it, until it turned out to be bad news and everyone needed to find a better alternative.

The Wonder of CFCs

According to professionals from All Air Services, Freon is a brand name for the chemical dichlorodifluoromethane. The chemical is a compound of carbon, chlorine, fluorine that’s valued for its low toxicity, low reactivity, and low flammability. The base chemical, carbon tetrachloride first found its way to fire extinguishers from the 19th century until World War II. There have been several modifications to the formula of various refrigerants through the years, but Freon was one of the most impressive.

In fact, Thomas Midgley Jr., one of the chemical’s earlier developers, was so confident in the synthesis of the refrigerant that he inhaled a breath of the gas before using it to put out a candle. The demonstration impressed the American Chemical Society, and helped prove that this particular CFC delivered everything as advertised.

The Fatal Flaw

This love story wasn’t meant to be though, since like all CFCs, Freon had a devastating effect on the environment – the ozone in particular. Many nations were unwilling to sacrifice the overall health of the planet in exchange for the increased comfort provided by refrigerants. The plans to eventually phase out the use of CFCs were in the Montreal Protocol; an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer.

Fortunately, research into finding alternatives to CFCs has been going on since the 70s, and the most likely replacements are coming in the form of hydrochlorofluorocarbons. These chemicals break down easier in the lower atmosphere, allowing them to disperse before reaching the ozone layer. A derivative of these compounds, HFC-134a, is already in use in air conditioning systems in Australia.


Vintage Roadside: The History of Motels

motelMotels today, although a far cry from the first ones built during the 1920’s, are still conceptually anchored on the idea of affordable overnight accommodation for travellers who value economy and adventure.

Now, motels are furnished in style, from rustic to elegant, and are complete with housing necessities and luxuries, while still being accessible to everyday travellers. Motels are excellent investments, and motel managers, like those from, are happy with the high returns they are getting.

Auto Camps

Back then, to travel was a luxury. Although it is till relatively true today, the advent of the automobile soon allowed common folks to explore the countryside. These segments of the population were dubbed as tin-can tourists, because they drove tin lizzies and left empty tin cans in their abandoned overnight sites.

Soon, municipalities began building roadside auto camps. At first, they were just parking spots, but these were later improved to provide water, laundry facilities, flush toilets and covered shelters as well. Soon enough, however, travellers began crowding these camps and they became more trouble than they were worth.

Cabin and Lodging

When the auto camps began hosting unemployed transients, they began collecting fees. Once the camps were no longer free, commercial cabins appeared. These allowed long-distance travellers nights of living less like campers and more like houseguests.

The first cabins began as private properties, but later also opened doors to the public. Such accommodations types boasted of beds, cooking utensils, dishes and cutlery. More cabins began popping up, situated along major routes. Some beefed up and built restaurants and gas stations around them, as well.

Period of Expansion

Previously, all motels and roadside accommodations were owner operated. As the motel clientele grew bigger and more sophisticated, owners joined associations and began learning business practices and techniques.

Soon, private owners were all after chain and franchise motels. The motel chain learned to exceed the expectations of motorists and travellers. From beaten roadside camps, they evolved to well-furnished overnight homes. Motels are still around today, latching on to the hope of you giving in to your wanderlust.

web design

These Web Designs are Changing the Digital Look for 2015

web designThe Internet never stops growing, and with that growth come changes in websites that populate the online world.

Admittedly, some designs are just plain awful to the eyes of the viewer, but there are a few exceptional ones that get the two thumbs up even from the critics. Leading web designers from share a few examples of designs that get it right.

1. The Bigger, The Better

These days, most computers have high-speed internet, so you won’t have to worry about placing large images to websites. The two variants of this web design trend are referred to as ‘Cinematic’ and ‘Book Cover.’ The first one was inspired by movies and TV ads and the second mimics the experience of opening a printed book, magazine and resemblance of catalogue covers.

2. Multimedia Design

Web visitors can get hooked to your website if you have a lot to offer, and this is what multimedia designs implement with finesse and perfection. Programmers have been working as hard as alchemists to experiment and test multimedia components of websites, who resorted to Flash during the first days of Web 2.0. Today, HTML5 <canvas> element allows designers to create almost any visual effect.

3. Parallax Effect

Before reading this post, you’ve probably come across websites using the parallax effect: designers use page scrolling or mouse movements to animate elements or properties of the page, giving users something new to read or see as they go down the website. Instead of the page-by-page view, some famous websites such as Tumblr take advantage of this ‘endless scrolling’ mechanism.

4. Flat Design

Gone are the days when shiny buttons with skeumorphic designs would float on our screens. Three years ago, flat design landed on the web and has triumphed skeumorphic graphics ever since. It works great for smaller elements such as icons, menus and illustrations. Easily scalable and manageable, flat design icons and images look a lot neater.

Hopefully, these innovative designs give ideas on what you want your website to look like.


