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Office Windows: How to Show Business Professionalism

Woman looking out through the windowThey say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and for businesses, this literally means office windows. From the outside, they are some of the first things that people – including your potential and existing clients – see.

From here, they allow onlookers and passersby to see what is going on at the workplace; from the activities that people here do, to how organized its contents are.

With all these things already visible from the outside, you can already see just how important it is to keep these specific structural components of your office clean and sparkling.

With the help of professional Ogden window cleaning services such as Simply Right Janitorial, you can maintain utmost professionalism and credibility at all times.

Office windows and their impact on a business’ image

As mentioned above, the windows are some of the most visible areas of an office. Because of this, your clients, whether they’re still prospects or you already have a relationship with them, can already form perceptions about your organization just by seeing the state of the windows.

Since you want to wow your customers the first chance you get, you should definitely expend resources on maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Just put yourself in the shoes of consumers: would you want to transact with a business that cannot even spend time and resources on cleaning windows?

Definitely not, this is why you should not expect your customers to do otherwise.

The state of your windows and how productive your people are

More important than your brand’s image is the productivity and the health and safety of your talents. Always keep in mind that the environment people work in can contribute to how their mind and body perform.

With fresh air, clutter-free areas, and dust-free conditions, you help maximize your employees’ productivity. On the other hand, making them work in filthy and messy environments results in the exact opposite.

Take Back Your Property with a Bailiff Company

Man lying down with boxes and papers around himFor many landlords, they might find it not easy to remove wayward tenants from their property. Some will give their landlords why they are not ready to move or to even allow you to evict them. In many cases, you need extra help to take back your property.

For many landlords, the only way their tenants would give back property is to call in a property bailiff company. MS Webb & Co. and other bailiff companies have three methods you can do to take control of the situation and regain your property.

Using IPOs

Apply for an Interim Possession Order through your County Court. Once the judge considers and grants your application, you can then ask an enforcement officer to serve the trespassers the order.

This serves as an official order for you to take back your property from those who are occupying it illegally.

Using Court Orders

Typically, court orders take longer to process than IPOs. It takes a lot of time to prepare your final order for possession against the commercial squatters in determining whether you own the property in reference rightfully.

Using Common Law

You may not require the above two court procedures should your circumstance be less complicated and the trespassers are willing to leave. In such cases, you can use Common Law for peaceful repossession of your property.

Many landlords find it hard to remove unauthorised people on their property. Familiarise yourself with all the three procedures to better understand which one to use to remove people legally and properly from your property. These three ways will help you remove people legally and most peaceably, advises a renowned bailiff company with operations all over England and Wales.

The Problems and Solutions in Managing Your Warehouse

Warehouse Managers Discussing About ManagementWarehouse management is connected to six primary principles, including safety and security, efficiency, cleanliness, cost control and accuracy. However, the fundamental procedures are dynamic and complicated, which is why it brought massive issues to warehouse managers throughout all industries. Distributors have to manage trade-offs caused by limited resources that lead to under-performance in primary functional areas.

Warehouse managers have to figure out ways to maximise performance and choose quality materials, such as small parts storage shelving. They also have to balance trade-offs in unreliable circumstances. Here are the main problems that you will face and the solutions to help you overcome it.

Imprecise Inventory

Efficiency and preciseness in managing inventory correspond well together in warehouses. Inventories that are inaccurate allow issues, like the accumulation of outdated inventory and preserving incorrect stock levels. Picking issues even happen when the pickers depend on these wrong details, which causes inefficient procedures. Other consequences of imprecise stock details are low productivity, increased expenses and lost revenue. Probably the primary solution to handle issues related to accuracy is through automation.

Poor Layout of Facility

The efficient use of an area is a crucial factor in the success of a warehousing business. Insufficient storage area and disorganised use of available storage are typical issues in warehouses that have a poor layout. Warehouses that are poorly configured are the main cause for concern for managers due to its intrinsic potential for adverse impacts on profits.

