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Two employees at a warehouse

Storing Time and Temperature-Sensitive Drugs: A Warehousing Guide

Two employees at a warehouseStorage is a crucial aspect in a drug control system. This entails maintaining proper environmental control from temperature to ventilation and segregation.

Although there are already set international guidelines and best practices for the storage of drugs, it is vital for pharmaceutical companies and any health care facility storing drugs to review their practise. This document provides general recommendations on designing a drug storage facility from environmental auditing to storage shelving systems selection.

Conducting Environmental Auditing

Conducting an environmental audit before drafting a warehouse design ensures optimal operational performance. The World Health Organisation recommends internationally recognised audit systems such as BREEAM, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Pearl Rating System. All systems promote environmental sustainability, but each has its own focus such as Pearl’s emphasis on water conservation.

Deciding on Warehouse Layouts

The two main layout options for pharmaceutical warehouses are the ‘U’ flow and the ‘Through’ flow. The U flow places the receiving and dispatching area on the same side of the building with the high demand items placed near the staging area. The Throughflow, on the other hand, places the receiving and dispatching area on opposite sides and stations the high demand items between these areas.

When considering the ideal layout for a warehouse, factors to consider include the type of warehousing operation, the building’s physical layout and road access points. One must also design the site for long-term flexibility to take into account possible expansion or changes in warehouse operations.

Selecting Storage Shelving Units

Selecting shelving units will depend on the site’s dimension, product type, product volume, product handling equipment and environmental factors. Pharmaceuticals that need to be stored in cold rooms or freezer rooms, for example, require zinc plated shelving designed for cold environments.

For walk-in rooms up to 100m3, adjustable slatted shelving is recommended. For large, high-rise rooms, pallet racking creates the most space and volume-efficient arrangement.

These are some of the main considerations when creating the appropriate drug storage environment. Particular attention must be given to contamination, UV rays, atmospheric temperatures and moisture. If properly observed, the safety, efficacy and saleability of drugs are ensured.

Office Windows: How to Show Business Professionalism

Woman looking out through the windowThey say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and for businesses, this literally means office windows. From the outside, they are some of the first things that people – including your potential and existing clients – see.

From here, they allow onlookers and passersby to see what is going on at the workplace; from the activities that people here do, to how organized its contents are.

With all these things already visible from the outside, you can already see just how important it is to keep these specific structural components of your office clean and sparkling.

With the help of professional Ogden window cleaning services such as Simply Right Janitorial, you can maintain utmost professionalism and credibility at all times.

Office windows and their impact on a business’ image

As mentioned above, the windows are some of the most visible areas of an office. Because of this, your clients, whether they’re still prospects or you already have a relationship with them, can already form perceptions about your organization just by seeing the state of the windows.

Since you want to wow your customers the first chance you get, you should definitely expend resources on maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Just put yourself in the shoes of consumers: would you want to transact with a business that cannot even spend time and resources on cleaning windows?

Definitely not, this is why you should not expect your customers to do otherwise.

The state of your windows and how productive your people are

More important than your brand’s image is the productivity and the health and safety of your talents. Always keep in mind that the environment people work in can contribute to how their mind and body perform.

With fresh air, clutter-free areas, and dust-free conditions, you help maximize your employees’ productivity. On the other hand, making them work in filthy and messy environments results in the exact opposite.

Maintenance Checklist For a Thriving Hotel

Successful small business owner standing with crossed arms with employee in background preparing coffeeManaging a hotel business is not an easy job. You need to make sure maintenance and cleaning services are done regularly. You must ensure that every room is safe and free from pests; otherwise, you’ll lose customers.

Here are some of the things you should do to make sure your guests are happy and satisfied with their stay:

Cleaning specialists should take out the trash every day

The trash should be taken out every day, especially from rooms that allow cooking. It will be difficult to get rid of spoiled food in an enclosed room. This can make guests complain and give your hotel a bad review.

Address complaints immediately

Health inspectors conduct regular inspections in hotels to make sure the establishments comply with rules and standards. Should any of your guests complain about bed bugs, for example, address it immediately. In such situations, Yes Pest Pros, Inc. recommends transferring the guests to another room and calling a professional bed bug exterminator in Indiana right away.

