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asset protection

3 Asset Protection Strategies from the Millionaires

asset protectionNobody really ever hears about a homeless man who was sued for millions. That’s because lawsuits aren’t filed against people with very few assets; they’re directed to those with “deep pockets.” This is where asset protection takes the spotlight.

Lance Armstrong, for example, has apparently managed to set up legal structures over the years that are now helping him protect his fortunes. But what about the less prominent individuals concerned about their assets and lawsuits? Can you also shield your fortunes against lawsuits and other problems?

Yes. Here’s how.

1. Liability Insurance

Insurance is your first line of defense against litigations. While basic insurance coverage is okay for most people, it won’t do if you want complete protection. You should increase it to an amount at least equal or near your net worth.

2. Separation of Assets

The lawyers at explain that depending on the state you currently reside in and the source of your windfall, it may be best to keep assets separate. Depositing money into a joint account with your spouse means half of the money could instantly become theirs.

For some people, this isn’t a problem, but for high net worth individuals, this could is a big problem. Oil magnate and billionaire Harold Hamm learned this the hard way when he was ordered to pay about $1 billion in cash and assets.

If you’re worried about divorce, commingling of assets and other related problems, it’s best to keep the assets in a separate account.

3. Business Entities as Shields

Small business owners and freelance/part-time employees operate as a sole proprietorship. That means it’s just you. Unlike a partnership, you won’t need to worry about your partner’s actions. However, your personal assets will be at risk if you get sued.

If you can, create a business entity that separates business assets from personal ones. This will shield it against any lawsuits.

Sudden wealth and the hard-earned money you have can improve your life and of your loved ones, but only if you keep it. Especially for those expecting windfall, it’s best to have protection for it even before you get it.

Sediment Filter

Sentiments of a Sediment Filter: Sediment Filters, Explained

Sediment FilterWater can have a number of contaminants such as heavy metals, microbes, chlorine and the most obvious of them all, particulate matter normally composed of sand, rust flakes from water pipes, clay particles, and small organic matter, among others.

Such particles or suspended materials can sometimes be toxic, but fortunately, a sediment filter can easily remove them. offers a deeper look into how sediment filters clean water.

Sieving Process

A sediment filter essentially acts like a sieve to separate the suspended materials from water. Depending on the particle size it can trap, the filter has two distinct classifications:

1. Absolute filters, which trap 99.9{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} of the particles of a given size in microns.
2. Nominal filters, which trap 85{10568cefaa40ea8a7172e0c38c686ee7c7f6e07e3b9349e76f324dc051a3c9cb} of the same type of particulates as above.

For most household purposes, a nominal sediment filter is sufficient. Absolute filters are useful where high-grade filtration is a requirement.

The Composition of a Sediment Filter

Sediment filters have several discrete parts, such as:

• String or cords
• Cellulose
• Polyester
• Fibreglass
• Ceramic
• Cotton

These make backwash or cartridge sediment filters, the latter a disposable variety.

Different Types of Sediment Filters

Sediment filters available today are mainly of three types:

a) Depth filters where water will pass through a thick wall of the filter material, with the treatment occurring within the depths of the filter. These filters can hold the particulates and useful for separating particles of varied sizes.
b) Surface filters, where water forces through a thin sheet of filter that can trap surface particles. These are more useful for filtering particles of uniform size.
c) Adsorptive filters, made either as depth or surface filters. Some have charged filters that attract colloidal matter and microbes of the opposite charge.

Choose a sediment filter based on your requirements and get cleaner and safer water for daily use.

scrap electrical wires

Making the Most Out of Scrap Metals

scrap electrical wiresCollecting and selling scrap metal in Perth can become a lucrative business, but you have to do it smartly if you want to make good returns. Like all other businesses, it is wise to learn about the various materials in demand and the materials that you can find them in.

There are many buyers of scrap metal. Perth, for example, has a number of scrap yards, which buy recyclable materials, which they in turn sell to manufacturers where they would break them down and use them as parts for a new wave of products.
Here are a few notable things to note about scrap metal recycling.

Know Their Value

Not all materials have the same value. Do some research and talk to dealers to learn which substance is worth collecting and selling.

While talking to the dealers you should also find out which substance is in demand in your area. This will help you focus on these materials. Make a plan for scouting and collecting scrap metal, and draft a route for your operation.