Trim it: Short, Tousled Bob for Summer Hairstyle

hairstyleHave you been thinking of changing your hairstyle for the summer season? Go for it, because there are several fresh takes on the ever-popular beach wave hairdo or the pixie haircut that might work for you. One of them is the short, tousled bob. It wasn’t really new, but Jennifer Lawrence put it back on the radar. It’s edgy and sexy—it shows off your neckline, too!

How to achieve it

Make this choppy hair cut look stylish by creating a soft wave with a round brush. Then flip out the bottom part of your short hair. Austin hair salon recommends visiting your hair stylist if you are not adept at using a brush as a styling tool.

This hairstyle is perfect for faces with oval, diamond, and oblong shapes.

Celebrity inspirations

Dianna Agron once sported a short, tousled blonde hairstyle with bangs. She, too, owned this hairstyle—she had the carefree attitude that came with it as well.

To try Agron’s style, start by parting your hair deeply on one side. Spray it with a wave-enhancing product and let it air dry. Then create loose waves using a 1 ½ inch curling iron. You might want to add a bit of wax to add some texture.

Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, and Gia Coppola also sported the same hairstyle, but with a longer length or some bangs. Bangs can give the wearer a youthful look, irrespective of whether it is tousled waves, straightened locks, or side-swept fringe.

Look perfect with a wash and wear haircut that beats the hot weather. Pair this hip hairstyle with your favorite fashionable items like Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Allesandra Ambrosio did with their flowing bohemian-inspired clothes.

You don’t have to be blonde to try this haircut. Red heads, brunettes, and brunettes with highlights can try this style and show off their edgy personality.

Experiment with your hair style to find one that is appropriate for your face and for the climate. Even if you are not a stylist yourself, the experts can help you achieve any look you want.


The Curious Case of the Origin of Snowboards

snowboardsIt’s strange that most professional snowboarders do not know where their primary equipment comes from. Most of them know who’s sponsoring them, but not much in the manufacturing department. The truth is actually quite surprising, even to the most seasoned winter sports enthusiast.

How It’s Made

If you’re planning to take up snowboard, it’s a good idea to get to know what you’ll use. That is why when there is a sale of Burton snowboards, you need to make sure the one you choose suits your skill level.Quality snowboards that are used in extreme sports are sturdy. Not only do they stand countless landings, they also must retain their shape over time.

For something thin, manufacturing snowboards is quite complicated. Get one thing wrong and the integrity of the whole board is compromised. Moreover, when it comes to the core, experiments are kind of prohibited. It should be wood, carbon, Kevlar or aluminum honeycomb.

Where It’s Made

Much to the shock of everyone, most companies are only suppliers of snowboards. The other contribution they have is that the designs come from them. The manufacturing falls under OEMs in Europe and Asia. The reason is they know how to draw them, but in manufacturing terms, they may not have the expertise as of yet. In addition, some companies may even share the same OEM.

Why It’s Not Bad

It’s good to use OEMs because companies that design snowboards are not necessarily good at making them. So, putting that responsibility to those who know better is actually better in this case.

Now, you know a little bit about what goes on behind the making of snowboards. When you go out on your first or 100th slope session, with this knowledge, you know you’ll land safely on your feet. Be mindful of the board you will choose. Rely on the most trusted brands and shops to ensure a safe snowboarding experience.

Benefits of Religion

The Power of Believing: Benefits of Subscribing to a Religion

Benefits of  ReligionReligion has always been a sensitive topic. Despite debates and misunderstandings, it’s one of the core aspects of the world that have shaped cultures, civilizations, and traditions. You can’t deny that it’s one of the things that propelled mankind forward.

The world currently has a number of major religions, which include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Religions are divided into factions and denominations, and are all over the place. Some churches now have an online presence, including People subscribe to a certain religion for their souls, but it turns out that it also provides them with other things that benefit their physical wellbeing, personal lives, and social relations. Here are some of them.

The Depth of Life

Man has always been in a relentless pursuit for validation. People are multidimensional, meaning they will never stop to find answers to their questions about existence. Humans have an innate need to make sense of their experiences. This is where religions help them in their pursuits. The belief in a deity (or deities) and certain practices help people understand the nature of some of the world’s greatest puzzles: life, death, dynamics of relationships, and cultures.

A Sense of Community

If you’re a member of a particular religious group, you surely have taken part in rituals and activities, such as singing, dancing, and sharing of experiences. These activities and rituals may seem mundane on the surface, but these are the components that help you increase your self-esteem. They help you relate to others, which in turn allow you to create a sense of self and community. A forged relationship with others will keep you from being sad and having negative sentiments.

Healthier Body

Stable emotions reflect on your physical health. Religion is profoundly associated with health, since religious people have a steady social support, which helps them cope with illnesses and other problems. Experts even say that church-goers are likely to have lower blood pressure.

These are only some of the benefits of having a religion. The more important facet of being a member of a religious group is the fact that you’re not alone in treading this path called life.