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Man adjusting thermostat

Are You Using the Right Thermostat for Your Home?

Man adjusting thermostat

Thermostats are simple tools, but they go a long way in enhancing anyone’s quality of life. In Greek, the word “thermostat” can be broken into “thermo” and “statos”, meaning “heat” and “static” respectively. The thermostat was created to help a house maintain a warm temperature during the winter. For a zoned system, this device works together with the HVAC system and thermometer. In Knoxville, many HVAC companies offer energy-efficient thermostats that you could install in your home.

Efficient Heating Can Save Money

A thermostat is significant in any modern HVAC system. If installed correctly and used properly, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that househols could make savings of up to 15% provided the thermostat setting is lowered by 15 degrees for about eight hours.

Old thermostats are often controlled manually, and they are suitable for people who always stay at home. But if you choose a programmable thermostat, you can control your home’s temperature by presetting a schedule. The EPA explains that it can help you save $180 every year.

But if you purchase a smart thermostat, you can set the thermostat to an energy-saving setting. But this thermostat is suited for people who spend most of the time outside of their home.

Features of a Reliable Thermostat

Even if you buy a manual, programmable or smart thermostats, they all maintain your home’s temperature. But they have different features. if you choose a mechanical or programmable device, there are interfaces that could help you set the temperature. Manual thermostats have an accuracy of about two degrees.

But a modern programmable thermostat can achieve an accuracy of 0.5 degrees, which is quite impressive. A programmable thermostat may be small, but it can help you maintain your home’s temperature. It comes with simple features that would make your house comfortable and help increase its value.

These programmable thermostats have the following benefits and features:

1. Compact size
2. Energy efficient
3. Provides weather data
4. System alerts and reminders
5.Time scheduling

Smart thermostats could also have the same features, but they have a remote control feature that can help people control their home’s temperature even if they are on vacation. These devices come with interfaces, enabling superior performance. One of the best features is enhanced user control or a remote thermostat. You can access the device remotely, which means you could control the temperature through your mobile phone or tablet.

Zoning and Thermostat

Woman setting the thermostat of the houseHVAC zoning is a concept that is gaining acceptance in Knoxville, Tennessee. It allows the homeowner to set different temperatures in different areas of the house. Each zone in the home is assigned a programmable thermostat for damper control. Dampers are located along the ductwork. This way, energy efficiency in the home increases and the owner enjoys substantial savings.

The good thing with zoning is that you can integrate it with your thermostat. With the help of an HVAC professional, the installation of a thermostat can be easy. Choose the right manufacturers so you could find the best unit for your home.

car shipment

Ensuring the Security of New Company Cars

car shipmentWhen you’re in a business that involves some form of transport, an excellent fleet of vehicles is a must. For your company to keep working with those vehicles, however, they have to be well maintained and safe from danger. Purchasing your company’s first vehicles will already involve quite a lot of money and effort on your part, and it will be frustrating if any of them get stolen or destroyed. The latter might be inevitable, but you can safeguard yours from the former with these suggestions.

Pick the Right System

You’ll have to do some research beforehand to find out which kind of vehicles will suit your company best. While you’re at it, try to look up possible security systems. Of course, you can still opt to do this after you have the actual items, but knowing that information still gives you an advantage. Some dealerships even include them with their commercial vehicle sales, so you might want to learn about those packages as well. You don’t have to worry too much about compatibility nowadays since more security systems now cater to more and more kinds of units. However, it’s ideal to read up on the best ones for your particular vehicle’s model.

Brush Up on Your Security Knowledge

Knowing is half the battle, even with this particular subject of vehicle security. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend as much effort in doing so compared to back then, since the information you need is more accessible thanks to the Internet. The knowledge that you can access is constantly updated, from which vehicle is most prone to theft to the areas that have the highest number of reported incidents. Thus, you won’t have to worry about a lack of information. Of course, you should still look for reliable sources and check if what you’ve read, seen, and heard are all true.

happy couple with car dealer

Assess Your Dealer

Getting a “steal” should only mean so figuratively, and not literally. You can place your company in serious trouble, if you learn that the vehicles you’ve purchased are faulty or smuggled from somewhere else. With that in mind, you should only buy from reputable dealers of the brands that you prefer. Before you go to seller, don’t forget to do some background checking and make sure that they are certified by the said brands. You can also see if they offer insurance as well as security options for your vehicles.