The ideal layout considers both the vertical and floor space ready for use. Besides maximising space use, an optimal layout makes the most of labour and equipment, as well as, security and accessibility to every item. Utilising forklifts that can stretch to the roof of the warehouse is a structure that maximises both vertical and horizontal space.

Typical warehouse issues, like the poor layout of the facility and imprecise inventory, need sturdy systems that will update managers regarding gaps and changes that need attention. Do everything that you can to incorporate these to be one step closer to reaching your company goals. 

Your Practical Guide to Becoming Wealthy

Successful businessmen on an investment meetingBelieve it or not, there are many people are averse to the idea of becoming wealthy. This is because of the amount of work involved. It also means having ambition, which will require them to push themselves to become better.

There is nothing wrong with not pursuing wealth. However, if opportunities present themselves, will you resist them? If you do not want to become ultra rich, it still makes sense to build your wealth steadily for your stability. And the tasks involved should be broken down into bite-sized pieces. Here are some tips:

Invest in your health

In the hierarchy of wealth and investment, health is the foundation (thus the saying, “health is wealth.”). You have to make sure that your well-being is covered because what will help you build your wealth are your mind and body. Other than following a healthy lifestyle, you may want to invest in affordable health and life insurance plans to protect yourself in case something happens.

Have more than one source of income

You will rarely hear a millionaire who has only one source or income. If you are after stability, you need to have more than one source of income. Doing this will make sure that the cash flow can cover all your needs, wants, and requirements for self-improvement.


Do not just save! You have to learn to invest your assets in financial instruments that will yield money. Stocks, bonds, and equities are just among the things you can invest in. You can learn them by yourself, but you can always find a financial advisor and broker to do the investing for you. If you are bold enough, you can always invest in a business.

On top of these things, you need to build your network. Remember, you are not a self-made person. What you will become is a result of your relationships, both personal and professional. And cultivating your relationships and networks will help you achieve your financial goals.

Getting the Best out of Your POS Solution: Securing Your Customer’s Data

Woman testing her POS systemPoint-of-sale (POS) solutions are a great addition to your restaurant or retail store. It gets rid of the traditional cash register and problems such as the pain of having to issue the right change and guard your cash register against theft. A POS solution not only streamlines your sales process. It also eliminates the risks that come with having too much cash lying around at the end of the day.

Even though your POS system cuts out substantial uncertainties, it’s still exposed to a highly dynamic pool of online criminals. They could easily wreak havoc if you don’t refer to Clover point of sale reviews and invest in the perfect solution. So, what should you do to deter hackers?

Use a Secure Platform.

Your POS system could easily run on Windows or Android, but statistics have shown that this would be a bad idea. Reports have proven that iPads and iPhones are less prone to attacks, thanks to the robust nature of the iOS. It reduces the chances of malicious code running in the background. A safer platform will guarantee you a safer POS environment.

Insist on End-to-End Encryption.

Encryption is one of the best tools in protecting your data against theft and session hijacking. Purchasing a POS solution that uses the best end-to-end encryption adds a layer of protection. Encrypting at the POS device and when communicating with the server means that any pilfered data is never in a plain format in case a hacker gets to it.

Be PCI-Compliant.

PCI compliance insists on a rigorous audit of IT assets and even business processes to identify and plug and vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Staying compliant with the guidelines will ensure that you adapt your POS to the latest security patches and practices as soon as possible.

POS systems are convenient but vulnerable to many dangers. Securing your POS solution is not only good for the business owner, but it is also great for customers. Every customer wants their personal information and banking details safe. It is up to you to guarantee that.

What You Can Do To Make Your Office Safer

Man monitoring a surveillance systemYour most valuable assets – your employees –spend 40 hours a week in the office. For the benefit of your workers and of the business as a whole, safety program development with an expert like sheffieldsafety.com should be a priority.

