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Increasing the Value of Your SMSF through Commercial Premises

buying propertyOwning an SMSF property provides a steady income and enhances the SMSF’s capital growth. It also improves the business owner’s stability and eliminates the third party landlord. Another advantage is that a business that operates through an SMSF gets tax relief on different counts when being disposed of. Most importantly, SMSF also helps protect assets from the creditors in case the business goes bankrupt. discusses details on purchasing SMSF property and how it can be a smart move:

Purchasing Business Premises from Business Owners

An SMSF can buy real business property from related parties provided it will be used exclusively for business purposes. For instance, the property can be a retail shop and has to be at market value. The main reason for the purchase should be to provide retirement benefits for all members.

Transferring of Property for Zero Consideration

A business premises may be transferred to an SMSF for zero money (in-specie). This transfer will be taken as a contribution towards the SMSF members. The maximum number of members that an SMSF can have is four. Commercial properties valued under one million dollars can be transferred without breaching the limits of contribution and attracting excessive contributions tax.

Gearing in Case SMSF do not have Sufficient Funds for Outright Purchase

The SMSF is entitled to buy real estate from related parties, as long as any pre-existing mortgage is discharged first. Any existing gearing must also be terminated before the transfer to the SMSF takes place. There should be a fresh gearing arrangement being established through a borrowing arrangement with a limited recourse. A valuation by a third and independent party should be done to get a correct assessment of the property’s price.

A property within the SMSF remains protected from creditors and other associated business risks, which may lead to bankruptcy. But, a claw back provision exists in the Bankruptcy Act, and this deals with contributions made to bypass creditors. SMSF’s apply to both retail funds and industry because only such funds are eligible for purchase. Although the trustees may take more responsibility, they continue to be the choice for future superannuation structure. Once it becomes an SMSF property, a formal lease arrangement between the SMSF trustee and related party must be signed.

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Drift Off Easily: The Secret of Sound Sleepers

quality mattressIn 2010, a 62-year old Ecuadorean man named Pedro Soria Lopez won 1000 euros in a siesta contest in Madrid. According to reports, Lopez managed to sleep for 17 minutes despite the uproar of a crowded Madrid shopping mall. His snores, which registered 70 decibels, earned him extra points to defeat a competitor who slept for 18 minutes.

Sleep Disturbances

While Lopez succeeded to sleep in such a noisy and uncomfortable environment, millions of people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep every night. According to sleep experts, the difficulty in sleeping is caused by many factors. The current culture only contributes to the problem, as people always use electronic gadgets late into the night.

Sleep Tight

Sound sleepers practice good sleep hygiene to help them transition at bedtime. Having a positive mindset toward sleep and setting clear boundaries, like never working past 8PM or 9PM is important. Furniture manufacturer Action Wood also suggests investing in a quality mattress to improve the quality of their sleep.

The Computer Trap

It is best to avoid browsing the Internet 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime. The light emanating from the screen disrupts the body’s ability to wind down late at night. The goal is to establish clear boundaries at night to drift off to sleep more easily.

Tranquil Oasis

Reality star Lauren Conrad is one of the few celebrities who pay attention to sleep. On her website,, she stresses the importance of getting seven to nine hours of sleep a day to improve your appearance. To help you dream the entire night away, she recommends making your bedroom a tranquil oasis. This means avoiding having a TV and computer in the bedroom and promising to stop checking emails an hour before bed.

Apart from avoiding the Internet and creating a relaxing bedroom environment, it is also best to avoid coffee in the afternoon or eating late at night. Adopt a relaxing bedtime routine to make it easier for you to help wind down and let go of your daily stresses.

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Why it’s Better to Deal with SEO Resellers than Providers

search engine optimisationTo be successful in your business, effective online marketing is highly important. But, if you are a small business owner and your knowledge of the Internet is limited, dealing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers can be tough and costly. It is easier to deal with the reseller who “resells” the providers’ services to you under their private label. They have a sincere and client friendly approach. This is a different form of outsourcing.