In the end, making sure that your company vehicles will be secure from the time you purchase them is much better than realising too late that they’ve been stolen. The additional security features that you can add can cost you quite a bit more money, but that’s small compared to the amount that you can lose if any of the units ever get taken. You should exhaust all possible options and ensure that your vehicle will last long with you. If you need help, feel free to consult experts or professionals in vehicle security.

Water Heaters: The Essential Information You Need

Plumber checking the water heater

Many homes have a need for hot water for bathing or other purposes. Homeowners often choose to have water heaters so they could stay clean even through the winter.  But there are other benefits a water heater could give households, as long as you maintain them properly and know when to look for water heater repair experts near your Salt Lake City home. There are benefits of having a water heater at home

You can conserve water

You could choose a water heater with a tank or a tankless water heater. It all depends on the amount of hot water you need in your home, but it also helps you save water when you know that you only have a limited amount. Consider the number of people who need it in your home so you know the size of the tank.  If you don’t want a tank with your water heater, the water directly goes from your pipes to your heater for your immediate use.

You can conserve energy

Tankless water heaters can help you conserve energy. This type of heating system has the capacity to keep your water at a constant temperature even if you are away on vacation. It won’t heat the water until you turn your tap on; therefore, you get to save energy.

You can save money

Having a water heating system helps you save on water and energy. The water heater can keep the water hot for a time, and consequently, you won’t need to turn on the heater until the hot water is gone.

How Should You Take Care of Your Water Heating System?

Water heaters are expected to last for at least eight years. That is the minimum for a well-maintained water heater. If you want to make sure it lasts for at least that long a time, you need to follow these maintenance tips.

Put the thermostat in vacation mode when needed

Water Heater

Doing this will not only help you save on energy, but it will also help prevent your heater from breaking. If you have an electric water heater, you can just turn its breaker off. Just make sure to turn your heater back to its original settings once you return from your vacation.

Maintain a clearance around the heater

One common mistake that homeowners make is placing their water heaters in a corner of the garage or behind a closet. Don’t keep it behind something else (unless the manufacturer tells you to do so) as doing so will make you forget about doing your maintenance tasks.

Check your heater regularly

When things don’t seem right, check your water heater immediately. But it is better to have them regularly checked. One of the parts you should check is the sacrificial anode rod because it contributes a lot to save your money.

Ask the help of professionals

While you may want to do some minor tasks, it will always be best to ask the help of experts. There are reliable professionals in Salt Lake City that you could consult, should you need water heater repair and other related services. They can help guide you in maintaining your heating equipment whatever the season.

Any piece of equipment in your home needs the proper maintenance. A water heater is one of the most important appliances especially when you live in a country with four seasons.  yet it is one of the most neglected. Knowing the benefits and the proper way to take care of your water heating equipment will keep it from breaking down.

Home Furnishings Need Protection from UV Rays, Too

sun brightens the interior of a living room

Every winter, particularly during the December solstice, the sun moves much lower across the sky. As it is at a lower angle to the earth, more sunlight could enter through windows and illuminate homes for extended periods.

Sunlight is precious. But for all the benefits it brings, it also causes a few problems. One of them is the accelerated deterioration of organic and synthetic materials. Overexposure to sunlight could weaken outdoor and indoor plants, turn untreated timber brittle, and cause discoloration in fabrics, painted surfaces, and other colored materials.

In homes, furnishings often take the brunt of sun damage. A common effect is color fading, a cosmetic flaw that could reduce the overall quality of the piece. Moreover, it is often irreversible. Home improvements and accessories that offer protection from the sun could help preserve furniture and allow homeowners to get their money’s worth.

The Might of UV

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main culprit of color fading in fabrics and furnishings. An article by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) attributes 40 percent of fading to UV exposure. The research institute adds that although UV radiation is more intense when it’s hot and sunny, it can still wreak havoc in places with mostly cold and cloudy climates.

light enters from the glass door

Two types of UV rays are responsible for these:

-UVA – Can penetrate thick materials like carpets and wood, causing long-term damage

-UVB – Causes bleaching of surface colors

Fading or color reduction happens when coloring agents react to UV rays. Besides the photochemical reaction, the simple drying up of coloring agents due to heat can also cause damage. Paint, for example, can dry up and become brittle, and later peel off and form bare patches on exposed surfaces.

It’s impossible to block UV completely, but a few home improvements can help reduce their deteriorative effect on furniture.

Home Enhancements that Prevent Sun Damage

Window treatments are excellent at reducing the amount of sunlight that enters a room. Curtains, shades, shutters, and retractable window awnings are top choices. Not only do they provide cover from intense heat and solar radiation, but also add to a house’s interior and exterior aesthetics.