This way, you prevent any health problems that can occur while guests are in your hotel. A pest control company can also help you to identify possible areas infested by bed bugs and exterminate the pests.

Change bed sheets regularly

You should replace bed sheets should regularly to prevent mold build-up and ensure maximum comfort for your guests. When guests are comfortable and the room is clean, the chance of complaints is minimal and guests will likely give your hotel a good review.

Ask employees to attend seminars or conferences on service maintenance

Some agencies conduct seminars to help hotel employees address pest problems and handle complaints. These events provide information on steps to take to identify an infestation. It is not advisable to do pest extermination on your own. In addition, improper use of chemicals may worsen the infestation. Leaving the job to the pros help prevent accidents and health problems.

The management and maintenance of a hotel business require consistency and immediate action to complaints and problems. It is important to ask for the help of specialists when it comes to addressing pest infestation, not only to avoid complaints but also to avoid health and legal problems in the future.

Your Practical Guide to Becoming Wealthy

Successful businessmen on an investment meetingBelieve it or not, there are many people are averse to the idea of becoming wealthy. This is because of the amount of work involved. It also means having ambition, which will require them to push themselves to become better.

There is nothing wrong with not pursuing wealth. However, if opportunities present themselves, will you resist them? If you do not want to become ultra rich, it still makes sense to build your wealth steadily for your stability. And the tasks involved should be broken down into bite-sized pieces. Here are some tips:

Invest in your health

In the hierarchy of wealth and investment, health is the foundation (thus the saying, “health is wealth.”). You have to make sure that your well-being is covered because what will help you build your wealth are your mind and body. Other than following a healthy lifestyle, you may want to invest in affordable health and life insurance plans to protect yourself in case something happens.

Have more than one source of income

You will rarely hear a millionaire who has only one source or income. If you are after stability, you need to have more than one source of income. Doing this will make sure that the cash flow can cover all your needs, wants, and requirements for self-improvement.


Do not just save! You have to learn to invest your assets in financial instruments that will yield money. Stocks, bonds, and equities are just among the things you can invest in. You can learn them by yourself, but you can always find a financial advisor and broker to do the investing for you. If you are bold enough, you can always invest in a business.

On top of these things, you need to build your network. Remember, you are not a self-made person. What you will become is a result of your relationships, both personal and professional. And cultivating your relationships and networks will help you achieve your financial goals.

API: US Petroleum Deliveries Reach Record Number in August

European Oil Pump Jack in Germany on a Sunny DayU.S. petroleum deliveries in August reached its highest figure in 10 years with a 1.3% year-over-year growth, amounting to an average of 20.5 million barrels per day, according to the American Petroleum Institute (API).

API Director of Statistics Hazem Arafa said that a strong economy had driven demand for petroleum products. At the same time, domestic production continues to be strong that provides consumers and businesses with cheap fuel costs.

Energy Independence

Domestic petroleum deliveries in the country rose 1.3% in August year over year, while crude oil production still reached more than 9.0 million barrels per day for the seventh month in a row. A decline in crude oil imports indicated that the U.S. became more energy independent as well.

Crude oil imports fell 7% to nearly 7.5 million barrels per day, which was the lowest number since November 2015. Petroleum imports also fell 6.4% in August from the year-ago period, averaging below 9.7 million barrels per day.

On the other hand, domestic crude oil production increased 6.8% to 9.3 million barrels per day. As output increases, companies face a need to construct more storage facilities.

Storage Solutions

Storage silos could serve as a good choice for oil commodities. It is important to be aware that there are different building codes for designing and fabricating tanks. For those that intend to build a field-fab silo, an API 650 tank is appropriate for this storage facility.

In case you plan to store water in an industrial silo, the storage tank should follow AWWA D100 standards. Until the U.S. adopts a streamlined set of policies for building industrial storage tanks, you should expect that tank designs would continue to be different from one another.


The record-high number of petroleum deliveries in August indirectly causes lower fuel prices. If the current pace of economic growth continues, future numbers for production and distribution should remain positive.

