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a silver porsche with an open door with red interior

3 Outstanding Benefits of Regular Porsche Servicing

a silver porsche with an open door with red interiorYou must have come across car owners who curse the whole idea of having bought a Porsche without knowledge on its care and maintenance. When this is the case, it just becomes a burden, instead of getting value for which you bought it.

Sure, doing some repairs yourself wouldn’t hurt, but it also pays to bring a professional service on board. Below are benefits of regular Porsche scheduled maintenance experts — including Formula Motorsports in New York City — swear by.

Improved driving safety

Most Porsches don’t come cheap; you might have spent a fortune buying one. However, you should never compromise your safety on the road. Don’t neglect routine maintenance checks, such as tire and wheel performance and the status of the engine and battery components.

With regular checkups, you can ensure your vehicle stays in top shape. This translates to uncompromised safety and efficiency.

Enhanced fuel economy

If there is one thing car owners are keen about, it is saving cash on fuel. You cannot achieve this until you carefully follow your scheduled maintenance, though. In fact, it’s not just about service; it’s also about treating it in line with manufacturers’ recommendations.

When your engine is maintained well, it becomes twice or thrice more efficient in performance. This translates to gallons of fuel spared for the next ride.

Extended service life

Your owner’s manual highlights both what you should and shouldn’t do to your Porsche. It’s because they know the conditions in which your car can reciprocate the best value.

When you follow your car maintenance schedule, you extend your car’s service life. Plus, if your car is in good condition, you also stand to negotiate a good figure should you plan to sell it in the future.

When it comes to regular Porsche maintenance, it’s not about dishing out cash to every mechanic you come across. Choose one experienced and trusted mechanic for your auto service needs.

Military green 8x8 ATV

Hunting Season Is Here, Time to Drive Your Hunting ATV

Military green 8x8 ATVHunters will be more efficient with the right equipment and transport. For the former, the choices are endless, depending on the type of game you wish to hunt. But with the challenges brought by terrain and ground cover, transport becomes an utmost necessity. An extreme terrain hunting vehicle is what you need for hunting season.

The hunting XTV market is full of different types of hunting transports, like Shank’s Argo 8×8 hunting XTV. These hunting transport vehicles can help you improve your hunting skills.

Works well in any terrain

As a high-performance amphibious vehicle, an XTV can traverse through all outdoor surface types, be it mud, rock, ice, or sand. Going through thick growth, parched or grassy fields, and cutting across small rivers and wading through shallow lakes are the things these vehicles can do on any hunting season. With a specialized and modern mechanical built hunting XTV, there is always a solution for any obstacle.

Load capacity

Hunting also requires a huge amount of support and backup equipment. An XTV can carry your equipment in any terrain and keeps your gear whether you’re stalking your prey on land or water.

Many XTVs have specific storage equipment that would suit the kind of activity you plan to do. Hunting XTVs have compartments that could fit your fishing, hunting, and camping equipment. Some of these storage trunks vary in size, so choose one that suits the kind of hunting gear you have.

Comfortable transport

With the uncertainties of the elements and the wilderness, it’s best to be prepared when on a hunt. But comfort should not be sacrificed. Most ATVs for hunting are ergonomic too, providing great comfort to riders during a chase.

Hunting XTVs are the ultimate hunting equipment. It is functionally equipped to help you through any terrain in the great outdoors.

What to Do if Your Car Won’t Start

a woman inside a silver carBreakfast is done. Your children are finally out the door and ready for school. You’re also ready to go to work. But then you find that your car isn’t ready yet because it just won’t start. What are you supposed to do? Consider these easy tips to try and get your up to speed.

Check the Hood

It’s usually a battery issue when a car won’t start. If you think this is the case, inspect the hood and check for the following:

  • Is your battery mounted correctly?
  • Do you see corrosion or rust surrounding the battery’s terminals?
  • How about the connection of the cable clamps?

If you could move your battery or cable terminals even a smidge, the electrical connection might be weak so your car won’t start. Experienced auto mechanics in Salt Lake City adds that you should tighten all cable connections and clean corrosion (if any) to create a stronger electrical connection. If your car still won’t crank, try calling a neighbor for a jump start.

