Deviations From the Statute of Limitations in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

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Basic Things You Need to Know about Criminal Sentences in Washington State

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What You Should Do if You Get Arrested in Utah

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When Do You Need a Brake Pad Replacement? Find Out Here

Car Tires taken offDo you feel like your brake pedal seems softer when depressing? Or are your brakes vibrating oddly? If you do, it is time to replace your car’s brake pads. It is easy for a mechanic to spot such a problem, so a visit to an auto repair shop is recommended.

Quality replacement services from brake repair shops in Kaysville such as Shadetree Automotive is not difficult to find.

When do you need new brake pads?

Excessive brake-pad wear is the most common reason for replacement. A high-pitched squealing sound, the initial symptom, is an obvious sign for a worn-out pad. This happens when the soft-metal wear indicator rubs against the brake rotor. A grinding sound when braking means the replacement is overdue.

At this point, the brake pads are already damaging the rotors. There are signs of worn-out pads that you cannot hear but feel when you step on the brake pedal. One sign is when the car pulls into one side when you step on the brakes.

Brakes that seem to vibrate or brake pedals that are unusually softer are other common symptoms.

Getting the right ones

When choosing, consider the durability and the noise produced. There are four types of brake pads: the semi-metallic pad, which consists of 30-65 percent metal; the non-asbestos organic (NAO) pad, which are made of organic fibers; the low-metallic NAO pad, which are made of 10-30 percent copper or steel; and the ceramic pad, which are composed of ceramic fibers, nonferrous materials, and some metal. Semi-metallic pads are more durable while NAO pads wear faster. Low-metallic NAO is a bit noisier while ceramic pads are quieter.

Larger vehicles need more metals in their brake pads while compact cars need organic materials. But it is advised that you talk to your brake technician or the manufacturer because there are standards set for materials used in brake pads.

Deviations From the Statute of Limitations in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

lawsuit formLosing a loved one is hard and tragic, more so if it is unexpected. It is even more devastating if the death is from the negligence of someone who owed him or her a duty of care. As you bury your loved one, you should start wrongful death proceedings against the person responsible for the death.

This lawsuit has a statute of limitation that governs the time frame for its filing. The law differs among states, but there are specific exceptions to it. In these circumstances, a wrongful death lawyer here in Los Angeles will advise you to file the case even if the specified time has passed.

Here are the exceptions to the statute of limitation in wrongful death cases.


Most causes of sudden deaths are not immediately apparent. There are times the cause of death is discovered to be someone’s neglect after the time limit of the statute of limitation. In this case, the discovery allows you to pursue a wrongful death case regardless of the time that has passed.


The law allows the dependents of the deceased to file a wrongful death case. But in cases where the dependents are minors, this might not be possible. Particular rules allow a minor to bring a wrongful death case of a grandparent or parent up to 24 months after he or she turns eighteen.


Motions seeking to ignore the statute of limitation are typically unsuccessful. You can, however, apply to stay the statute period. This is a means of extending the timeframe in case a different entity is causing your case’s delay.

Typical examples include records personnel looking for files and ongoing investigations.

You should not give up on pursuing a wrongful death case in the belief that it is time-barred. Get a lawyer to assess the specifics of your case and advise you accordingly. With good legal representation, you can win your lawsuit regardless of the time that has passed since the death.

3 Simple Ways to Purify Drinking Water

Drinking Water from Bottle to GlassClean water is vital to all living species. However, it is difficult to find clean water sources nowadays. Even tap water, which has been considered clean for a long time, can no longer be trusted to be safe enough for your family.

There is a need for homes and commercial places to purify water. But the sad truth is that the cost of implementing most of the purification techniques is still out of reach for many people. Superior Water Conditioners shares some simple methods to purify water for residential and commercial use.


A filter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to purify water. This device contains a filtration medium that gets rid of contaminants more efficiently than other purification methods. Water filters also come in different sizes depending on where you want to use one.