Become Familiar With Trash

Begin familiarising yourself with the trash you plow through, and develop a knack of identifying the material of value in them. Normally, for example, after a garage sale most people throw away the unsold stuff. You can collect this stuff to sift through later.

Always remove copper from the trash as this is always worth much more than the others. Tell your friends and family that you will take away any electronic appliances that they would dispose of.

Be Organised and Classify the Materials

Organise your collection according to the type of material. Do not let dealers scour through your collection and sort them out; rather, do it yourself before you deliver the materials to the dealers. The prices change on a daily basis, hence do not sell in a hurry. Collect your stuff and begin monitoring the prices. It also helps if you can build a good rapport with the local dealer.

Sell when the prices are good. Whether as a hobby or a livelihood this is a profitable business, and helps the environment as well.

Electric Gate Locks

The Types of Gate Locks

Electric Gate LocksSecuring your main house is important to ensure safety. Installing locks on the doors and windows ensures that burglars won’t have easy access or none at all in your home. Do not settle on fortifying the security of your house, however; make sure the whole property is protected, as well.

A good way to do this is by putting up gates and fences along the borders of the property, according to the contractors of Boardwalk. As gates protect your entry point, make sure that it has the right lock system. There are different types so you may have to check what suits you best.

Slide Bolt

This is probably the most common type of lock mechanism. You just have to slide the bolt from one side of the gate to the other. It’s usually placed inside and can be secured with a padlock.

Spring Latches

This lock mechanism works by having a tightly wound spring around the bolt. You can easily open this lock from inside and it will automatically go back to its place when released. You can be sure that the spring latch always puts the bolt in a lock position.

Lockable Latches

Unlike spring latches, this lock mechanism needs manual operation. But in terms of security level, this is better because it can be secured by a key. You can practically place it either inside or outside of the gate. You can place it on both as well, to ensure better security in case you go out of your house frequently.

Electric Gate Locks

If you’re looking for a more advanced and technological gate lock, electric ones are the most suitable. It gives you complete control of the lock typically from anywhere near the gate. This type of mechanism is mostly remote-controlled so you can lock or unlock your gate in as easy as pressing the button.

Choosing a suitable locking system is more than relying on your taste. It should be more about your security needs. If your community is relatively safe, it may be more practical to settle for simpler mechanisms.

organized cleaned living room

Living Room Flooring: Exploring Your Options

organized cleaned living roomThe living room is one of the best places at home. It is a space where you can have fun, entertain guests, or simply relax while curled up with a good book.

Be that as it may, it is one of the most painstaking rooms to design for home builders. The type of flooring is one of the most important choices that they have to make when designing living rooms.

Below are the best choices for living room floors:

Timber Flooring

While every single room has a favourite type of flooring among builders and homeowners, few are as popular and versatile as wooden floors. According to, timber is a common flooring option that gives homes a much sleeker finish that is warmer to both the touch and the eyes.

In addition, wooden floors work well enough with a few rugs thrown in for a different feel each time you get the itch to redecorate.

Brick Tiles

Brick tiles are for you if you are looking for a type of rustic charm in your home. You can have them in different patterns, including basket-weave, herringbone, or running-bond. You also have many choices with regards to size and thickness.

Brick tiles are also very easy to maintain after installation. All you need is simple sweeping or vacuuming with the occasional mopping to keep it clean.

Carpeted Floors

Fully carpeted floors are the best choice if you are after total warmth on your bare feet. In addition to its comfortable feel, wall to wall carpets can also provide your living room with added texture for a more relaxing vibe.

The catch, though, is that it is perhaps the most difficult to maintain of all your flooring options with constant vacuuming and shampooing just to keep it clean and free from germs.

While there are indeed more flooring choices for living rooms, these are the most popular ones among builders and homeowners alike.

established container homes

From Cargo Containers to Home Sweet Home: How Container Homes Are Built

established container homesApparently, shipping containers are not just containers. Today, they are also used as stylish homes, offering individuals and families the options for a green, sustainable, and durable shelter. The relative cheapness of these homes makes them a popular choice among Australians. It is for this very reason, along with the concept of Great Australian Dream, which makes it such a great choice.

If you are thinking about buying a container home, but are having second thoughts about how these containers can really be a, well, house, read on to find out how these innovative housing systems are constructed.

Customising and Fitting

Experts from Gran Designs WA say that shipping containers are designed and pre-fitted to the house off-site. Builders will study the blueprint of your home, so that they can customise the containers in such a way that it will fit the design of the main property and the vision of the homeowner. For instance, if you want containers set up directly next to each other, all home features except for the outermost side panels are detached. This will make an open space when the containers are attached to the house.