For example, here a few safety concerns you should definitely look into:

Food Storage and Disposal

Good housekeeping is an integral part of any health and safety procedure. Clear out the fridge every two days to keep leftovers and dripping food containers from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, keep your pantry sanitary and stocked with cleaning supplies. Doing so reduces their likelihood of contracting an illness while in the workplace.

Electrical Hazards

Wrong installation and misuse of electrical equipment can cause shocks, burns and fires. Work with a licensed electrician in making sure that electrical devices and connections are in order. Remind your employees about guidelines on how not to overload circuits and when to unplug electrical gadgets.

Trips, Slips and Falls

Blocking pathways with filing boxes is more than just an inconvenience. It poses a great safety risk. Tripping from an object out of place will sometimes leave you with a bit of a bruise, but they can also lead to something more serious. Evaluate your workspace for poor lighting, slippery flooring, the absence of warning signs, spilled liquids and office clutter.

With your employees putting all their focus on completing their tasks for the day, they might forget to mind their surroundings. Developing safety programs and training your employees on them ensures that everyone adopts standard safety practices while at work.

5 Qualities to Look for in Professional Beauty Salons

Busy day on a beauty salonBeauty salons do more than help men and women have gorgeous hair. These days, salons also offer rejuvenating day spa treatments and other relaxing services. If you are looking for professional hairdressers here in Tauranga, you should find a professional full-service beauty salon.

To help you find the right one, look for these top qualities.

Offers a Wide Range of Beauty Services

A good beauty salon provides a variety of services for clients. Aside from specialised hairstyling and colouring services, look for a salon that also offers other treatments like waxing, beauty therapies, and nail art services.

Instead of going to different places for a relaxing spa treatment and a haircut, you can go to just one place. It maximises your time, so you do not have to set an appointment for another day.

A Team of Highly Trained Experienced Stylists

Research online or ask your friends about hairdressers in different salons. Know how long they have been styling hair, and if they received training in beauty schools. Experienced stylists are more likely to understand what kind of look you are going for.

Take note of feedback from satisfied customers who also come back to the salon.

Polite and Professional Staff

It is always a pleasure to go to a salon with friendly and professional staff. After all, nobody wants to walk in a beauty parlour without feeling welcomed. You can feel comfortable with a hair stylist if they treat you well and actually go out of their way to provide quality service.

Clean and Organised Work Stations

It is very important to check if the salon is spotless and well maintained. If the place does not seem to prioritise hygiene and cleanliness, think twice. You do not want to catch any allergies or infections when you have your hair or nails done.

Moreover, going to a badly kept salon may not guarantee a relaxing experience.

Keep these qualities in mind the next time you look for a beauty salon. Aside from finding the right hairdressers in Tauranga, you can enjoy a quality spa and beauty treatments at a professional full-service salon.

Marketing Your Goods & Services on a Tight Marketing Budget in 3 Incredible Steps

Marketing StrategiesMarketing is at the heart of growing any business venture. It creates awareness for your goods and services to the potential customers. Apart from boosting sales, proper marketing efforts grow your brand awareness and presence. Many small businesses, however, overlook the need to engage in extensive marketing efforts. Unknown to them, you can launch a marketing campaign on a small budget.

Create business stationery

Print a set of business cards and office stationery. Create a professional looking logo and make sure it appeals (uniformly) across your business cards, letterheads, and other print items. Make sure that your contact information is visible, so potential customers know where to find you. Be sure to use quality stock and printing inks. Use of inferior products only serves to harm your reputation.

Sponsor a local event

With a small budget, you can turn a local book club into brand ambassadors for your business. With the help of one of the credible screen print services, you can print a set of t-shirts and donate them to book club members. You can also donate such branded merchandise to a local marathon or other public function. This approach creates brand awareness and attests to your corporate social responsibilities.

Collaborate with other businesses

It’s common for businesses engaged in non-competitive business to exchange marketing flyers, posters, and business cards. This approach helps you to grow your brand awareness and presence without incurring additional costs. Similarly, you can bundle your goods and services and offer your collective customers an incentive to buy from you.