Boiling water and then leaving it too cool before using it is one of the most common and effective ways to remove impurities from drinking water. This method doesn’t require any additives or purchases to implement. It’s fast and effective and can be implemented easily in households.


If you want water without any impurities, then distillation is the best process for you. Ensure that you have a clean pot over boiling water and set it at an angle so that it collects condensed steam. The resulting liquid will be almost completely sterilized. Just remember to use a clean cover to avoid contaminating your distilled water.

While there are many complex and advanced water purification methods today, there are also easy ways to make drinking water clean without spending too much. For better results, it’s advisable to invest in a high-quality water purification system.

Anxiety Disorder: It is Not as Simple as Telling Someone to Calm Down

Girl suffering from anxiety getting helpFor physical issues like a wound or a broken bone, the problem (as well as the solution) is clear and immediate. When it comes to mental issues like anxiety, however, it is a little more complicated. This is why telling someone to chill will not fix everything. While you may mean well, anxiety is not something that you can just turn off if you can.

Anxiety Isn’t a Choice

It is also not advisable to tell people with an anxiety disorder that what they are feeling will pass to calm them down. It is important to remember that anxiety and other mental illnesses are not a choice. The advice “You just need to calm down” invalidates their emotion and implies that they have control over their anxiety and can decide to have a disorder.

Psychologists and CBT experts in Westport, CT share the other phrases to avoid:

  • Stop worrying.
  • Just snap out of it.
  • Just get on with it.
  • It’s not a big deal.
  • Why can’t you just think differently?
  • Don’t panic yourself.

“Calm down”, and similar phrases are nothing but unhelpful, as they can only even aggravate the feelings of anxiety. They close or shut down any possible conversation and tell the person that their anxiety is making you uncomfortable. It is better to encourage them to talk about their feelings or help them find a professional and schedule an appointment.

What Can Help

It is good to know that one type of talk therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help manage anxiety disorders. Both the psychologist and the patient can work together to determine the causes of anxiety and develop tools and methods to handle them. This can help promote healthy and productive behaviors that can help manage the anxiety.

Instead of telling someone to chill or calm down, it is best to try asking them what you can do to alleviate what they are feeling. You can also ask the person to talk about what they are making them upset. It is advisable to listen to what is bothering them in a compassionate manner instead of expressing your concerns about their anxiety.

How to Use Your Outdoor Fire Pit Safety

Outdoor Fire PitWhether you’re planning to have an outdoor fire pit built or already have one, you need to know the basics of fire pit safety Given the right conditions; it only takes a mere second for a fire to turn into a raging inferno. With this in mind, below are some fire pit safety tips you need to know about:

  • First up, you need the right location. Generally speaking, your fire pit must be at least 10 feet away from nearby structures and plants, advises one of the most sought-after outdoor fire pit manufacturers in the area.
  • If your area is especially prone to fires, use non-combustible materials such as sand, brick, or crushed stone for surrounding your pit. Avoid lighting your fire pit it when it’s windy.
  • Make sure there’s a garden hose or bucket of sand nearby for putting out wayward sparks. Direct water streams from a hose could spread sparks, so opt for the spray setting to put out a flare. Ensure that you also have a dry chemical fire extinguisher nearby. Consider having fire gloves and a fire blanket nearby as well. If you have a gas fire put, make sure that the gas is switched off first before putting out a fire.
  • If you have a wood fire pit, burn only wood that has been seasoned for six months or more. Avoid utilizing composite or plywoods that give off toxic fumes when burning. Don’t use gasoline or lighter fluid for starting a fire.
  • Place surrounding chairs so that people could easily move and rise from their seats without tumbling into the pit, or consider using heavier chairs or built-in seating.
  • Never allow children to operate the fire pit by themselves and always keep a close eye on them when they’re hanging around an open fire. For older children, teach them the basics of fire pit safety.

Lastly, know how to properly extinguish your fire pit once you’re done using it. For this, follow the instructions of the manufacturer since fire pit materials differ from one pit to another. This will help ensure that you prolong the service life of your fire pit, and keep you, your family, and your property safe.