According to SEOResellerProgram, the following are some of the reasons why it’s more advisable to deal with resellers than direct providers:

• It is more affordable for businesses instead of hiring an exclusive provider or having an in-house SEO department.
• The reselling company is an intermediary, and their focus is on getting clients who need these services. They are different from the providers who are focused on the technical side of the optimization techniques.
• Apart from these techniques, other related services like web designing will also be a part of the package offered. Hence, you can get all the related online marketing services under one brand.
• They are highly keen in retaining you as a client. So, they will work towards meeting all your needs and preferences.
• They will empathize with you and your problems. They will make sure that your business and profits grow by getting a prominent web presence. Thus, their mode of functioning is different from that of the providers.
• Because their business is to please and satisfy customers, they will never leave a project half way. They need the clients’ back up to remain in business, so they will complete all the projects handed to them.
• They are equipped to handle clients on a one-to-one basis – both at the individual case level and the niche level.

They give their best services to make sure their partnership with the providers and the collaboration with their clients work well. They work hard, as they have to secure clients and retain them to continue to be in the business. They offer their dedicated and customized services to every client. In addition, they also provide all the resources and tools to handle all the work. So, they are easier to deal with than the direct providers.

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Edible Landscaping: Creating Culinary Gardens

culinary gardenMany restaurants and food establishments are now choosing to install culinary gardens to grow their own supply of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Even regular households are discovering the significance of utilising a portion of their backyard as a culinary garden. Those who have found success in this venture suggest that creating a culinary garden brings its own unique aesthetics. Compared with a typical landscape where you see only ornamental flowers and plants, a culinary garden offers more to the owner because the produce is edible.

If you are interested in establishing a culinary garden of your own, Tim Davies Landscaping recommends putting extra attention to the soil quality. As Australia typically has dry soil, improving the ground and adding special compost is necessary if you want to produce succulent veggies, fruits and herbs.

Landscapers recommend the following:

• Prepping the soil and providing adequate drainage
• Proper positioning of the plants
• Sectioning is an effective method to identify plants effectively and provide an organised and systematic appearance to the culinary garden. Place plant herbs in one section, fruits in another and vegetables in a different plot.
• Consider specific plant characteristics. Note that aromatics require the same soil quality to thrive. Vegetables tend to absorb a lot of water, so pair them with herbs that do not require a lot of watering.
• Herbs and other vegetables that require a lot of sunlight can do well on raised beds, as they tend to absorb light quicker.
• Lavender and lemon verbena for instance does well in damp, cool and slightly darker sections.

A Little Trial and Error

When it comes to culinary gardens, a little trial and error is expected, especially if this is your first time. Start small and do not be discouraged if your first outing does not produce the results your desired results. Do not purchase costly and sophisticated gardening tools at once. Start by using a basic shovel, trough and hand rake. Go back to the drawing board and consult the advice of experts to know how you can improve the quality of your culinary garden.


Flea Control: Making Your Surroundings Safer

Among the different pests that can inhabit our surroundings, fleas are some of the worst creatures. They can cause problems not just to our pets, but also to our health. This is why it’s important to have the right pest control service to address the problem immediately.


Pest control measures may either be chemical or organic. According to Edge Pest Control, organic measures usually pose minimal to no threat to our surroundings and health compared to chemical ones. Fleas are harmful pests, so they should be destroyed as soon as possible. The use of organic flea control methods is not only effective, but also better for the whole environment.

Home Remedies

When it comes to flea control, it’s important to use a method that can get rid of juvenile fleas to prevent further infestation. You can try a few home remedies, which are safe and effective. You can use rosemary, citronella or garlic and brewer’s yeast to get rid of fleas. While there’s no scientific proof to their effectiveness, many people can attest to their potency in getting rid of these pests. The great thing about it is that most of the ingredients are readily available in our kitchens. You can also try borax, as it can also get rid of different insects like ants.

Consistency is Key

If you’re going to try some do-it-yourself flea control, you need to have a lot of patience because you can’t expect to get rid of them in one go. Sometimes, it can get a bit challenging, so you need to be consistent and accurate about your flea control methods. Pets, especially dogs, carry fleas. So, make sure they maintain proper hygiene. Use safe anti-flea shampoo on them to get rid of the infestation.

Use a good vacuum cleaner to clean your home and get rid of flea eggs and larvae that can thrive underneath carpets. Check clothing, furniture and upholstery for any signs of flea infestation and deal with them accordingly.