With a little bit of effort and planning, you can grow a business on a limited marketing budget. With these credible steps, you can hit the ground running and grow your business.

Why Your Office Design Is Important for Productivity

Office WorkplaceIn a study conducted by Thomas Davenport, Sue Cantrell and Bob Thomas at Accenture, about companies that had initiatives in place to support and improve the performance of workers critical to the mission of their organisation, the researchers found out that the value of the physical work environment was always high on the list. They also learned that these ‘high-end knowledge workers’ prefer closed offices but communicate better when they are working in open, collaborative spaces.

This is an example of how the location and design of an office may affect the productivity of the people working in it. Whiteleys Office Furniture shares some of the best reasons you should hire bespoke office interior design services to make your work areas more effective and supportive of your organisation’s image and goals.

Your Office Might be a Health Hazard

Offices with bad lighting, peeling paint, and lots of echo and noise are bad for workers. With enough natural lighting and a classy touch to the décor, your office may keep your employees away from sick days. Of course, cleanliness and the absence of clutter should be part of the package, as well.

Your Office Design Might be ‘Out of Touch’

Even if you build an office that looks modern and fun, if your organisation’s purpose is mostly serious and mature (a law office, for instance) the design may do nothing to help your employees, clients and business partners. When you talk to your designer, always have a purpose in mind that may be reflected in the office design.

You Might be Missing out on Great Talent

The savviest applicants typically Google the companies they are interested in. As a matter of fact, design might be one of the boxes on their checklist of prospects. Talent may be passing you by simply because your old office is turning them off. Design your office to look great for applicants, business partners, clients and suppliers. Whether you agree or not, people form conclusions based on first impressions.

Your Company Values may not be Represented Well

Even if you support working parents, if your office doesn’t have a place for their kids or is not at least kid-friendly, it does not matter. If you employ young talents, but they are kept in cubicles with a ‘Work Quietly’ sign in each one, your office is not inspiring them. Make your office design reflect the values that matter to you. If you support a green working environment but have nothing but white walls and fluorescent lights, that office does not exactly signify your true values.

It is not only about aesthetics for the sake of cosmetic purposes. It is about your office design becoming an extension of what you believe in and represent, and how it supports your people in being happier, more productive and creative.

What to Consider Before Investing in Gold

 Gold Investment Are you considering buying gold? You will probably find a seller without a lot of effort. Before you get the prized coin, though, you may want to determine whether you need it now. Yes, gold is mostly a good investment, but there are exceptions. You need to review all the scenarios before delving into gold business.

Investment Method

Some people buy gold in the UK, only to realise they do not have a plan for it. The first step before you even buy one is to decide an effective investment approach. There are many options and you must take some time to understand each. Some of the popular ones are exchange-traded fund (ETF), gold mining shares and gold bars. According to Atkinsons Bullion, you could also choose to buy gold sovereign coins in the UK, which might be a great help during a financial crisis.

Where to Buy

You do not buy gold sovereigns from any retailer. Neither do you get gold bars in every store in London. Several retailers are listed by the World Gold Council, but not as an endorsement. Before you buy, check if the dealer has any approval from this organisation or in other accredited firms. Being a certified seller protects the consumer against gold of substandard fineness.

Tax Issues

Investing in gold is probably the best way of saving tax. The taxation rules, however, are complex because of the different types of coins involved. Normally, a coin bought for investment in gold bullion is exempted from tax. If the gold-value content is higher than the buying price of gold, then VAT applies. The argument is that it has become a collector’s item. These and other taxation implications should form the basis of your investment decision.

The greatest undoing for anyone investing in gold in the UK is to jump into the market headlong without imagining the scenarios. You do not want to make such a grave mistake. Consider issues such as retailers, investment methods and tax. Ask for professional advice if you are unsure of anything.