Patios and gazebos fronting glass doors and wide windows can also reduce the amount of sunlight that enters a home. They extend the roof cover, so they catch the most sunlight. In effect, they reduce the radiant heat and solar radiation that penetrate the adjacent room.

sun rays draping over a table

Trees and other tall foliage can also help block UV. What’s more, they help cool down a home, reducing the rate of deterioration due to heat.

Renovating rooms that get flooded with sunlight for the better part of the day is ideal if money isn’t an issue. Moving a screen door to a shady location and replacing large windows with smaller ones could make a huge difference. Building an exterior wall is another option. It doesn’t even have to be concrete. A solid fence or trellis with climbers planted near the base can provide extra cover.

Just as the sun accelerates skin aging, UV exposure contributes to the wear-and-tear of home furniture. The addition of sun-blocking features on your home’s exteriors can save you the stress and expense of repairing or replacing sun-damaged furniture.

Man renting a car

Car Rental Insurance: What Are Your Options?

Man renting a carA rental car offers one of the best transportation solutions when you want to explore a new city but give your own vehicle a break. Vehicle rental services also work perfectly for companies looking for a convenient means of transport for their clients and employees without the expense of car maintenance. Most people, however, steer clear of car rentals since they believe they are exorbitantly expensive.

The secret to an affordable car rental in Manila is knowing what services to pay for and which ones are just cosmetic. This way, you can keep your costs to a minimum. One of the essential charges other than the daily rental rates is insurance. Some crooked companies, however, take advantage of this legal requirement to sell you coverage you don’t need or already have.

The following are the essential car rental insurance categories.

Collision Damage Waiver

This is sometimes called a physical or loss damage waiver. With this coverage, your car rental company waives part or all of its expenses if the car you rent is stolen or damaged. This is only if, at the time, it was being carefully driven by an authorized driver.

Though it makes perfect sense to get CDW insurance, this might already be covered in your primary car insurance. Some premium credit cards also provide this coverage with some limitations if you use them to pay for your rental. As such, check with your credit card company and car insurer before buying it.

Supplemental Liability Protection

Woman signing a supplemental liability protectionThis is also called liability insurance supplement coverage. It’s designed as an add-on to the legally required liability insurance, which the company provides for all renters. It protects you from lawsuits in case of an accident with the car and pays the victims’ compensation.

Those with primary car insurance with above minimum coverage might already be covered. SLP coverage, however, offers higher liability protection compared to your primary insurance. It’s therefore prudent to get it even if it’s covered in your primary policy.

Personal Accident Insurance

This covers your death benefits and medical and ambulance expenses and those of your passengers in an accident. The amount you can claim in PAI differs among insurers. Most policies, however, duplicate the death, medical and ambulance coverage you have under your life, health or primary auto insurance policies. A few will give you the minimum amount required by the state.

Personal Effects Coverage

This provides compensation in case your personal effects or those of your passengers are robbed. Though it might duplicate what you might already have on a homeowner’s insurance, PEC pays you in addition to the other policy. The primary policy that covers theft of your personal effects will pay you first and then the PEC will cover whatever the other policy could not because of its coverage limit.

Like in life, there are no guarantees when driving a rental car. Though optional, the above insurance policies can ease your mind and allow you to enjoy your driving experience. Your car rental company typically sells them, so you don’t need to worry about walking around looking for an insurer.

Key Steps to Follow When Renovating Your Office

man planning office renovation

Office renovation is something that you might want to consider doing if you want to change the appearance of your workplace. It will also help in making sure that the space will be properly utilised and maximised. Many office administrators, however, go straight to the building process without considering a few things, some of which are designed to ensure that you will meet the deadlines and cut costs in the process.

Planning the entire renovation project can be taxing at first. But remember that it will be worth it, as it will help you get things right the first time. You may not know yet where to start, but help will always be available for your—just like this article.

If you are looking to make your procedure efficient, you ought to take things easy. First, know what your office really needs. Second, come up with a plan that will help you execute your ideas.

Round up suppliers

One of the things that will help you save a lot of money during your office renovation is working with the right suppliers. You may want to hold bidding to find the suppliers who understand the needs of your space. Include in your list companies offering office fit out project management.

Look at the floor size

Size matters, especially in the office. The size of your workplace may dictate the type of design you may implement. Regardless, you will need to determine the corners and nook cranny of the space to make sure that no area will be wasted. Other than the size of the space, you will need to consider its shape. That way, you can come up with ideas on how you are going to make use of them. If you think that your space is too small, you will need to start thinking of ways to improvise.