Do You Hear a Click? Try Cycling

If you hear a distinct click rather than the roar of your engine upon turning your key, you could try cycling the key to help start your engine. This could help warm up the starter, terminals, and the battery. To cycle, put the key in the off position and then the start position consecutively for about 10 times. Wait a couple of minutes and then start your car. If it doesn’t work, try cycling two more times.

…or Shifting

If you don’t hear anything when trying to start your car, consider doing a subtle shift. Shifting might work because when you move the shifter around, it might reestablish electrical connections in the transmission range sensor or selector. To do a shift, put pressure on the brake pedal, shift your car in to neutral, and then start your car. If you succeed, then go about your day. If not, however, shift it to park and try starting your car again.

If you managed to start your car and dropped your children off at school with no further incidents, the next thing you should do is to head over to your local mechanic to have your car inspected. It’s possible that your car might not be willing to work with you the second time around, so it’s best to head straight to your mechanic.

How to Choose a Car Mechanic

a man fixing the car engineYour car giving up on you in the middle of a busy road while you are on your way to an appointment is not something anyone would wish to encounter. However, such unfortunate events happen. The bad news is, no one knows when it will happen and to whom. The good news? There are ways to handle the situation to lessen the burden and stress. The answer? Find a mechanic.

Choosing a mobile mechanic is not something that should be done when your car starts acting up. Instead, it should be done BEFORE you notice something is wrong with your car, or before you get into such misfortunes. Finding one is not that hard. Here is a guide to help you.

How to choose a car mechanic

1. Referrals

Asking your friends and family for referrals is often effective. Because they have personally used their services, they can give you a direct opinion on how a mechanic does their work and what to expect from them.

2. Shop around

Once you have the leads, do not be afraid to shop around. This will help you understand the market better, as well as compare the services of one shop to another. Doing so can help you gather information that can help you make a better decision.

3. Ask many questions

While shopping around, make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Technically, there are no right or wrong answers as it will all depend on your needs and preference, but asking will help you know more about who you are going to possibly entrust your car to.

4. Know the warranty and policies

Different companies have different policies. Before committing to anything, make sure you understand the scope and limitations of such policies and whether or not they will work for you in the long run. Any changes agreed upon should always be done in writing.

Use these four simple tips to find the right car mechanic. Start your search now before it is too late.

Ways to Get the Best Deal When Buying a Car

man planning to bu a new carJudging by the rising car sales here in Auckland, it may seem that many people do not have a hard time buying one. But some people dread the moment they must walk into a dealership to get their new car, while others view it as a chore.

In most cases, the mistakes they made with their present vehicle are still fresh in their mind. However, this does not always have to the case as you can avoid some costly mistakes that could ruin the car-owning experience.

Be smart about the money

Prospective car buyers are so caught up on the buying price that they make one oversight that costs them a fortune. You should not put too much effort to get the salesperson to lower the price then opt to finance with no money down.

While knocking a couple of hundreds of dollars over the top might feel good, you will lose thousands over the life of the car loan. Most people often make the mistake of not shopping around for an affordable car loan.

With a little negotiation, you can bring down the interest rate from about 6 percent to an affordable 4 percent.

Go for that test drive

It is easy to get enamoured by the immaculate body, and a sparkling paint job that you forget to peek under the hood. Again, it is not enough to rev the engine while the car is stationary. You need to spend some time behind the wheel to get a feel of the car before making a commitment.

Take the car through a wide range of conditions to be sure. From the smooth highways to the bumpy back streets, you want to be sure that the vehicle can handle them well. You certainly do not need to discover that the car rattles and shakes when you hit 60 miles an hour after taking delivery.

Buying a car is a huge financial decision and, as such, you need to approach it with all the seriousness it deserves. You certainly can afford to make a mistake that will lead you to incur hefty losses after sealing the deal.

When Do You Need a Brake Pad Replacement? Find Out Here

Car Tires taken offDo you feel like your brake pedal seems softer when depressing? Or are your brakes vibrating oddly? If you do, it is time to replace your car’s brake pads. It is easy for a mechanic to spot such a problem, so a visit to an auto repair shop is recommended.