Yes, Mexican Food Can Be Healthy

Delicious Mexican CuisineYes, Mexican food is one of the most delicious foods you could ever eat; bet you did not know that it is also very healthy for you. A mix of tasty vegetables and meats, which creates a perfect symphony between sensation and taste, and one that positively influences your wellbeing.

So when on the hunt for Mexican food here in Springfield, make sure to be on the lookout for these ingredients;

  • Avocadoes – It is the best fruit source of vitamin E, which is excellent for immunity. Studies have indicated that the oleic acid content of avocado helps prevent certain cancers, and there is the folate content, which plays a crucial role in heart health.
  • Salsa – Salsa has lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Aside from intensifying flavor, the pepper, lemon juice and tomatoes in salsa are also beneficial for your heart.
  • Beans – Beans could aid in preventing some cancers, reducing bad cholesterol, regulating digestion, and nourishing your brain. As a protein-packed food, beans likewise strengthen your bones, due to its calcium, manganese, and vitamin K content.
  • Corn – Aside from being rich in healthy fiber, corn could also help in weight control because of its chewiness, which helps you eat less, but makes you feel oh-so full.
  • Cilantro – Cilantro is popular for its refreshing flavor, intense aroma, and is chockfull of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Peppers – Capsaicin found in peppers is anti-inflammatory, helps alleviate sinus infections and headaches, and effective in fighting certain cancers. It is likewise thermogenic, meaning that it helps in controlling weight because it effectively assists in burning calories.
  • Meats – Meats such as fish, beef, chicken, and pork are excellent protein sources, so as long as you do not overload on the fatty stuff. They could be spiced and ground for tacos, sliced for fajitas, as well as shredded for burritos.

So why are you still reading? Go out and load up on some Mexican food right now. But do remember to eat in moderation and choose your ingredients wisely.

Why Australia’s Manufacturing Sector Should Go Beyond Production

Researchers conducting experimentsA non-profit organisation supporting the development of Australia’s advanced manufacturing sector urged the country’s manufacturing industry to focus more on research, design and development initiatives, instead of being “production-centric.” This is according to the organisation’s Managing Director Jens Goennemann.

Goenneman said that redefining manufacturing in the country would require the assistance of the defence industry. He adds that people should look at the manufacturing industry not just as a group of service or engineering firms. Instead, they should view manufacturing companies as manufacturers of modern technology and equipment.

Welding Trade

The welding market presents a good opportunity for the manufacturing industry to reinvent itself, according to Goenneman. While the industry considers welding as a traditional trade for the longest time, there are ways to improve it. For instance, one can integrate welding with robotic technology such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines. The result consists of a decades-old conventional manufacturing process modernised by robotics. For businesses planning to purchase CNC plasma cutters from reputable companies like Jaymac CNC Plasma, their decision to use new tools will help redefine welding operations.

Import Issues

A theoretical transformation of the welding industry would also have to include tighter regulatory controls for imported products. The Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) cautions against the negative impact of surging imports for steel products. This goes out especially for jobs.

Many local fabricators have incurred business losses due to this, particularly shipbuilders in South Australia. Safety also represents another problem, as some imported products used substandard materials on South Australia’s roads, according to the WTIA.

The transformation of Australia’s manufacturing sector needs to be extensive, which transcends the concept of just producing consumer goods and other commodities. As global manufacturing technologies evolve, the country should modernise how the industry functions to be at par with its peers.

Fast Facts about Car Title Loans

Red title loans logoA car title loan is a short-term loan secured by a collateral: your car. In case, you default on your payments, Loans For Less explains that the lender will repossess your vehicle. In general, a title loan has a payback period of 60 days or fewer. But there are some interesting facts about car title loans in Utah that you should know.

The Loan Is Almost Instant

Car title lenders will give you a loan almost instantly – granted, of course, that you can provide a proof of vehicle ownership. The good part is you can continue using your vehicle while you work on paying back the loan.

The Value of Your Car Determines the Amount You Can Loan

The maximum amount of your loan will depend on how much your car is worth on the market. In general, the lender will extend a loan for an amount that will allow them to recover their money once you fail to pay your loan. So keeping your car in tip-top condition will yield great dividends in the form of a higher loan.