Choose a design

businessmen choosing office design

You have to remember that aesthetics has many purposes. For one, aesthetics may come with function, thus helping make your space usable. The design can also embody the ideals and principles of your brand. It also helps in inspiring your staff, and when that happens, your team will become productive. There are many designs to choose from, but you need to keep in mind that the design should suit the size of your room. You will not want to have a Victorian theme (which uses grand and big furniture) whereas your space is small.

Pick your furniture

The furniture and fixtures should all suit the theme you have picked. You have some leeway, especially if you are planning to implement an eclectic or industrial design. On top of the aesthetics of your furniture, you will need to pick pieces that follow ergonomics principles. That way, your employees will feel comfortable and face lower risks of aches and injuries.

Make your office renovation simple and efficient. But if you want to make that happen, you need to be organised first. The tips above will allow you to make your work faster and more affordable.

Three Ways to Make Students More Physically Active

kids sitting on chairs

The studies are clear about it: Physical activity significantly boosts academic performance. The statistics are straightforward as well: Almost a third of England’s children population, aged 2 to 15, are obese. While parents are primarily responsible for encouraging healthy lifestyles to kids, teachers and school administrators are equally accountable too. Given that children spend more than half of their waking hours in schools, it’s important that they’re physically active in such settings.

That said, promote physical activity in your school, and that means going beyond your regular physical education programs. Here are ways you can make students more active.

Provide avenues for physical activity

You already have a gym, a basketball court and a football field. These are good facilities for physical activity, but there are far more venue options. For instance, building a bike shelter for your school would encourage children to consider cycling to get to the campus. Adding more recreational gears in your playground, like slides, monkey bars, merry-go-round, playhouses and mazes, would also help improve children’s muscle and bone strength.

Inside classrooms, some schools swap desks for stationary bikes. Others have standing desk stations. This would be a drastic move if you go this route, but it’s worth considering. Be aggressive in promoting the use of these facilities mentioned. No use to having them if students won’t use them. So, encourage until physical activity becomes a culture in your school.

Make exercise a community effort

The reason most kids aren’t into physical activity (when it’s not part of their PE requirements) is that it’s just never the norm. They see their parents and teen siblings working out, but not their peers. Now, you can change that in your school community. Let the children exercise together outside their PE classes. Just for sheer fun.

kids playing

For instance, you can assign walking or biking buddies when children go to and from school. You can also have teachers hold their classes outside classrooms at least twice or thrice, incorporating physical activities in their lessons. Pick a few students from each batch to be part of the core leadership team of health and fitness clubs. Encourage students to join fun run charity events in your local community. All these would solidify the fact that exercise can be fun and ‘cool’ for their age.

Celebrate physical activity

Keep doing your sports events. But make sure they’re inclusive, which means everyone in your student body should participate, not only the sports-inclined pupils. A lot of obese students dread sports weeks, precisely because it highlights their body issues. That’s an unfortunate reality given that they’re the very ones who would need to be more physically active.

So aside from your regular sports competitions, design activities where all children would feel comfortable participating. For instance, have everyone do mazes, hula-hoops or Zumba dances in groups. Give proper acknowledgement to everyone who joined. Aside from awarding at sports events, celebrate the active lifestyle by rewarding the tiny wins, like riding bicycles to schools or achieving a particular number of steps going to the cafeteria.

Physical activity is crucial for the mental and emotional well-being of students. Unfortunately, a lot of kids live sedentary lifestyles, resulting in weight issues. Start the change now and get your students moving with these mentioned tips.

Fit and Active Wheelchair Life

woman in a wheelchair, joining a marathonThe UK is in a national health crisis. With rising levels of obesity and associated diseases, there’s a big focus from government on encouraging all UK residents to eat more healthily and take regular exercise. This includes those with limited mobility, and there’s more chance than ever to get involved. It’s illegal for a recreation centre to deny access to disabled users, as per the Disability Discrimination Act, and following the inspiring example of the Paralympians, more and more exercise facilities are being made available for disabled people.

Users of lightweight wheelchairs, provided by wheelchair sales specialists such as Karma Mobility, are well-placed to engage in this health drive. These adaptable, self-propelled mobility aids can easily be customised for active use.

As a starting point, wheelchair users can get in touch with Parasport. This organisation helps those with limited mobility to participate in sport. On its website is a checklist to help people find the most suitable form of exercise for them, and where they can find it close to where they live.