3 Construction Elements That Guarantee the Strength of Your Concrete Structures

Engineer looking at his reportWhen building a concrete complex, there are certain requirements that must be met. The requirements do not work in isolation.

Instead, it takes a combination of those features to achieve the overall strength and stability of concrete structures. Constructors must have that in mind when erecting concrete structures.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

Water is one of the major causes of a collapsed building. Running water, over time, can weaken previously strong concrete structures. Therefore, there is a need to provide well-defined drainage channels.

An example is using a waterstop for concrete joints from Form Direct to prevent the corrosion and wear of the components of the concrete columns. Additionally, a waterstop prevents the growth of moulds on concrete, which often destroys the appearance of a structure.

Gutters could also prevent direct contact between roof water and cemented floors. That is because it may result in splash erosion during heavy rains.

Laying a Stable Foundations

The stability of a concrete structure is as strong as its foundation. If the foundation of a complex building is not right, then the building cannot be stable regardless of the materials used.

That explains why contractors use huge amounts of resources in the foundation stage. The topography of a given area should be analysed as it influences the type of foundation required.

The Proper Concrete Mixture

The ratios of the individual constituents used in making concrete are essential in determining the strength of a concrete structure. The ratios may differ depending on the part of a building under construction. Using the right concrete mixtures ensures that a structure is both strong and stable.

The use of correct mixture ratios and the laying of appropriate foundations provides the first contribution to the durability of a building. All constructors must, therefore, aim at ensuring that they build suitable structures capable of withstanding various stresses.

Gavel on Law Book

Basic Things You Need to Know about Criminal Sentences in Washington State

Gavel on Law BookWhen facing serious allegations in Lynwood or any other location in the U.S., it’s advisable to hire a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. Find a professional who has the expertise and a wealth of experience to represent you. Other than checking the credentials, you should determine if you’ll be comfortable working with the attorney.

By now, you should know that criminal cases could mean big penalties and put you in prison if proven guilty. Here’s a brief discussion on Washington felony crimes by class and sentences

Misdemeanor and Felony

In Washington State, there are two main categories for criminal penalties: misdemeanors and felonies. Generally, misdemeanor cases should be filed in the District and Municipal Court. On the other hand, the Superior Court covers the felony crimes.

Misdemeanor Penalties

You can classify the penalties to either simple or gross misdemeanors. Usually, a person can be sentenced up to 90-days jail time and around $1000 fine for a simple misdemeanor. For gross demeanor, a person can be sentenced up to 364 days in jail and around $5000 fine.

Felony Penalties

Felony crimes can be classified into three subgroups: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Each group has certain maximum penalties. For Class A Felonies, the defendant can serve life imprisonment with up to $50,000 fine. The defendant charged with Class B Felony can face up to 10 years in prison with up to $20,000 fine. For Class C Felonies, the defendant can serve up to five years in prison and pay up to $10,000 fine.

Take note, however, that penalties may increase due to the severity of the offense and the criminal history of the defendant.

While facing these criminal cases can be threatening for most of the accused, the best thing you can do is cooperate with your lawyer. Start discussing your legal actions and provide documents or the witnesses’ statements that can help you with your case.

An Expert Guide to Choosing the Best Lockset for Different Rooms

Trying to break a lockExterior and interior doors are important components of all construction projects. Apart from the material you choose for your client’s door, the hardware you pick should be considered carefully. Different doors will require different hardware, depending on their location and use.

The lockset includes all the elements required for the installation of your door’s lock, such as the knob, spindle and all connection parts of your door. You can find different locksets in a door hardware and accessories store. This guide from Entro will help you choose the appropriate lockset for each room.

Passage Locksets

These typically refer to non-locking levers and knobs that turn freely. They are perfect for rooms that do not require locking or privacy is not needed. Passage hardware is generally used in closets, access doors for general passage rooms, and hallways. They are also used in children’s playrooms and bathrooms to avoid them accidentally locking themselves in.