Quality replacement services from brake repair shops in Kaysville such as Shadetree Automotive is not difficult to find.

When do you need new brake pads?

Excessive brake-pad wear is the most common reason for replacement. A high-pitched squealing sound, the initial symptom, is an obvious sign for a worn-out pad. This happens when the soft-metal wear indicator rubs against the brake rotor. A grinding sound when braking means the replacement is overdue.

At this point, the brake pads are already damaging the rotors. There are signs of worn-out pads that you cannot hear but feel when you step on the brake pedal. One sign is when the car pulls into one side when you step on the brakes.

Brakes that seem to vibrate or brake pedals that are unusually softer are other common symptoms.

Getting the right ones

When choosing, consider the durability and the noise produced. There are four types of brake pads: the semi-metallic pad, which consists of 30-65 percent metal; the non-asbestos organic (NAO) pad, which are made of organic fibers; the low-metallic NAO pad, which are made of 10-30 percent copper or steel; and the ceramic pad, which are composed of ceramic fibers, nonferrous materials, and some metal. Semi-metallic pads are more durable while NAO pads wear faster. Low-metallic NAO is a bit noisier while ceramic pads are quieter.

Larger vehicles need more metals in their brake pads while compact cars need organic materials. But it is advised that you talk to your brake technician or the manufacturer because there are standards set for materials used in brake pads.

USED written on a car plate

Critical Steps to Buying a Used Car

When buying a pre-owned car, one of the most important things you need to do is to look out for possible mechanical problems. Below is a list of the essentials so that you will not face any unpleasant surprise when you make the purchase:

Perform a test drive.

When buying a vehicle from used car dealers in Jacksonville, it is imperative to take it on a test drive on both the highways and local roads. On your local roads, you will feel how the vehicle responds and shifts when turning sharp corners. On the other hand, if you take a trip down the highway, you will know if the engine is running smoothly or not.

Taking your prospective car on a ride under different environments will allow you to hear and feel how the vehicle responds. Remember to listen keenly and look out for strange noises and reactions.

Perform a leak test.

A car that is leaking fluids is a general red flag for failed repairs. During your test drive, park the car in a clean spot and let it run for a few seconds. After some time, move the vehicle and inspect the spot for any fluids.

A black fluid is indicative of an oil leak while green and pink are signs of anti-freeze and a leakage in the transmission respectively.

Review the car’s history.

A used vehicle history will give you an insight into title problems, if any, service points, and ownership, as well as previous accidents. You can also check the VIN decoder chart to see if the information matches with the vehicle title and records.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, never rush into purchasing a used car for sale. Instead, take time to do extensive research on the vehicle. Also, be assertive when negotiating the price to ensure that you get a good deal.

5 Tricks to Keep Your BMW Running Forever

A Sports CarA car’s primary function is to take you from point A to B in comfort, convenience, speed, and relative safety. It can also be a status symbol. This is why some would rather drive a BMW even if there are many more affordable vehicles like Corollas and Civics.

A car can also become a source of headaches if you don’t take good care of it. To prevent that from happening, here are some tricks that can make your car run the longest time possible.

1. Don’t force your car to run on bad tires.

Wear on tires can lead to additional problems. The suspension is forced to work harder, the rims get damaged, and your safety is compromised. A worn-out tire may also start leaking air. It’s best to drive on good quality tires inflated to the right pressure at all times. Buy a tire gauge so you can check your tire pressure anytime. The right psi is written on a sticker in your driver’s side door jamb.

2. Replace your motor oil according to schedule.

Don’t wait for your BMW to inform you that the oil is due for replacement. Shadetree Automotive recommends taking it to a BMW service Layton station for an oil change. Check your owner’s manual for the schedule. It is also a good idea to replace the oil filter each time you change your oil.

3. Use a clean air filter.

The air filter prevents dust, sand, and debris from entering your engine and causing damage. A dirty air filter may not perform a good job any longer, and the dirt can affect engine performance and fuel economy. Clean or replace your air filter regularly.