If users of lightweight wheelchairs want to access facilities at their local gym, they can check with the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS). It works with fitness facilities to make sure they are accessible for all, and that they actively engage disabled people. If a gym doesn’t have much in the way of facilities for those of limited mobility, users can put them in touch with the EFDS, who have many resources to help a gym adapt to be more inclusive.

In terms of the type of exercise to engage in, users of lightweight wheelchairs, like everybody else, need to do cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. Depending on the nature of their disability, for cardio they could try swimming, a wheelchair workout, wheelchair sprinting, an adapted rowing machine or a sport such as badminton or netball.

For strengthening, they can use free weights, resistance bands or adapted machines at the gym to build up muscle tone. The weights and bands can be used at home, for those who aren’t gym bunnies.

Parasport doesn’t just have to be for elite athletes. Users of lightweight wheelchairscan take part too..

a woman with her new car

Car Care and Maintenance FAQs From First-Time Owners

a woman with her new car

Proper car care and maintenance are essential for every vehicle owner to follow. So, before you start your search for a ride in stores like Isuzu Utes NZ, learn first about the answers to the following most commonly asked questions about car maintenance.

1. How long do the car’s wiper blades last?

The car’s wiper blades can last for at least three to four years in general, depending on the heat. Yet, it is recommended that you replace your vehicle’s wiper blades once a year or every other year to ensure that they will work properly. Since the wiper blades located on the windshield get exposed to the sun’s heat, they are prone to sun damage.

2. Do you always need to check the air filter?

a man checking the car's engine

Faulty air filters can cause several car problems. This is why experts suggest changing it every year or after the car reaches 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Ignoring your car’s air filter can cause problems in your AC, which, in turn, can affect the air quality inside your car. You can either go to a mechanic to replace it or do it yourself if you know how.

3. How will you know if the timing belts need replacement?

You will not exactly know when it is time to replace a belt. In fact, it is difficult to tell the difference between an old belt and a new one. So, every manufacturer has their own recommended mileage or date time to replace it. The mileage or date time is between 5 years or 6,000 miles, and 10 years or 105,000 miles.

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to car care and maintenance. It is best to book a service from your dealer to get the right care that your car needs. You can also ask them for more tips to better maintain your car in the future.

driving in a curve

Vital Questions to Ask Yourself When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

driving in a curve

Just because a vehicle is previously used doesn’t mean that it can’t perform as well as a brand-new one. Sometimes people sell their vehicles simply because they need the money or don’t have the space. If you’re set on saving money in your vehicle purchase, then availing of what’s already used can be a good choice. Finding the right unit may seem quite the challenge given that you have to practice a certain amount of caution, but don’t fret. To make the search easier on your part, here are some important questions that you can ask yourself and your possible dealer in Utah:

Will I Be Ready?

There are many responsibilities attached to owning a vehicle that you need to be aware of, and maintenance is one of those that is of particular importance when it comes to pre-loved vehicles. Normally, you’d want to go for the cheapest one or at least the make and model that most people will recommend to you. However, what if you want to purchase that classy-looking old vehicle instead? Whatever you decide to buy, it’s best that you have relatively easy access to its parts and maintenance such as when you buy a used Freightliner Sprinter from Warner Vans of Utah. Getting a vehicle for a cheap price won’t matter much if its parts will cost a lot more or if a proper service center will be too far from you.

Why Is It Being Sold?

buying a car
This is one factor that tends to slip past most people’s notice but is equally important, sometimes even more so, as the others. If a car is being sold for reasons such as the previous owner looking to upgrade his mode of transportation or not being able to afford maintenance or storage of the vehicle anymore, then there’s usually nothing to worry about. However, if it’s being let go due to reasons such as malfunctioning brakes, steering issues, or other mechanical problems, you’re better off purchasing a different vehicle. It might cost you more to fix it than buy it, and that’s never a good deal.

What Will You Be Using It For?

Any kind of vehicle is made with passengers and cargo in mind, but you should consider the number of people who will be riding it, as well as any other loads that it’ll be carrying. Also, take into account if it will be driven by any person other than yourself and what kind of routes you’ll be taking. These factors are usually set by your purpose for the vehicle. For example, if you need it for transporting cargo from one place to another, then you’d want to get one that’s on the large side. Naturally, you’d want something that will be convenient for everybody and everything.

Of course, it will all boil down to what kind of vehicle you ultimately want. Keep in mind, however, that since it will be a huge part of your life as well as your work, you need to choose one that has every feature that you need. Since this will be a long-term investment, you might as well go all out, provided that you can handle it. Being careful when purchasing a vehicle now will more or less ensure that you have one to use for a long time.