Privacy Locksets

These sets are used for rooms for which privacy is a necessity, including bathrooms and bedrooms. Privacy locksets have a keyless lock mechanism. They have lockable turn buttons that turn the lock mechanism and a small hole on the opposite side of the knob. The small hole allows for the opening of the door with a small key in case of emergency.

Keyed Entrance Locksets

These have keyed locking mechanisms. A keyed lockset can be locked and unlocked on either side using a turn button from the interior side and a key from the outside. Keyed entry locksets are used for entry doors for which security is the paramount concern.

With the above guide, choosing the best lockset for your project will be a breeze. There are various shapes other than the conventional and rectangular ones of yesteryears. A trendy lockset will improve a door’s look other than serving a functional value.

The Most Common Accidents in the Transport and Storage Sector

Accident prone storage areaTransport and storage rank second in the list of America’s riskiest sectors. Although there are no available data for Australia, the hazards are the same. The job requires handling materials of varying properties – heavy, sharp, inflammable, breakable, toxic. Each of these items comes with its own set of safety guidelines.

According to the United Nations, half of the goods in transport are dangerous. These include chemicals like chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and sulphuric dioxide. In such an industry, which employs nearly five million, you cannot overemphasise the importance of safety procedures, training and equipment.

To understand the challenges of this sector better, here are some of the hazards present while working in transport and storage:

Spillages due to improper packing

Something as simple as safety strapping, offered by firms such as X-Pak, plays a crucial role in keeping items that are being stored or transported safe. Inadequate securing causes roughly 25% of accidents involving cargo trucks. These lead not only to loss of cargo but also to loss of lives particularly when dealing with inflammable or intoxicating substances.

Accidents Due to Poor lighting

People make 85% of their observations through their sense of sight. When an employee’s ability to see clearly and assess his or her environment is impaired, injury is more likely to happen. Fast moving or falling objects are harder to see. The risk of slips and falls also increases significantly.

Collapse of racking systems

Right out of the gate, warehouse management should invest in structurally solid and sturdy racking systems with guards. Periodically, you should inspect these warehousing essentials for integrity too. Equipment like forklifts, misuse of the racks and general wear and tear can damage these systems over time.

Pinned between objects

Employees should never be working under objects supported only by a jack. They should also be well informed about the crush points of tools, equipment and cargo trucks. Being mentally present, alert and extra cautious keeps workers out of danger. This is the reason stress and health management is central to ensuring occupational safety.

Work with or work for transport and storage partners that consistently subject themselves to safety audits. They should secure internationally recognised certifications for occupational safety and health. Management should also invest heavily in training employees.

Improve Productivity in Search Bar

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Improve Productivity in Search BarWhen you’re running a business, one of the most important factors that determine success is productivity. If a company has high productivity, it can maximize the talent and skills of their employees. This will eventually result in increased profit and earnings for the business.

Improving the productivity of workers is in the best interest of the company. Whipple Service Champions shares some tips that can help your company achieve increased productivity.

Install an efficient HVAC system in your office

Multiple studies support the claim that people are more likely to be efficient with their work when they are in a comfortable environment. One of the ways to achieve this is by controlling the temperature in the office. Install an energy efficient air conditioner or repair or replace your existing one if it’s not working properly.

Get rid of clutter in the office

No one wants to work in an area that is dirty and messy. That is why you should encourage the employees to get rid of clutter. They need to make sure everything is organized in the workplace.

Cultivate a culture of collaboration

Employees need to feel a sense of community at work if they are to perform at their best. Because of this, it is essential for the company to have a culture of collaboration between the different teams. Cooperation and teamwork are keys to business success.

Train employees

Not all employees are used to working in high-pressure environments. That is why they should be trained on how to optimize their performance and nurture their skills.

Successful companies have a high productivity rate because they know how important it is in bringing in more sales and profits. Increased productivity is going to result in big financial returns as well.