The Quicker You Pay the Loan, the Better

While a lot of lenders would allow you to roll the debt over for another term, this will only cost you more. You stand to pay less regarding finance charges if you can pay your loan at the earliest possible time.

The Rates Vary

It is best that you shop around for the best terms before settling for a particular lender as rates and terms vary from one loan provider to another. You should find a preferable deal that will be most convenient to pay back.

Final Word

These are a few facts about title loans that you may not know, so these bits of information will help you come up with the right plan before getting a car title loan.

Work Green: How to Maintain an Eco-Friendly Workplace

The interior of a workplace Actual, physical workspaces aren’t going anywhere, even in this era of cloud-based collaboration and office-less offices. Millions of people still go to the office year-round, which means millions are still consuming energy and leaving large carbon footprints.

A conscious decision to go green is a good start, and you could try enlisting your colleagues (better yet, the entire company) to take these steps towards eco-friendlier office spaces.

Use Reusable Supplies

Think of the environmental impact of that cute stationery set, and suddenly it’s not so cute anymore. Scratch highly disposable products off your supplies shopping list, and go for more re-usable/recyclable ones.  Stock up on refillable pens and markers, and keep an eye out for 100% post consumer paper. These sheets have significantly smaller carbon footprints compared to regular, recycled ones.

Working late into the night? Avoid using disposable coffee pods at all costs, as its foil and plastic packaging recyclability are seriously in question.

Invest in Durable, Sustainable Furniture

Bargain basement office furniture isn’t a real deal. Their flimsy, disposable nature only serves to pile up on landfills, and Bishop Interiors agree that investing in longer-lasting quality pieces are the best way to go. Look for companies that offer eco-friendly furniture and supplies in their catalogue.

Purge Digital Inboxes

Paper-based correspondence is slowly going out of fashion in the age of email. Little do you know, letting your digital inbox pile up in the thousands (or millions) can have adverse environmental impacts too. Cloud storage isn’t entirely emission-free, as it’s still a physical storage space somewhere in the world, consuming energy by storing and managing your digital files.

Thus, computers, servers, and routers still produce greenhouse gas this way. Make it a habit of purging your inbox of unnecessary stuff, so cloud systems can ease up on bearing all that digital load.

Going green requires quite a bit of habit-breaking, but just the effort on display can inspire others to follow suit. The more we invest in eco-friendly solutions, the better our chance of having space to work with at all.

Magento Tips and Tricks: How to Ensure Your E-Commerce Site’s Security

A man working on his website's security While Magento is among the safest and most secure open source platforms for e-commerce sites today, malicious users (aka hackers) still manage to do damage to some poorly safeguarded websites. Here are some security tips you could implement to combat online attacks:

Make Your Password as Complex (yet Easy to Remember) as Possible

You need to have a strong password that hackers cannot easily crack. Your password should have 10 characters at least, with letters, numbers, and special characters, as well as lower and upper case letters.

Always Use the Most Updated Magento Version and Security Patches

Magento is always on the lookout for potential security breaches in their system and constantly release security patches to protect the integrity of their system. In case they find vulnerabilities, they will release updates, which you must download and install to ensure your site’s security.

Alter Your Admin Path

If you use the default admin path, you are making it easier for hackers to crack your login credentials. And when hackers use the admin path, they could easily see your login credentials and wreak havoc on your site.

Encrypt Web Pages, Particularly Where Customers Enter Their Credentials

To protect your customers’ critical information, always use a safe URL. It is mandatory to implement secure URLs specifically when processing financial transactions online. Fortunately, you could use SSL with Magento.

Consider Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra security layer to your website, says a Magento hosting specialist in Australia. Other than simply entering your username and password, you will have to input a security code that is randomly generated every 30 seconds.

In the event that a hacker gains access to your login credentials, he or she will not be getting the security code because it could only be sent directly to designated mobile phone numbers.

Use Effective Antivirus Software

Opt for antivirus software with tons of great feedback and reviews, specifically when used with Magento. Likewise, ensure that your antivirus software is regularly updated.

Making sure your e-commerce site is secure is the foundation for developing and expanding your business. While data breaches are extremely disruptive and costly, you could avoid them by implementing these measures.