Mounting the Container Home to its Foundation

Builders use stem wall foundation and steel bars to create a sturdy foundation for the container home. They also use concrete to make sure that the homes are secured. They fill the cells with steel plates, fixed into the concrete at each corner.

The steel plates have a J-hook, which attaches the container home to the rebar, holding it down to the footing. When the container homes are delivered to the site, a crane lifts them over to the foundation, securing them through welding operations.

Constructing the Containers On-Site

When the unit is secured to the foundation, builders will then place a roof to protect the structure. The roofing system is mounted with metal straps, fused with steel sides and wrapped around the rafters. Then, the builders will install flooring systems, wiring along the walls, and support beams. They will also insulate the walls and prepare the corrugated-steel interior for painting. The exterior is usually furnished with cement siding.

Today, shipping containers are more than large, metal boxes used for transporting products. It is now a hot, stylish property and a popular choice among Australian families.

less nutrition food

Online Nutritional Counselling and the Works

less nutrition foodPeople strongly believe that we are what we eat. This is because the food we consume has a very intense effect on people’s overall wellbeing, state of mind and how they look. It also affects human immunity and energy levels.

Kellie Hill outlines why online nutritional counselling is all the rage these days.

The Necessity for Help

Online nutrition counseling services therefore become essential, as they are powerful tools to help you set and reach the desired fitness and health goals. This could be either to improve energy levels, lose weight, prevent or manage chronic illnesses, improve digestion or maintain optimum fitness levels.

The nutritionists that you can contact by email, phone or Skype can teach you the optimum amount of nutrition that your body needs. They also tell you how this helps improve general wellness and prevent many illnesses.

The Clinics of the Digital Age

Nutritionists and dietitians conduct therapy sessions over the Internet, and quite unlike traditional clinical settings. They give their counsel and advice remotely. Thus, these nutritionists make full use of technology to provide help over the web. This made the sessions very convenient and accessible to both the clients and providers.

Accessible on All Devices

These web-based nutritionists have well designed websites accessible through all forms of devices, such as on mobiles or desktop PCs, no matter the screen size or the operating system. You can get your advice over your smartphone, tablets, or laptop. The sessions are just like normal sessions, where you have to fill in all your personal details, eating and drinking habits, lifestyle, exercising patterns, age and sex, along with your health goals.

Then they can set realistic short-term goals for you to achieve. Once they advise you on the foods and lifestyle changes good for you, you have to adhere strictly to their suggestions. Some people have “cheat days”, so if you do cheat, keep them informed. They will also perform periodic reviews and would suggest modifications to the program if necessary.

Success will come only if you adhere strictly to their suggestions and remain motivated towards your goals. Remember, they can only advise you, but you will do the bulk of the work yourself.

discuss real estate investment

4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

discuss real estate investmentFor people looking to buy or sell property, the two main options are to engage in the process yourself, or to hire a real estate agent to handle the deal. While handing the business transaction certainly has its advantages, there is no denying the fact that it requires a lot of time and effort.

Not only will you have to keep yourself abreast of the latest laws with regard to real estate, but also you constantly have to make yourself available to accommodate potential buyers or meet sellers at their convenience.

Here are some of the top reasons to hire a real estate agent to help you with your real estate transactions:

1. Real estate agents are aware of the recent price trends and fluctuations in the business. They can help you negotiate and get a good price, whether you are in the market to buy or sell property.

2. Agents have detailed knowledge about the neighborhoods where they operate, notes The Real Estate Group. They can provide you with sound advice about where to buy properties, when to buy, sell or hold, etc., so you get the best value for your money.

3. Real estate agents handle all the paperwork involved in your transaction. This avoids drowning in legal paperwork, whether writing an agreement or checking if it is airtight.

4. A real estate agent can introduce you to reputed financers who can offer you very good deals, especially if you are on the hunt for local lenders.

Knowing Where to Look

Real estate agents are not that hard to find, and you can ask your friends, family and acquaintances for recommendations. Alternatively, you can also check the online and local directories for listings. Interview the agents first before hiring them.

Hiring a real estate agent may sound like an unnecessary expense, but it gives you a wider coverage for sellers and buyers alike. Still, perform due diligence, as the performance of real estate agents varies from area to area and firm to firm.