4. Clean your car’s exterior and interior.

It’s great if your BMW’s engine is running like a dream, but you also want to protect its looks. Avoid eating inside your car, as crumbs and odors can stay in it for a long time. Vacuum and detail your car occasionally. You should also check your cabin air filter to know if it needs replacement.

Check your manual for its location (usually in or under your glove compartment) and how to remove it. To protect your paint from corrosive elements like rain, road salt, and bird droppings, wash your car regularly and keep it protected with a good quality wax.

5. Replace the spark plugs.

There was a time when cars required a tune-up. Modern cars, however, can go through without needing one. You still have to replace spark plugs and cables, though, to make sure that wear doesn’t affect performance. Ask your mechanic about when to replace them.

These five tricks may not seem like much. They are not expensive at all. But they can make your car last a lot longer.

Smart Moves for Buying Affordable Used Cars

Used Cars

Second-hand cars remain popular with most drivers since there’s a chance you can snag a great vehicle at a bargain price, but are you taking the right steps in buying used cars?

A study about car affordability in 2016 revealed that median-income households in 50 of the biggest cities in the U.S. can’t afford to buy a brand new car. As prices of cars become more expensive, more people are considering renting a car or buying second-hand vehicles.

Check List

If you are more comfortable spending hard-earned money on a pre-used car, you should still familiarize yourself with some factors. Despite saving on costs, think of longer-term expenses. It’s going to be a waste of your time and money if you buy a car that’s half the price of a new one if you constantly pay a visit to the mechanic for repairs.

Conduct due diligence on your car before placing an order, as well as researching the track record of the company that sells it no matter which city you intend to buy a car. Whether you’re buying from car dealers in Rochester or in better-known cities like San Francisco, the precautions will still be the same.

New Wheels

In case you’re still keen on buying a new one, there are some places that offer reasonable rates for their vehicles. In North Carolina, for instance, you can already buy a car in Charlotte at a cost of about $21,600 if your median income amounts to around $55,000 — that’s considering if you apply for a loan with monthly payments of $407.

On the other hand, a household in Raleigh, N.C., with a median income of more than $53,400 only need to pay $393 per month for a car worth $20,900.

The decision of buying new or used cars still depend on your best judgment. Remember, a car’s price will usually be as high as your expectations.

Specialised Automotive Tools Used By Locksmiths in Bondi

Automotive Locksmith in BondiThe latest car models have door lock systems that cannot be opened using coat hangers or steel wires. If you lost your keys or left them inside your vehicle, do not even try to use coat hangers or steel wires since they can cause damage to your lock system. The best solutions to these stressful situations are to secure an extra car key or contact your expert locksmith.

The extra car key must be kept or attached to your wallet, bag, ID holder, or anything that you bring with you always. You also have to save on your hand phone the contact numbers of reliable automotive locksmiths in Bondi like Robinsons Locksmiths so that you can quickly call them.

Here are tools that auto locksmiths often utilise:

Slim jim and auto jigglers

A slim jim is used by inserting it between the weather stripping and window to open the door. Unlike other tools, it can open your car without stressing the keyhole. This tool is versatile since it can open various types of car doors. You should ensure that it is used correctly since the tool can damage your car window. The locksmith can also try the auto jigglers to open your car. These tools are also known as try-out keys. Every key is made to match an actual key design from a particular manufacturer. Locksmiths have various keys for cars from local and foreign manufacturers.

Bump key and hammer

The bump key and hammer tools are made from plastic materials. These tools are designed to have the right amount of density and flexibility. The entire structure of the bump key can get inside of your door’s keyhole. The key is designed to reach the maximum length of keyholes for various cars. The locksmith hits the key with a bump hammer so that the key inside can cause the lock pins to bounce then unlock the door.

Long reach tool

A long reach tool is used to unlock the door on the opposite side. The locksmith works from the outside of your car. This tool is made from strong and flexible materials so that it can get through small holes then reach the other side and press the lock button.

Automotive locksmiths in Bondi are trained and experienced in handling various key-lock designs and styles. They are equipped with specialised tools to aid automobile owners at all times.